Unique wedding favor is something every bride wants to provide to her guests, but with the rising costs of weddings, finding cheap favors that still impress can be a difficult task. Some favors will cost anywhere from $5 to over $20 per – that doesn’t leave much room for movement in the budget. The good news is, you can still find beautiful and unique favors that won’t break the bank by following a few wedding savvy tips.

Go Bulk

Bulk ordering is all the rage these days for affordable favors and for good reason: you save a significant bundle. Look for online retailers that offer you bulk order at discounted or wholesale rate. Though you may be tempted to buy in-store or local, most vendors will only sell retail, which means you are paying up to 25% more than you would with bulk sale.

Go Simple

The entire point of giving favors is to thank your guests; therefore, you don’t have to worry about giving outlandish gifts that they may never use. Though there are unique gifts that come in paperweights or envelope openers, think about how often your guests would actually use them. Instead, try something simple like candles, place card holders, bookmarks, are all affordable wedding favors your guests will actually be able to use.

Go Edible

How often do guests actually use the favors they receive? Edible wedding favors are ones that your guests will appreciate and most likely use within 24 hours of receiving it. Consider purchasing metal tins, boxes or other containers that you can fill with cookies, Jordan almonds or even assorted candies to give your guests an edible “thank you.”

Go For $1.00 or Less

You can find unique wedding favors that are offered for under $1 each. In fact, gifts such as tins, candies or candles are often offered at less than $1 per, which still gives you a great options, but doesn’t burst the wedding budget.

Go for Personalized

Most bride and grooms don’t know that they can personalize their favors at an affordable price. When you purchase your favors, look for companies that allow you to create personal tags or etchings on those items so that guests can remember where they got it from. Make sure to include your wedding date and bride/groom names. If the company allows it, write a personalized “thank you” message on your wedding favors for that extra touch.

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