Analysis of comparison is account analysis report conducted by presenting the financial statements horizontally and compare one with the other, by showing financial information or other data in rupiah or in the unit. Comparison technique can also show an increase and decrease in rupiah or unit and also in percentage or ratio in the form of comparative figures or ratios. Therefore we need QuickBooks Enterprise Support.

The purpose of this comparative analysis is to determine the changes in the form of an increase or decrease in financial statement items or other data in two or more periods being compared. For ease of use, our creation of QuickBooks Android Apps .

Sage 50 support is also made between reports that had been converted into an index number or a common size statement layman. This method is easier and simpler to interpret than the original report. In conducting financial statement analysis technique this comparison we can compare them with the figures of last year’s financial statements, financial statement figures of similar companies, the average ratio of the industry, and as a normative ratio comparison (yardstick).

Antares comparison reports can be done through:

Comparison of the two or more years (horizontal) eg, financial statements in 1993, compared den financial statements 1994. The comparison between 1996, 1995, 1994, and so on.
Comparisons with companies that are considered the best.
Comparative figures Dongan Industry standards applicable (Industrial Norm). In Indonesia, this standard is not yet in the USA some companies specializing in the supply of information, for example, the ratio of Moody’s, Standard & Poors and others.
Comparison with the budget (the budget).
Comparison with the section, division, or sections that exist within an enterprise.
In an attempt this comparison we should have a standard as any other measure used to compare the reports that we have. Without a standard comparison not be able to assess the state or position of the company being assessed. In doing this comparison needs to be reassured that:

The standard preparation of financial statements must be the same.
The size of the company being compared must be considered not meant to be the same.
The reporting period compared should be the same, especially for the income statement and its components. Are not allowed to report profit/loss of the year compared with the report LabaRugi one semester.

In preparing the statement of cash flows, which often problems in understanding the business cash flow is the definition of funds. Funds can be interpreted various kinds:

Funds are cash
Dana is a quick asset (Quick Asset)
Dana is a monetary asset
Dana is current assets
Dana is working capital
Or funds can be interpreted as whole assets
While the cash transaction itself can be divided into various kinds, including:

Transactions cash from operating activities
Transactions cash from financing activities
Transactions cash from investing activities
SAK two concepts described in the fund are:

Funds in the sense of cash (cash basis funds statement)
Funds in the sense of working capital (working capital fund basic statement)
Trueblood Committee suggested in other reports mentioned financial activity report. In this report included all transactions and events companies that have cash consequences. However, this suggestion does not seem to affect the body that issued accounting principles, so as not to be required as One financial statement.

But the conceptual framework developed by the FASB established in 1983, accounting emphasis moving towards asset liability (Balance Sheet). Then, after the release of FASB Statement No. 95 and a very rapid development in the concept of cash flow accounting, the accounting emphasis leads to the orientation of business cash flow.

Experts explain that the balance sheet is a statement that describes the present situation, Profit / Loss describe the state of the past and Statement of Changes in Funds (Cash Flow) describes the state of the future because the information can be used to predict the future.