Since many people travel to Morocco, they are constantly looking for new adventures and great places. Most people who do the Morocco Tours want to travel to the imperial cities, do the Sahara desert tour and discover the hidden places of Morocco. But what about if I tell you there are great things to do apart from traveling to the imperial cities, going to the Sahara desert and discover the hidden places in Morocco? Yes there are! Actually I could do a list of 100 things you can do in Morocco and you will be able to do all those things as they are exciting and they will let you see this part of the country that nobody has discovered yet.

Charming Paradise

Did you know that Morocco is like a charming paradise? It can take you to million years ago when palaces and queens were still alive, and thanks to this we can still appreciate the great palaces that Morocco has to offer to us, one great option to visit in your Morocco Tour is the bad Palace. Before entering the palace you will find a big pond and then you will see a beautiful castle that took five years to build. It seems like a part of the country which is old and ancestral, its ruins make this place the best if you want to travel around time. It is open to guests so you can visit this palace be sure to check the open time and the close time.

Have you ever traveled and wanted a tattoo? I am sure you wanted and your mother did not let you do it, but what about if I tell you that in Morocco you can make your dream come true and not destroying your skin with a terrible tattoo that will stay in your skin your whole life? Well, something fun you can do is getting a henna tattoo, they are safe and it does not last your whole life; after three weeks you will be able to see it on your skin. This is a great souvenir for you and there are many beautiful styles for your hand and other parts of your body.

Famous places of Morocco

One of the most famous places of Morocco is the High Atlas Mountain and people who love trekking and climbing are aware of that. When you climb up you will see how the sceneries change and you will also be able to live this experience that is totally amazing, in one of the highest mountains in Asia, so if you like new adventures take a day trip to the High Atlas when you do the Morocco Tours and trips.

If you love shopping be ready to immerse into the Moroccan souks. Here you will find a variety of things that will make you happy to buy; since beautiful jewelry and clothes until textures and things for your house. Remember that here you can show your negotiation skills and start bargaining and be aware of this: the best deal wins! So prepare yourself to start fighting for that item you always wanted!

There are activities for people who are fit and enjoy climbing a lot and when I say a lot, I mean you really like and you are the one for this kind of activity so, prepare yourself for the Jebel Toubkal. This is the highest peak in North Africa and is available for people who are used to doing this kind of activity. This a challenge and it will suit you if you are fit, so if you considered fit to do this, include this activity in your Morocco trip.