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The True History of Edwin Jeans

The Edwin company can be traced back to 1947 in Japan. Buying and producing jeans was quite problematic for the Japanese people at this time as America was one of the only places to get them. Since World War II had not long finished, the relationship between the two countries was currently on thin ice. Japan were being delivered many inferior fabrics and tools and many Japanese seamsters were tiring.

K.K. Tsunemi, the founder of the Edwin company, wasn’t going to let these problems stand in his way. His passion for jeans wouldn’t fade easily and to get his hands on denim, he needed to import it. Unrelenting from his goal of becoming the first and best producer of denim jeans in Japan, he busied himself with obtaining as much fabric as he could. After import, he worked several hours everyday fixing and treating the fabric to ensure it was substantial enough for manufacture. This was a procedure made even more difficult just by deficiency of acceptable tools. Tsunemi realised that he could not reply on these offcuts and scraps from the USA and at around the same time, a few land workers were finally beginning to produce natural cotton domestically within Japan.

In 1951 the first domestically manufactured jeans were available in Japan. However, they were expensive and of inferior quality compared to their American counterparts. Using these jeans as a benchmark, Tsumeni was driven to work on his own quality domestically produced denim jeans, with greater sophistication in fits, washes and quality until in 1961, the first pair of Edwin Jeans were made. Utilising the letters in DENIM (reversing the M creating a W) he created the brand name ‘Edwin’.

By 1963 Edwin had produced the world’s heaviest ringspun denim jean (16oz), featuring the famous three-colour rainbow selvedge, which is still being used today. From this point on in Edwin denim history, quality, craftsmanship, innovation and integrity have all been paramount to the ethos and aesthetic for the brand. Over the next 50 years, Edwin grew to be a world famous body associated with jeanmaking.

In the 1970s Edwin were the first company in the world to create the old wash, designed to replicate denim which had been worn from its rigid, unwashed state. In the 1980’s Edwin invented stone washing, which revolutionised the entire denim industry and was a pivotal moment in the evolution of denim manufacturing.

Today, Edwin Jeans still follow Tsunemi’s ideas and priorities when it comes to the highest quality of denim fabrics, finishing skill, sewing techniques and fitting patterns. The brand is one of the most authentic denim labels in the world and prides itself on innovation and craftsmanship, utilising exclusive fabrics and fabrication, hand wash processes and continual progression in both fit and design.

The popularity of denim as a fashion fabric from its earlier utility as just a durable cloth is due to it’s tremendous variety as well as availability. You can wear denim in both casual looks as well as …

Why You Should Learn Micro Airbrush Art

Micro Airbrushing is an important skill for all airbrush artists. Being able to do micro airbrushing will allow the artist to create a more realistic and more exhaustive detail on all small areas of their airbrush design. It is in these small areas that a great amount of artist miss the opportunity to really define the particulars because they are unable to fully generate the detailed area. Micro airbrushing is needed to really capture the facts of these small areas. Micro airbrushing is also a valuable skill for an airbrush artist if they airbrush small model cars. By acquiring the abilities needed to do micro airbrushing the artist can capture more detail in their airbrush art on the model car.

Imagine being able to create realistic eyes on a dragon you only airbrushed onto the hood of a tiny model car? When a person looks strongly at your artwork on the hood of the model car they can really see the capability of the ability that you have as an airbrush artist. Or imagine that no matter what size your task is, even the fine details are introduced to the detail that they need to be noticed. All this can be done if an artist takes the time to learn airbrushing. There are couple of ways that an artist can pick up the way to do micro airbrush art.

One way that an artist can study how to do micro airbrush art is to purchase a video created just to teach micro airbrushing. AirBrush Action has a video titled Micro Airbrushing that features airbrush artist Robert Benedict. With this video you will be shown the way to airbrush 23 skulls onto a region the mass of a dime. This video will let you know every thing that you would every need to be aware of using micro airbrushing. A couple of great features of the video is that you will learn how to truly work with House of Colors paints and how to work on low air pressures. Learn more to do with the way to do freehand is also a good asset of this video. It is these that are the advanced systems and will take you as an artist to the next level of airbrush art.

Another way an artist can learn micro airbrushing is to work directly with a professional. Include a workshop that teaches micro airbrushing and you can discover with some hands on projects under the oversight of an expert. Using a professional can also mean subscribing for some private one on one lessons that will present you with more direct attention from the instructor. This could present you with somewhat bit more of a grip over taking a work shop where the instructor has many people to teach at one time.

Once you have mastered your skills in micro airbrush art you will be dumbfounded at the quantity of detail that you are able to place in any airbrushing project. This ability will help …

Need A Rain Umbrella? What You Need To Know Before Your Next Purchase

In the good old days, if you needed an umbrella, you would wind up with a long stick umbrella. And it would be black. But in recent years there have been several recent innovations and amazing feats of engineering applied to the age old rain umbrella.

Perhaps the most dramatic option for an umbrella is the method of opening. Manual umbrellas are opened and closed by sliding the ring up and down the shaft, at the whim of the user. There have been, for several years now, automatic umbrellas which would pop open at the push of a button, located on the handle. These spring-loaded umbrellas are really handy and can usually open faster than a traditional manual umbrella. Even more recently some ingenious engineers have discovered how to manufacture umbrellas which automatically open and close. These are the ultimate in convenience. A word of caution, being complex mechanical machines, automated umbrellas occasionally will break and become either stuck open or stuck closed. If you wish to take advantage of an automatic umbrella, I recommend getting a higher quality umbrella with a lifetime warranty.

The next amazing innovation for the modern umbrella is the double canopy. This design features overlapping slits in the canopy, the theory being that wind can flow through these slits rather than being captured by the canopy and forcing the umbrella to invert. (Inverting is usually the best sign that you need a new umbrella.) There are many different variations to the double canopy, but in essence they all work the same, and can mitigate damage to this valuable accessory. Most umbrellas with double canopies have been found to withstand winds up to 50 mph (80 kph.) Indeed, if your double canopy umbrella becomes inverted, it’s time to seek immediate shelter and get indoors!

Another option to consider is whether to get a traditional stick umbrella or a folding umbrella. Folding umbrellas are also marketed as compact or ultra compact. The shaft of these umbrellas telescopes out when opened and can provide adequate coverage for individuals, while collapsing down to less than a foot in length for convenient carrying. Traditional stick umbrellas, though certainly bulkier, are also going to be more durable.

The material used for the canopy for an umbrella is worth mentioning. Most umbrellas are manufactured from nylon because of its durability as well as being freely available and cost effective. Pongee (pronounced “Ponj”) is a type of silk cloth. It is rare to find umbrellas made exclusively from Pongee, but you are likely to find Poly-Pongee. This polyester and silk combination is more widely used, and due to the silk content is a little more costly. The advantage to poly-pongee is that it is a lighter weight fabric. You will also find some select umbrellas made from a polyester canopy. Each of these fabrics have been found to provide superior protection from both the sun and rain. Of note for custom imprinting, nylon tends to hold and reflect imprints better. If you are …

How To Write a Conversational Style Article

Writing a conversational style article takes skill. It is important to be able to relate to the reader in an informal manner, without losing credibility or professionalism. The words in a conversational article should flow like a two way interaction between you and the reader. Sometimes, articles written in this style can seem too much like a blog post and not engage the reader as much as it could. It might also be too informal to make the writer seem like a credible source. Here are some tips on creating a more engaging conversational style article.

Tip 1: Address the Reader Directly

It is always more engaging to read an article that uses “you” rather than “they” or “them.” Make sure the words that you use are directed to the reader, so there is no question that the information that you are presenting applies to them. For example, in an article about saving money, I might write, “You can save more money by using coupons when you go grocery shopping.” This is more effective than writing, “Many people save money…”

Tip 2: Use questions

Articles that are guided by stated questions help the reader to mentally categorize the information that you are about to talk about. It also gives them a sense that you understand their thinking process. For example, in an article about saving money, I could write about using coupons, then use a subheading like “Are you wondering where to find a good selection of coupons?” I would then proceed by telling the reader where coupons can be found. Speaking generally about the subject and then predicting a more detailed question that a reader might be thinking about is a great way to keep their attention.

Tip 3: Avoid Slang and poor grammar

The tendency of many writers is to forget about proper English when writing in a conversational style. This can detract from the credibility of the writer. It is important to maintain a down to earth connection with the reader, without using slang that the reader may or may not be familiar with. Poor grammar will stand out more on a page than in an actual conversation. The implication of poor grammar is often a lack of education (even though this may not be true).

Tip 4: Use simple words

If you really want your readers to feel invited to enjoying and learning from your writing, don’t use words that they need to grab a dictionary for. It is nice that you know larger words and have a developed vocabulary, but many people are easily turned off from reading in general because they don’t understand the meaning of certain words. Consider your audience, and only use technical jargon, special words used only by a certain profession or group, if that is the audience you are addressing. Readers tend to get the impression that you don’t want them to really understand. They might feel that you are making a point of being smarter than them if you …

Wedding Gifts

Just like dreaming and planning a wedding, wedding gift lists are also the evolution of every child's dream – write down anything you want and it will be yours. It has become a tradition nowdays to hold a wedding gift list with a department store. It makes life easier for your guests, since they do not have to worry about what you want and if anyone else will get you the same thing. Fortunately, the days of receiving three toasters and ten pillows are long gone.

Now the question is how to let everyone know that there is a wedding gift list. You can not just go and say: "You can pick your gift here, this is what we want." The ideal would be to tell some "key" guests, like your friends, bridesmaids, people you are sure that they will spread the news politely. Another thing to say: your list should be convincing enough that the things are personal and will be very highly appreciated. You want to avoid thoughts of guest like the items on your list are not personal, because there are big chances that what they consider personal and more useful, you will have to sell on eBay.

And finally, you should look again at your list and consider some important aspects of every item:

– Are the items affordable?

– Can the wedding gift list be accessed on the internet?

– If yes, do all your guests have access to the web?

– Might some find a list too restrictive?

Having said all this, I wish you lifetime happiness and a beautiful wedding! Good luck! …

Win-Win Discount Coupon Strategy

Want to hear a great way to get business and create satisfied customers? With this "50-50" coupon offering, everyone wins. Here's how it works: You send a limited offer to your list; Let's say 100 coupons are available, and when they're gone, they're gone, until next time. People hurry to your website and those lucky 100 download the coupon.

The coupon is worth double its face value. For example, the coupon costs $ 25; With it, they can purchase $ 50 worth of goods or services. The catch is that they must pay for it immediately – they do not simply print it and risk losing it or forgetting about it.

You get your $ 25 right away. The customer is motivated to make a purchase with you because she's essentially put down a $ 25 deposit. Depending on what your product or service is, the average customer may very well spend above and beyond the $ 50. If you're a restaurant, for example, where a family of four will spend $ 100 on a nice dinner, they're getting a bargain because they've saved $ 25. And you've made a profit, plus you've earned four loyal customers. Everybody wins.

You can offer the coupon as part of your autoresponder series. This strategy works very well as a broadcast, as you can control the time frame of the offer and anticipate when the coupons will be purchased. If you do not have an autoresponder series, you may not be aware that 90% of your sales can extremely come from your autoresponders! And if you do not have a list, there are some easy ways to start building one quickly.

Finally, if you do not have a professional copywriter creating customized marketing packages for you, now is the time to find one. Make sure you choose one who's familiar with autoresponders as a marketing strategy. Then go ahead and try the 50-50, win-win coupon idea. You have little to lose – and big profits and loyal customers to gain. …

Sentimental Gifts for Him

Sometimes getting a man to talk about his feelings can be hard to do. In fact some men are just emotionally shut down. In this article we’re going to discuss some sentimental gifts for him. These are gifts that we thought would perfect for all those men out there who are comfortable with their feelings. When we came up with these gift ideas we wanted to choose gifts that would easily raise emotions. Since I don’t know you personally it was actually hard to do. The reason being is that I couldn’t bring up old memories that the two of you might share. However I still did a great job of coming up with some gift ideas for you. As for my gift suggestions this is what I managed to come up with.

Rock: This is a truly sentimental gift idea. You would have to read the whole idea first. We got this gift idea from an old wise tale about a girl who had many problems. She fought her parents most of the way through her entire life. Until one day her mother gives her a box with a note inside. The note read that this rock is over millions of years old which is how long it would take for me to give up on you. Unfortunately I couldn’t just take the whole story from it’s author. If you want to read the real story you could find it on the internet. What I liked about this gift the most is that it’s truly sentimental. In fact it’s a great gift idea that won’t cost you much money.

Jewelry: For some reason jewelry is a highly sentimental gift. What I would suggest doing for this next gift idea is buying some jewelry that has some romantic features. For example you could buy a necklace in the shape of a heart. Alternatively you could pull out some old family owned jewelry and give it to him. Unfortunately most families don’t do that anymore. However if you do it’s a great gift suggestion for those men that you trust.

Poems: Our last gift suggestion is gold for all those people out their looking for sentimental gifts. The reason being is that poems can get the words right for you. We know that not everybody are wordsmiths. They don’t know what to say or how to express themselves. However poets are great at that sort of thing! Which is why for our last gift we want to recommend buying a romantic poem depending on your relationship with the recipient.…

6 Timeless Advice for a Dapper Look

“A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” ~ Hardy Amies

Whether you agree or not, the look and appearance have become judging criteria these days. Gone are the days when men were barely concerned about their clothing. The dressing style of an individual plays a very vital role in determining the personality. This is the reason why most men invest a lot of time in getting the much-desired dapper look. However, being dapper is generally misunderstood for donning the tuxedo look. Being dapper is not just about wearing the best clothes. In fact, In fact, regardless of your wardrobe, it is a way of stylizing yourself.

The write up has compiled some quick tips, for all the style connoisseur who want to don an impressive look. Apply the timeless fashion advice and caution in your daily life in order to turn dapper.

  • Self-grooming: Personal hygiene and grooming are one of the most decisive factors. No matter what you’re wearing, a neat, clean and classy look is a proven weapon to turn every head around. So, before you decide your wardrobe for the day, make sure that you take your hygiene to the extreme. Remember to bathe well and trim your beard before leaving home. Wash your face and apply a moisturizing lotion to remove the white patches and flakes. Along with this, your clothes should be neat and well-ironed.
  • Get the clothes tailored: Tailoring your clothes appropriately is the best way to get a noticeable difference in your appearance. Wearing the wrong fit is one of the major error of fashion. Not every man is as particular about the size as the ladies. The wrong fit can make or break your look. So, make sure that you get your attire tailored accordingly. Do not wear it if doesn’t fit. The attire should fit you like gloves.
  • Dress according to your age: Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable, but the style is more about being yourself. The contemporary styles may intrigue you at times, but make sure that you dress according to your age. So, do not try to fit into the fashion, but choose a style that fits your personality. This is the best way of dressing to the nines.
  • Accessorize your clothing: As a gentleman, you can never go wrong with a timeless statement wristwatch. It not only adds flair to your look, but also gives an elegant look. Most dapper men will be seen in a neat pair of formal shoes. Wearing an elegant footwear helps in power dressing. Along with this, the accessories should be according to the clothing. In case, you are in your formals, then, the ensemble should be formal as well. For casual outfits, you can go with the subtle ones that get you an easy-going look, yet oozes effortless style. Right from the cuff-links to the undergarment, everything contributes to the overall personality. Wear

Developing Your Own Fashion Style

Your style is important. Ask yourself every time you buy anything, every time you make anything, or have anything made: Is it in accord with my style? Does it meet the requirements of correct dress for me?

If you live in a little city or a village and suddenly found yourself on Fifth Avenue in New York City, would you feel conspicuous in your clothes? If friends from the fashion centers of America were coming to visit you, would you feel out of place in your costume? You should not. You have the same opportunity to be correctly dressed as any other woman if you will study and persevere towards perfection in dress.

We must realize that we have a style of our own and that we are of a particular type. This is recognized by every fashion authority in the country, and by every fashion publication, for if all women were to adhere to one fashion, one fashion only would be shown in the fashion books instead of twenty, thirty, or fifty different designs.

Look through any fashion book today and you will find round-and-round and up-and-down lines in the same issue – all with the idea of ​​helping women to clothe themselves correctly and of giving suggestions that will help them individually to find Appropriate styles.

Establishing a style for yourself and then perfecting it – be it in hats, gloves, shoes, dresses , or suits – will prove economic, and it will not be long before a degree of perfection will be acquired.

A prominent New York business woman, who is one of the most distinctly dressed women that I know, wears the smartest suits and hats and always severely tailor-made gowns. And her neckwear, usually a jabot or a stock, is so smart that you would never for a minute question whether it is authoritatively fashionable. She always wears high shoes on the street, and usually they have light-colored tops, because she is tall and the light tops of the shoes help to break the appearance of height.

One day, this young woman came to visit me. I could not refrain from remarking about the complementeness of her costume. I said, "If I saw your shadow, I should know that it was you by the harmony that your silhouette expresses and the very way you carry yourself."

She said, "Do you know that remarks like yours are what made me to persevere in acquiring my style of dressing? I used to think I wanted loose, floppy clothes in which I could relax and be just as free and comfortable as if I were In neglect when in a ferry boat crossing New York harbor, I saw sitting opposite me a line of crumpled-up women apparently enjoying their slovenly posture. Women on that boat, I thought, was unusual or had any desire to know better. I sat up straight and determined right then and there that I would acquire a style becoming and practical for me and …

Why Planning Matters When You Are Shopping For Christmas

Budgeting and making lists is how most if not all people recommend as a way to start your Christmas shopping but not everyone does that. Budgeting is something that most holiday shoppers do but following through on the budget can be an entirely different story.

The point of all theses lists it that you're organized. To begin with, you need to know how much money you'll need for your holiday gifts. If you have no idea how many gifts you need to buy or how much you can afford to spend then you're either going to put off Christmas shopping till the last minute and use your credit card to land in debt or you'll use your Credit from day one and come close to bankruptcy.

Lots of people are literally scared of Christmas shopping especially if they have a particular long list of people to shop for. At times like this you need to remember how Santa Clause manages to get his gifts out on time, by making a naughty or nice list. While you can not make one of those for your family and friends, you can make a list of who you're going to buy a gift for. It'll make sure you do not leave anyone out and it will give you a realistic idea about how much shopping you've done and how much is still left.

Do you often alternate between shopping in stores and online; People often swap their shopping area when they hear about a good sale. The fact is that great sales are always happening in stores and online, alternating between the two randomly will not get you any where. Decide how much and what you're going to shop for online and what you're going to buy in stores. Christmas fruit baskets and similar gifts are best bought online where you can have them delivered directly to the recipient instead of storing them in your house and delivering them yourself. …