Wedding Reception Decorations

Truly creative and elegant wedding reception decorations go beyond the traditional flowers and balloons. Wedding reception decorations can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. They can also vary tremendously in price from extremely inexpensive, to very costly. However, the most important thing to consider when looking for wedding reception decorations is to make sure they fit in with the theme of the wedding.

For a wedding reception that will not be soon forgotten, try to find decorations in places that are not typical sources of wedding decorations. Wedding reception decoration ideas are only limited by the bride and groom's imagination.

The type of wedding you are planning will greatly impact the type of wedding reception decorations you buy. Some people want their wedding reception decorations to be very simple. This may entail only sprinkling balloons throughout the reception hall.

Candles strategically placed throughout the reception hall can add a hint of romance to the reception. Placed at tables, they can create some mood lighting. Candles are a great way to add to your wedding reception decorations without adding a lot of expense. Since candles burn for different periods of time, keep in mind how long the reception will last. For a short reception, small votive candles will work great. If you are planning a longer reception, you will probably want to consider large pillar or taper candles.

Centerpieces are generally a key element of any wedding reception. Often times, flower arrangements are placed in the center of the table to add color and flare to the reception. The bride's bouquet can be used at the head table to enhance the look and feel of the table.

One overlooked wedding reception decoration is the cake. A beautiful wedding cake can add to the overall feel of the reception. Even if you are having a small reception, the baker can easily make the cake very elaborate by adding fake layers to the cake. Fountains, real flowers and more can be added to the cake to give it even more flare.

Wedding reception decorations can be found just about anywhere. More traditional wedding reception decorations can be found in floral shops, wedding shops, craft stores and specialty stores. They can also be found on the Internet and in various catalogs. So no matter type of wedding reception decorations you are looking for, you are sure to find them.