Being bedridden can get really boring, and if the condition is semi-permanent or for the rest of someone's life, that person will experience serious lows in his or her mood while learning to live in this new state, where normal life interferes, where a low air loss mattress becomes their best friend, and where contact with people diminishes considerably.

In this sense, the best gift you can give someone you love, who happens to be bedridden, is your time and regular presence in his or her life. When someone can not move from a bed, the way to connect with the world and to avoid monotony is through the company of others; thus, schedule a weekly chess game, an hour to read, or just drop by with some magazines.

If you want to give your loved one a material gift, first answer these questions:

-What's His or her health condition? Some foods or gifts like massages could be harmful.
-How Much can he or she move? Do not give a journal to someone who can not move his or her arms.
-What Does he or she have access to? Bring DVDs or games only if they have a way to use them.
-What Does he or she like?
-What Does he or she already have?

It is best if you ask your loved one if he or she would like the gift you are thinking of because when one has to spend every single hour of every single day in the same room, an unwanted or old gift may become a burden.

After answering the questions above, it will be easier to find a great gift for your loved one. Here we give you some suggestions:

-Crafts And activities
Give him or her a book of origami, a book of puzzles, or logic and riddle books.

If your loved one likes to write, get him or her some stationery or a journal, and if they are unable to write, offer to write letters and emails for them.

Help him or her start a long distance education course.

Gift your loved one with access to a new world by giving him or her a laptop with Internet connection, a TV, a DVD player, or game console. All these are great entertainment when you have to remain in bed permanently.

As long as the doctor allows it, food is always a great gift. Bring him or her their favorite treat or food every once in a while.

Books and DVDs are a must. Offer to get your loved one any book they want to read, and even offer to read it to them, and schedule time to watch movies or TV series with them. It gets much better when there's the chance to socialize while reading or watching TV.

Details like a satin pillow, cotton nightgowns, or warm socks are very valuable and seldom considered. A good massage is a gift that will be happily welcomed too.

The truly important thing about a gift for a bedridden person is the meaning behind it. It is the knowledge that you have not forgotten the person, and that you still want to be a part of his or her life.

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