Every woman wants to look like a star on her wedding day, but let’s face it: it isn’t enough to look great, you also have to feel great. After all, how much fun will you really have if your feet are killing you from wearing a painful pair of shoes? These are some ideas for comfortable wedding shoes that will feel as good as they look.

This is a great season for comfortable stylish shoes. Pointy toes are less common, and rounded toes are back in style. Hooray for happy toes with room to move! Cute little flats are also very much in fashion, so if you choose a darling little pair of round toed flats for your wedding, you will be both incredibly comfortable and incredibly stylish. White flats are certainly available from bridal shoe designers, but there are so many fun designs available this season from non-bridal designers, that you might wish to consider branching out from white. A sparkly pair of silver flats would look fabulous on the bride who is wearing a silver embellished gown and crystal bridal jewelry.

If you just can’t picture yourself walking down the aisle without some kind of high heeled shoe, take advantage of this season’s platform trend. With a nod to the 1940s, the current crop of platforms are ladylike, not exaggerated, and have tall but sturdy heels. There are some gorgeous styles available in luxe wedding-worthy fabrics, such as satin platform heels with ankle straps and a twisted knot detail at the toe. A T-strap platform sandal with a crystals or paillettes running up the strap would be stunning with a trumpet gown and some crystal bridal jewelry. Also look for platform heels with peep toe styling. Any of these shoes would be fantastic for dancing the night away at your reception.

For the bride who likes very delicate footwear, a pair of kitten heel shoes might be the answer. The heels are thin, but also low, which makes them more comfortable. Be sure that the shoes have a strap, rather than an open back mule style, which is too easy to step out of when backing up. Many of the kitten heel shoes are made in strappy sandal designs which are very feminine and pretty. Classic white or ivory would certainly work, but you may also want to think about a soft color or metallic. Ballet pink, silver, or bronze would all be gorgeous choices with a bridal gown, and will be more useful after the wedding. This same shoe in metallic or black works great for bridesmaids.

Brides who feel like they simply must have tall thin heels for their bridal shoes should shop wisely to get the most comfortable pair possible. Shop later in the day when your feet are at their largest, because your feet will definitely swell a little from standing up for most of your wedding day. It is always better to err on the side of shoes being a little large, because you can add a pad and remove it later in the reception if need be. Plenty of padding under the ball of your foot is essential or your toes will be in terrible pain by the end of the ceremony. This is where more expensive shoes tend to be worth the investment for your wedding, because inexpensive shoes rarely have enough cushioning. Last but not least, always buy shoes in a natural material like leather or silk, because they will breathe better than synthetics (who wants to be a sweaty-footed bride?!).

Brides often put their wedding shoes low on their list of priorities, well below the wedding gown, veil, and bridal jewelry. While it is true that shoes are often not seen very much under a full bridal gown, they have such an impact on your comfort that picking the right pair is very important. Happily, there are many great looking comfortable shoes on the market for brides these days so that every woman can find the best of both worlds.