In the current climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses and large corporations to get ahead of the competition. With tight budgets and the pressure to develop new and fresh marketing ideas to promote the company, it can be difficult and confusing on where to start.

Enter the corporate gift. Not only are they proven to last and remain in the clients mind long after the original meeting, they are also fantastic value for money. Think about it. What other form of advertising remains with the client after you leave? What other marketing material will your client keep, all year round, and not through away?

Of course, the other benefit with using corporate gifts is this – you never know where they’ll end up. Just because you deliver a bunch of mouse mats to a client doesn’t mean they stay there, the client may pass them around the office and share them with friends. Thats the beauty of using branded gifts, not only are they branded with your logo and spreading your message and slogan, they are also practical and being used by your clients and friends day in, day out.

As with many promo items, the old ideas are still being used today – mugs, pens and notebooks have stood the test of time, and are still the most popular, despite the advent of new technology dominating the market.

And that’s no surprise, at the end of the day, whats more practical than a mug you can drink from, and a pen you can make notes with? Any business looking to increase ROI should strongly consider these client gifts – its that simple!

So, what’s next?