The Asians have a knack for doing well in the US business world. One can say that they succeed because they have experienced the worst of conditions in their home countries. Going back is not the solution they would leave. Here, they do not have any other option but to work hard and succeed. This tenacity is visible in Do Won Chang, the founder of the retail chain Forever 21.

Today, this retail chain is a hugely successful one. However, only Do Won Chang knows the difficulties he had to face in life before establishing this chain.

Do Won Chang migrated to the US from Korea in 1981. The US can be a tough place for new immigrants. He had to work three jobs just to make ends meet. He had a family to support as well. He worked as a janitor, pumped gas at a gas station, and worked as an assistant at a coffee shop to meet his needs.

Sensing that this would lead him now, he started to think about opening a retail fashion store. The seeds of Forever 21 was sown at that time. Initially, the name of the store was Fashion 21.

He had adequate support from his life partner in this endeavor. She was the person responsible for the designing of the clothes, whereas Do Won Chang looked after the marketing aspects. Together, they made this retail chain famous all over the world with more than 480 stores worldwide. Today, Forever 21 generates around $ 3 billion dollars in sales every year.

They are devout Christians and believe in this religion a lot, because, you find the inscription "John 3:16" at the bottom of every bag. Today, they live in a posh neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California along with their two children. Do Won Chang has ensured that his children need not go through the problems that he has endured in life.

In my opinion, I believe that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. In this world, it is easy to feel defeated when you are working three jobs. If you are working endlessly and are barely getting by, you may what to change your life just like this amazing man did. You can start by getting educated in the industry you want to be affiliated with.

Luckily for you, there are experts who offer help to those who want to build their own brand and become their own boss.