The moment of choosing the first laying is one of the most special moments. Family and friends will visit your little one in the hospital for the first time and it is normal that you prepare for this moment with great enthusiasm. For this reason it is essential to choose the best outfit because the occasion deserves it. You must take into account aspects such as material, design or accessories. For this reason, today we bring you new proposals for modern baby clothes and the latest for the first wear of your newborn.

How to choose the baby clothing?

Currently, there are different types of modern clothing for your baby: sweaters, leggings, rompers, bodysuits, hats, booties. However, there are different factors that you should take into account when choosing certain garments specially if you decide to go for buying wholesale girl clothes. Some of the elements that you should contemplate will be the following:


For a newborn it is essential that the cure of his umbilical cord is as safe as possible. For this it is very important that the material of the garments is adequate. Some of the best materials are:

  • Cotton
  • Organic cotton
  • Dral√≥n (baby wool)
  • Velvet

In addition, the skin of a newborn is very delicate and must be cared for carefully. Its sensitivity to any irritation or scratch is very high, so choosing the best material will be very important.


You will have to take into account what time of year it is to choose your first set. Keep in mind that during the winter you will need hats, mittens and booties. On the other hand, in summer, the frog or sleeveless jumpsuit will be the essential garment for the baby. Also, it is best to opt for cotton that makes your baby cooler. It is very important to be careful not to overheat, as it can give you heatstroke.

In cold climates you can dress your baby in several layers and then you can remove those clothes depending on where she is. Also, we must bear in mind that she will need a sweater and a hat to keep her warm. Above all, the first months of life babies lose a lot of body temperature through their head. So don’t forget the baby hat.


Babies grow almost at the speed of light, so you must take into account what size to choose for your baby. With our size guide and the dimensions of your baby you can properly choose the size of his clothes and that it fits him great.

5 Sets For The First Place

We know how special the first visit of friends and family to the hospital is. For this reason, below we want to offer you the best options of modern baby clothes for your little one’s first wear.

Air Set

The set consists of a knitted sweater and gaiter for the newborn and for the first months of the baby. The sweater is long-sleeved and has a lace fabric, with a bow closure on the side, which makes it easy for the baby to change. It is made of soft and cozy cotton tricot. The knitted gaiter is our high-waisted, rubber-free Pino gaiter that protects baby from irritation. A first use that cannot be missed in the hospital bag.

Cabrera set

Another set that cannot be missing in your baby’s wardrobe is the Cabrera Set. Besides being 100% cotton tricot, its sweater is long-sleeved with a striped design. Its ribbed fabric on the neck and buttons along the back, it is very comfortable to change your little one. The knitted gaiter with foot is our Pino high-waisted gaiter, without rubbers, which protects the baby from any irritation. It is an ideal gift for the newborn and a must in the baby’s layette.

Leo set

The Leo set is one of the novelties of this season. In addition, being available in 10 different colors, it is ideal for the halftime seasons.

Its jersey has a rice stitch design, it is crossed, very comfortable to facilitate the healing of the umbilical cord, it opens and closes at the front thanks to the bow on the side of the garment.

The trousers are smooth knitted and without foot. The high, elastic-free waist makes this garment comfortable. It also helps to avoid irritation to the skin of the little ones. It is an ideal gaiter to combine with sweaters and jackets like our Elmo Jacket.

Custom set

This set option is ideal if you are thinking of giving the first clutch to a newborn baby. You can engrave his name on both the sweater and the hat.

The set is 100% cotton, customizable with the baby’s name and you can customize it as you like. Choose a color (blue or pink) and the word you want to embroider. The baby’s name, the initials, her affectionate nickname.

The design of the set is white with a band at the bottom in which the name of maximum 6 letters is embroidered. You can choose the bottom part if you prefer pink or light blue, the word will always be embroidered in gray, just like the bottom line and the sweater cuffs. It also has a baby-type collar with a gray finish.

Long body Hole

If instead you choose as a first one-piece wear, the Hole long bodysuit is ideal for changing your baby’s clothes and protecting her skin, since it is made of 100% organic cotton. This fabric gives the baby great softness and comfort. It is a great option to use as pajamas; it is available in mint green, beige and gray.