A Lots of you may wonder this as you search the internet for the cute, unique, trendy clothes that we all so please want. And then, I will now give you my take on mod clothes.

"Mod" was a 1960's subculture, or counterculture, just as "punk" style, or the "scene" style is nowdays. Short for modern, the term was usually used to refer to anything that was popular, fashionable or, you guessed it … modern !!! This is similar to how nowdays we refer to the terms "emo's" or "scene kids" for those unique fashionistas who mix the alternative style or japanese street style together to create their own unique style of clothing.

Typically, as in any other subculture, mods were rebellious and went against the grain. The mod style completely lost it's appeal when it became commercialized, derived, and fake; Just as trends usually go. The big clothing companies were now trying to make new mod style clothing, so the allure of individual was gone. (Mass produced "indie" clothing should ring a bell here …. a large company can not provide "indie" clothing as "indie" means "independent").

Females in the mod scene usually dressed somewhat andgrogynously, with tailored trousers or dress pants, flats, and cool makeup. Think twiggy; The light foundation and bold, stunning eyes. Who does not love dark liner and false lashes? The mod clothing style is usually made up of bold prints, geometric patterns, and bright colors. Teeny tiny miniskirts, mini shift dresses, aline skirts, and chunky patent leather boots are a must fashion mod.