Turkish designer as fashion arbiter of men’s clothing in US


Turkish menswear designer Peyman Umay, who was in 2017 given the Rising Star award by Fashion Group International (FGI), which is considered the “Golden Globe” of New York fashion, was recently featured on the pages of Forbes magazine.

He is praised for blending European and American elements in his visionary collection and has many Hollywood celebrities who admire his designs.

“As self-expression becomes a trend, Peyman Umay carries men’s fashion to the 21st century,” writes Joseph DeAcetis in his article on the reshaping of men’s fashion with the influence of social media.

“Generation Z wants to reinterpret clothing. Just like all generations that came before it. Gender-based clothing conception is far behind. With the self-expression phenomenon, individuality has grasped both world and U.S. fashion more than ever before. This Turkish designer is reshaping the fashion world,” he says.

According to the Forbes writer, Umay contributes to fashion in many ways. “The color palette used by Umay is a sophisticated form of modernity. One-to-one suits are excellent. He blends the elegance of Europe with the culture of the U.S. very successfully,” DeAcetis goes on to say.

Launched recently, “AY” by Peyman Umay has managed to draw the attention of the world in a short period of time. “People don’t think much about the power of the clothes they wear. The clothes speak for you without saying anything. Dressing well is more than having a closet of very expensive clothes, or buying new season brand clothes. I think dressing well is a good way to live, like decorating a place … A well-dressed person is someone who knows body proportions and colors that suit them,” said Umay after the article was published.

After working with various labels in Turkey, he plans to launch his brand in the country.

“We have prepared a collection of more avant-garde, bohemian and assertive pieces. This collection made its debut in Mexico. It attracted lots of people and we decided to continue on that line. I have been living in the U.S. for about 15 years. I was born in Turkey and my brand will be sold in my own country for the first time this spring-summer season. Also, my collection will be sold in Mykonos and Ibiza. All these developments are very exciting,” he said.

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