How retailers can meet high-scale demands with exceptional customer experience


The retail market has undergone a significant change in the post-pandemic era due to clogged supply lines, increased costs, low retention of skilled workers, and increased demand. Retail businesses today are finding it challenging to meet these escalating demands and manage customer expectations simultaneously by ensuring an impeccable customer experience every time. With steep demand fluctuations during peak seasons and promotional events, rapid and accurate scaling is the only way to ensure a superior CX delivery and avoid a high call abandon rate, poor CX, and loss of revenue. By leveraging an outsourcing partner’s experience, global presence, technological innovation, retail businesses can anticipate and scale fast, reduce attrition with the implementation of targeted solutions, cut costs, and vastly improve CX through stellar customer service at every touchpoint.

In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Anticipate demand spikes and prepare accordingly
  • Manage workforce during an unexpected spike
  • Ensure a superior CX during the demand spikes

Meet the speakers

Jeff Fawcett
Director of Call Center and Training
Houdini, Inc. | Wine Country Gift Baskets

Jeff has been in employee training and development and leadership management for over two decades. As Director of Call Center and Training, he has conducted needs assessments, analyzed performance gaps and led and managed a team that has trained over 20,000 seasonal employees both in the call center and the distribution center. Jeff was also responsible for the idea of Wine Country University, the company’s robust online learning program. Jeff selected and implemented the companies first LMS and has helped develop other trainers into practitioners of e-learning. Jeff has a Bachelors Degree in Business and a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Technology.

Topaz Tolloti
Vice President, Client Services
Fusion BPO Services

Topaz joined Fusion in 1991 and has played several roles in supporting excellence in client service. She managed a major wireless telecommunications reseller for inbound customer care and sales. She also coordinated inbound customer care for a major eye healthcare service, with Fusion providing benefit explanation and provider locator services. Topaz successfully managed programs with annualized revenue of $8+ million. Her experience and tenure with Fusion has helped the company excel.

Peter Giglio
Director of Sales
Fusion BPO Services

Peter focuses on strategic acquisition and growth of business across the commercial division of Fusion’s North American operations. For over 25 years, Peter has worked at all levels of leadership in the contact center space, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in operations, training and development, business development, and client services. In his 3+ years with Fusion, Peter has successfully grown the company’s portfolio, establishing strong long- term relationships by working closely with clients and all internal departments within Fusion. Peter attended Missouri State University where he studied English and Communications.


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