Pearls are wonderful ornaments that provide a touch of elegance and beauty to the woman wearing them. These gems have a certain allure that is unique from other jewelries. Pearls evoke the classic glamour look of the fifties when celebrities like Jackie O and Katherine Hepburn started a fashion trend in pearl jewelries. They have also made their way to fashion catwalks featured by top designer Coco Chanel. This only shows that pearls have their place in the fashion industry.

Pearls are actually produced by oysters inside their shells when a foreign object intrudes. These foreign objects could be anything like insects or broken shells. To protect itself from the intrusion, the mollusk puts the foreign object in a pearl sac then covers it with several layers of nacre which is what makes up a pearl. The pattern created by the overlapping of several layers of nacre is what gives it its lovely appearance. Pearls produced naturally without the help of humans are not so common and are very expensive. Mostly, you will find cultured pearls in the market which are less expensive than the natural pearls. Cultured pearls are produced with the intervention of humans who put beads inside the shell of a mollusk and are turned into wonderful pearls. Cultured pearls could either come from fresh water or salt water but fresh water pearls are more common.

Simulated pearls are artificial pearls and are much cheaper than natural and cultured pearls. These are glass beads that are immersed in pearl powder and would have the same appearance as real pearl. The thicker that the glass bead is covered with pearl powder the more expensive it is.

If you are selling wholesale jewelry, pearls should always be found in your jewelry collection because of their sophistication and charm. The internet is where you will find a wide range of wholesale jewelries that cost so much less so you can earn a profit from reselling them. Wholesale jewelries found on the internet are cheaper because the overhead costs incurred from selling online is much less since there is no need to maintain a physical store and middle men are kept out of the way. You can buy directly from a wholesaler and enjoy great discounts. Although you can expect a lot of false wholesalers online, you can avoid them by doing a research concerning their reputation and you will know you have a middle man in your hands if you are offered a price that is much higher than the prevailing wholesale price.

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