Make the task of choosing a gift for someone that little bit easier by taking the seasonal approach. Think about the weather and what’s traditionally associated with any given season.


Autumn is that transitional time of year when it can still be warm, but can also be terribly dreary. To avoid getting sulky and miserable in the run up to winter, give a gift that will remind the receiver of the wonderful time they had during the summer.

If you can get your hands on some of the person’s holiday photos, print some of them to either make a collage, a photo book, or a calendar for the following year. Such a personalised gesture will go down well with everyone.

Alternatively, give a practical, long lasting gift that will serve for many autumns to come. Welly boots, for example, will be loved by all. In this day and age you can get them in so many colours and patterns.


The winter months are a time when many of us enjoy a bit of a whine about the weather outside, and how terribly cold it is. Then there are those who love winter for snow sports or simply as a reason to stay tucked up in bed all day.

In any case a gift that brings warmth in some form or other will always be appreciated.

Gourmets are quite easy to please in winter. Either give them a fiery beverage of some sort, or spicy food stuffs like an Indian spice set, chilli-infused sauces or posh mustard to warm them up from the inside.

Outdoorsy folk will always appreciate mittens or any other woolens. Handmade is best but if you’re not much of a crafter, buy from someone in your local area who is. Find a specialist shop online.


Spring is when everyone sheds their thick winter clothing and starts bearing some skin. It’s a happy time of year often associated with animals waking up from hibernation, and giving birth to wee ones.

Reflect this joyous time of year by giving gifts such as vouchers to visit the local zoo, animal sanctuary or botanical gardens.

Alternatively, bring a bit of spring indoors by giving potted plants.


Most of the time during summer months people spend considerably more time outdoors.

Some prefer spending their time actively so a good gift for them would be a ball, an inflatable pool or something equally sporty.

For those who enjoy something a little more relaxed like picnicking, birthday hampers are a good choice. Full to the top with gourmet edibles, and often packed in picnic-appropriate baskets, they’re practical and provide a lot of joy. Hampers can be bespoke so you can base its contents on what the receiver likes most.