86{170c5dc430f64c583d5107d62ba05598e67e73b9b6a5f140f81c7d71fdb25fb3} of Americans used coupons in 2006, and saved over $ 2.6 billion. That is a lot of money. And we have are as shoppers enthusiastic participants in using coupons. We love to search for them, clip them, and redeem them. Many times customers will try a new company or service because of a coupon. Just the thought of saving money is too strong a pull to resist. Coupons are so popular with consumers that they make a powerful marketing tool. That is why you should make a serious effort to include coupons in your marketing mix.

There are pros and cons with using coupons in your window cleaning business. My experience has shown me that coupons have more pros than cons for a window cleaning business. And I learned that coupons work very well for reasons I go over later in this article. Some of the cons are that customers will become use to getting coupons. They will wait for the next coupon before purchasing. So, the argument against coupons is that your condition your customers to shop only with coupons.

I use to believe in the arguments against coupons, and avoided using them. I thought that my customers were to sophisticated to use coupons. I thought coupons would only attract bargain shoppers, and cheapskates. I would be forced to cut prices and that would lower profits. However I changed my mind after using Val-Pak. At the time Val-Pak really encouraged all their advertisers to use coupons in their mailings. So, I went against my beliefs and put in coupons on my ads. Much to my surprise I found out that everyone likes to use coupons. Some of the customers that called to get their windows cleaned perfectly with a profile of what I considered ideal customers. Another bonus was that over the years they became very loyal customers.

I did find out there is a right way and a wrong way to use coupons for maximum results. First you need to keep the coupon simple. Do not get too complicated with the wording of the coupon. A lot of small print is not good. Just keep your offers simple … like free screen cleaning with every window cleaning appointment. Leave off stuff like we will only honor this coupon on the sixth Tuesday of the third month after a harvest moon. You will only aggravate any potential customers. I also found way to make your current customers angry to put out a new customers only coupon. Do you really think it's a good idea to punish your loyal customers? If you decide to give a $ 17 dollar off coupon why would not you let your past customers take advantage of it? They are reading the same publications your potential customers are reading. So, make your coupons all inclusive.

Another quick tip for coupons: If you are giving a dollar off on your coupons make it an odd number. Avoid giving $ 10, 20 or 25 off. You will get better response by giving $ 17, 22 or 24 dollars off. It will stand out, and grab attention. My personal favorite is $ 17 dollars off. I have found it gets good action.

Make sure you give serious attention to coupons in your marketing, and reap the rewards.