In terms of women's fashions, there are some items that are more loved than others are, but, probably, the most favored items in any fashion lover's wardrobe are their shoes. Regardless of the style of the shoes – plimsolls, stilettos, pumps, and boots – women love their shoes. Most women own at least five pairs of shoes, but most own a lot more. Why are shoes so popular with fashion conscious women then? The reason for this is clear: these women understand that the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, and by doing so, change the way in which women perceives them, confidence can be instilled by the simple addition of a lovely pair of Shoes.

What kind of shoes do you think are most fashionable? Which styles are the most popular? Ask many women these questions and they are sure to answer, 'stilettos', or sometimes 'ugg boots'. A decent pair of heels can work wonders for many different outfits, turning a casual look, into elegant sophistication simply by putting them on. However, there are many other styles of shoe around the traditional boots and boots, and many of these shoes look fantastic. Plimsolls, for instance, are rarely considered when women are deciding on the style of shoes they wish to wear, but this is a shame, as plimsolls, and boat shoes too, can add a mixture air of sophistication to a casual outfit. They carry with them connotations of a more relaxed lifestyle, which is a perfect antidote to the craziness of metropolitan life. Such styles of footwear can bring a sense of calm serenity to the wearer – perfect for tackling such occasions as a Saturday afternoon shopping trip, or a night out on the tiles of your local city.

If you love wearing heels, but want a comfortable shoe as well, then you can combine the two by opting for a boat shoe style with a chunky heel, this will add height, and elongate the legs, giving you a slimmer appearance – without sacrificing Comfort. What more could you ask from a shoe? Moreover, sometimes you consider plimsolls and boat shoes to be fairly masculine in design. This is untrue; Many designers embellish these styles of footwear with various feminine flourishes, such as sparkles, flower prints, and diamante detailing. You can feel like a princess without the aid of a stiletto heel, you just need to be a little more imaginative in your sense of dress. Choose offbeat colors, that you would normally avoid, silver is supremely feminine and elegant too, perfect for adding a touch of individuality to any outfit you choose to team with your shoes.