It is no secret that millions of people all over the world tend to spend their time gambling at either virtual casinos or land-based gambling houses. Those, who play seriously and have intentions to make money with kind of an activity, develop certain winning strategies or the so-called tactics that help them during the gaming sessions.
Blackjack strategy

So what is a winning strategy and how to get one? Well, in simple words, these are actions that a player decides on in advance, thus he/she knows what to do in different situations. For instance, if you play blackjack, you should learn and memorise the basic strategy chart, testing it later on various online tutors, hence practising and getting the necessary experience to not make mistakes later.
Another part of that strategy is to learn to count the cards by reading literature on that subject, choosing the right for your approach and finally, result with counting the whole deck of cards in just 1 minute or even less than that.
And the third way of this strategy is to have enough bankroll to be capable of withstanding the deviation and not lose.
Slots strategy

There are hundreds of reliable online slots websites e.g. Book of ra play com with thousands of the most modern and innovative machines and many people play them because it is way easier compared to any other card games available today. Therefore, the strategy is simple too. Nevertheless, it can be used for card games too. The strategy is the following: instead of having a large bankroll, one can just think of having around $200 and deposit it to a virtual casino or take it when going to a physical gambling house (once a month). In case if you lose $200, you simply finish the session and come back another month. But if you win, it means that you can double or even triple the income, have some fun and come next time with another $200 (the rest is better to save).
Positive & Negative expectation strategies
The aforementioned blackjack strategy is considered to be of a positive expectation, since a player develops skills, gets knowledge, practices and has a discipline. It is the strategy that enables players to win more money than they lose for a long period of time if used wisely.
Speaking of the strategy regarding slots playing, it is of a negative expectation. Generally, slots are considered to be negative as no one can ever predict the outcome because slot machines are games of chances, luck and fortune.
The bottom line: comparison of tactics
So, which of the two major strategies is better to use? Here, everything depends on a player and his/her goals. If you want to make gambling your professional career then it is recommended to think of different positive expectation strategies e.g. blackjack, poker, video poker, sports betting, etc. If you just want some fun and entertainment then slots are your thing.