People often ask me how to get the best deal on the nutrisystem diet. No one wants to overpay, but there are several different programs available and some of them have different prices or coupons available. I get a lot of questions about which is really the better deal. So, in the following article, I’ll take a look at the pricing on a few of the most popular packages to help you determine which might work better for you.

Pricing On The Nutrisystem Flex Plan: If you’re only looking at this in terms of the amount of money that you are paying out, the flex program costs the least. The base price for the women’s flex is around $234. The men’s program costs a little more at $259. Many people do not realize that they will let you hand pick the foods that you want on any of the packages (and generally there is no additional cost) and this is true on the flex plan also. But, whether you go with the “favorites” package or chose to customize your own, you are getting 20 days worth of food instead of 28 days’ worth.

So, if you are figuring this out in terms of cost per meal (which I think is probably the best way to determine the best deal) you’re looking at around $2.34 per meal and about $11.70 per day for the women’s program and about $12.95 per day and $2.50 per meal for the men. I would think that most people would agree that diet meals under $2.50 each are inexpensive by anyone’s standards. It would be pretty difficult (if not impossible, at least in my experience,) to find comparable foods at the health food or grocery store for cheaper than this.

The Cost Of The Nutrisystem Basic Monthly Package: I often tell people that if you are evaluating nutrisystem on the cost per meal, the basic monthly package with auto delivery really is the best deal. But, let’s look at the numbers. This package with auto delivery is $299. (This price is for women. All of the men’s packages costs slightly more.) 28 days worth of five meals per day are included. Looking at the cost per unit, the price is $2.13 each. Per day, you’re looking at about $10.67 cents. So yes, the price per meal comes down, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. This is the package that is most generous with coupon codes. Depending on what is running at the time, you will often be offered free food or a percentage off of your order.

People will sometimes ask me if they should go with the free food or the monetary savings. To me, the free food often turns out to be the better deal but you can easily check this out for yourself. Let’s use the example of two weeks worth of free food. Saving $10.67 per day over the course of 14 days is a value of over $150. That’s pretty hard to beat. Many people worry that auto delivery means they are making a commitment or signing a contract. It doesn’t. It just means that they will send you another package when the other one runs out until you tell them not to anymore. This option gives you free shipping and 10{170c5dc430f64c583d5107d62ba05598e67e73b9b6a5f140f81c7d71fdb25fb3} off each order.

I also feel that I need to mention that, in addition to the basic program, there are also diets for diabetics, seniors, and vegetarians that are priced in the same way as the basic plan.

The Premium Cost On The Nutrisystem Select Package: The most expensive package on this diet is the select package. What makes this one cost a bit more is the gourmet, frozen, restaurant quality meals. Examples are french toast, shrimp scampi, Philly steak wraps, ice cream bars, and sundaes. The base price of this package around $388 for women. This one also covers 28 days. So, you’re looking at about $13.85 per day or about $2.77 per meal. This price premium is worth it to many people because these folks think that the premium foods help them to stick to the diet in an easier manner. So for them, they would rather pay a bit more and ensure that they very much enjoy what they are eating.

So, Which Nutrisystem Package Is The Best Deal For You?: The answer to this question really does depend on your goals and preferences. If you don’t mind trying a part time package and are most concerned about the total amount of money going out, then the flex program might be your best option. If you’re looking for the cheapest option in terms of the price per meal and the liberal use of coupons, then that distinction belongs to the basic package. But, if it’s worth it to you to pay a bit more to get the more premium line of meals, you might be happier with the “select” line.