Just like dreaming and planning a wedding, wedding gift lists are also the evolution of every child's dream – write down anything you want and it will be yours. It has become a tradition nowdays to hold a wedding gift list with a department store. It makes life easier for your guests, since they do not have to worry about what you want and if anyone else will get you the same thing. Fortunately, the days of receiving three toasters and ten pillows are long gone.

Now the question is how to let everyone know that there is a wedding gift list. You can not just go and say: "You can pick your gift here, this is what we want." The ideal would be to tell some "key" guests, like your friends, bridesmaids, people you are sure that they will spread the news politely. Another thing to say: your list should be convincing enough that the things are personal and will be very highly appreciated. You want to avoid thoughts of guest like the items on your list are not personal, because there are big chances that what they consider personal and more useful, you will have to sell on eBay.

And finally, you should look again at your list and consider some important aspects of every item:

– Are the items affordable?

– Can the wedding gift list be accessed on the internet?

– If yes, do all your guests have access to the web?

– Might some find a list too restrictive?

Having said all this, I wish you lifetime happiness and a beautiful wedding! Good luck!