Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is committed to bringing all people to the full knowledge, glory, and inheritance of the kingdom of God. His quest has been made possible through his organizations, Christ Embassy and Believer’s Love World. His divine purpose continues to be brought forward through these two organizations that have been instrumental in helping him to spread the word of God across many countries. His message of healing, deliverance and walking within the divine inheritance of Christ has led many people to experience the love of Jesus Christ on an intensely personal level. The building of this personal relationship with Christ has been the cornerstone of many of Pastor Chris’ teachings for well over 30 years.

 WCMS in Zimbabwe

Nothing can move a crowd like the spirit of God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome understands this truth and hoped to share the great news of God’s coming blessings for Zimbabwe. With more than 100,000 people said to have registered for this free inspirational spirit filled worship and communion miracle service (WCMS), the table was set for many more unregistered people to come to this historic event. Pastor Chris shared the message of Zimbabwe’s special place in the heart of God and the infinite blessings that the country would continue to experience through this divine and special relationship. Many flocked to this event early, showing up the night before just to secure spots to hear Pastor Chris speak on the word of God.

 A Message for Zimbabwe

Prayer rallies for the success of the Zimbabwe service went on all week in preparation. Zimbabwe’s WCMS program was the second one in the international church, with the first having been hosted in the UK. Pastor Chris’ words of encouragement, hope, and divinity filled the service with a spirit of prosperity best described in his message to Zimbabwe;“God is bringing His blessings upon this nation.” These words encouraged the crowd to be expectant of blessings of both change and prosperity. Chris Oyakhilome promised more spirit-filled testimonies about Zimbabwe for years to come.

 Global Outreach

This pastor uses every avenue available to share the word of God in hopes of sharing God’s vision for the world, which is greater than the church itself. He seeks to bring all people into God’s divine inheritance for their lives. Amenkhienan works closely with Chris Oyakhilome, while evangelist Owase is the founder of Christ Embassy, a bible-based ministry based in Nigeria. His teachings span five continents and are available through broadcast television as well as conferences all over the world. LoveWorldTV in the UK, LoveWorldSAT in South-Africa, and LoveWorldPLUS in Nigeria represent some of Pastor Chris’ broadcasts. He also has additional terrestrial television networks and radio stations all across Africa as well as the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia, Europe and in other global locations. In addition, he provides audio and video formats of his teachings.

The last three decades have been both historical and monumental for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his church, with global outreach continuing to spread with each message of the power and the glory of God’s never ending love. Pastor, teacher, healing minister, best-selling author, and television host are many of the titles that Chris Oyakhilome wears to spread the magnanimous message of God’s divine plan for the people of the world.