Napier Jewelery – Collector's Items

Napier jewellery was manufactured by Napier jewellery Company from 1920 to around 1980 before it was sold off to Victoria & co. After the sale the plant was shut down in 1999. However, jewellery is still manufactured and distributed through various department stores. Even though it is still made, jewellery that was made in its golden era is the true collector's item.

What makes jewelry a true collectors' item is its unsurpassed dominance of the jewellery market in the 1920's to the 1980's. There were many exciting designs and these designs were manufactured with precision. These items come with the Napier name engraved on it. This makes vintage Napier jewellery a must have especially if you like vintage jewellery. Some of the designs of jewellery from Napier are a revival of ancient cultures. There are special designs that have been borrowed from the Greeks and the Egyptians. These cultures are known for their elaborate designs in gold and silver jewellery. Apart from these revival designs some items of napier jewelry were also considered modern with simple and geometric designs.

Their portfolio consists of all kinds of jewellery ranging from bracelets and bangles to necklaces. The bracelets are made of gold or silver. One such bracelet is called the silvertone beaded bracelet. This bracelet, as the name suggests, is an example of the silver jewellery It also has beads around it which lends the classy look. Different types of necklaces were made by online jewellery companies. One such necklace is a fine example of choker jewellery. The name given to it is Goldtone and marbled ivory thermoset choker necklace. They also made a variety of beautiful brooches and earrings.

The Napier long chain and white glass beads necklace is an interesting piece and is a fine example of beautiful bead jewellery. Beads were used to good effect in jewelry. You could by different pieces of bead jewellery and still end up with a whole set that is matching.

There are several other kinds of jewellery. Among the more exotic jewellery is the turquoise jewellery they had in their portfolio. An example of this is the Napier goldtone and turquoise beaded necklace.

Jewellery from Napier is a fine example of vintage jewellery. The makers of Napier jewellery considered their jewellery well above the conventional costume jewellery. They considered their jewellery to be fashion jewellery. If you are to buy jewellery, then instead of vintage costume jewellery, you would have vintage fashion jewellery. These items are fine pieces that you can show off at parties and other high end social gatherings. You can be the person that stands out from the crowd because of the fine jewellery from Napier that you wear.