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Carwash Coupon Fundraisers – Do They Work?

Many carwash owners have lobbied their local cities to curtail non-profit groups having car wash fundraisers. How and why would they do that? Well, carwash fundraisers take away business from a carwash and by using environmental laws and strategies outlined by the regional and national carwash associations, they find ways to lobby the local city code enforcement and storm water discharge regulation folks.

Then, the same carwash owners offer coupon fundraisers where the kids groups sell carwash coupons and they get money for every one that comes into the car wash with a specific coupon, keeping the remainder of the money of course. Most every non-profit group I have ever talked to, has been underwhelmed by this and the amount of money they made.

A group that uses a free online car wash fundraiser book is able to generate generally about $5,000 or more, depending on the size of their groups. Some High School Bands make in excess of $20,000 and up. At the Fixed Site Carwash fundraiser coupon scheme, the same groups make very little, it is akin to a Pizza Place scheduling a fundraiser and donating 20% of all the orders on a certain Tuesday night.

Our non-profit groups need money and kids need to learn that money does not come easy. Look, here is the deal, we either teach kids that money does not grow on trees, hard work ethic is paramount, working together in a common cause is the right thing to do and keep our kids involved in positive things NOW or we pay for rehabs, police, courts, jails and prisons LATER.

It is time that we used common sense when dealing with the environment rules and regulations in America and think about exactly what we are doing before we allow businesses to lobby rules that hurt the community. Sincerely, Lance.…

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5 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifting Options for Her

Valentine’s Day is a yet another ordinary day for few. However, this day is really special for all those who are madly in love with the women of their life. The fun and romantic vibes of the event is accompanied with the responsibility of making the day special for your girl.

Gifts are an inevitable part of the entire celebration. This is a way of expressing your feeling to her. People are of the view that Valentine is a commercial holiday, but the fact can’t be avoided that a unique present can commemorate the relationship with your lady love. This day and the traditions related to it is something that both of you will cherish forever. So, take some time out of your busy schedule and get something for her.

Discussed below are some of the considerate Valentine’s gift ideas for your girlfriend. Check them out and impress your girl.

1. Bouquet and cards

How can a bouquet and card be a thoughtful gift? Probably this is the first question that will come in the minds of every man. However, you need to remember that you are supposed to impress a girl. No matter how modern she is, there is no woman around who appreciate gifts of this sort. Moreover, there is nothing as expressive as a rose, when it comes to confessing your love. Along with this, a Valentine card with a couple of lines written on it can do the magic. It might sound cliche, but receiving a love letter from the person you love is always special.

2. Shoes and handbags

Don’t consider buying dresses for girls. There are factors that are required to considered while shopping an attire for ladies. The chances of going wrong in your choice are higher. Shoes and handbags are always a safe option for them. These are, in fact, the best friends of women. Regardless of the fact that they have already a huge collection of footwear and bags, there is always a place for some more in their closet. Buy a pair of branded footwear or ladies purse and she will go head over heel.

3. Accessories

Women have the fetish for accessories like earrings, necklaces, ring fingers, scarves and things of this sort. Hence, this can prove to be a perfect gift for them. The heart shaped couple jewelry such as pendants, rings etc. are other in fashion items for the Valentine week. Girls go crazy when they receive these things from the man of their life. Moreover, this is something that both of you can cherish.

4. Personalized gifts

Home decor items like wall hangings, pillow covers, lamp, wind chime, and others are a safe option for a woman, especially when you are not good at shopping. You can make it even more special by customizing them. Select some of the best pictures of both you together and get it printed on the product. The decorative items engraved with an image or message will remind her of you, …

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Grocery 'Buy One Get One Free' Offers

My little heart just lights up whenever I see a buy one get free offer. Not only because I expect getting an item for free, but because if I play my cards right I can get two or more products for free. Here is how.

Buy one get one free offers are best when they are combined with a coupon. You can do this in a couple of ways. First, if you have either a free product coupon or a buy one get one free coupon, then apply that coupon to get two items for free. If your store allows it, do this deal multiple times and stock up on free items. Check product websites, your Sunday inserts and printable coupons for these types of coupons.

If you do not have a free product or a buy one get one free coupon, you can still get free products. Use a high value coupon or a coupon that will double or triple and cancel out the cost of the product to make both products free.

If the high value or double or triple coupon strategy does not work, there is still one more way to get free products. Check with the store to see if you actually have to buy two products. Many times, the product simply rings up as 50 percent off, even if you only buy one. This is one of those things that the stores do not really want you to realize. Take that 50 percent off product and combine it with a coupon. This just may make the product free.

With this last technique, you may or may not be able to stock up on a lot of product, depending on your store's coupon policy. At the same time, you will not waste and extra product if you only needed one. …

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Men of Style

For a modern and younger style some young men have been mixing and combining different tendencies for a more raging and unique style. Male fashion has widened its horizons and has separated from the traditional look. Some of the most popular tendencies for combining are different fabrics like cotton and silk, jean and the seersucker. Bermudas with bright color t-shirts are also one of the most popular trends for summer, some of the worst errors that men have done in the past year has been to be extremely combined, making them look boring and traditional. What is in right now is to be as far away as possible from whatever is predictable in fashion.

Just like in women's fashion, a man's skin tone and body silhouette is always important when choosing a new fashion style, it is important to always feel comfortable, what you wear projects how you feel.

Layering is a trend that is usually seen in the winter but will be one of the most preferred for this season. Wear a polo shirt over your t-shirt and cover them with a formal jacket or a sportier jacket, like a hoodie, for a more casual look. Layering adds style and versatility, avoiding simplicity, but always keeping in mind the weather, you do not want your sweat drops to appear all of a sudden if you take off your jacket. Layering is also useful if you are heavier, try using a v-neck sweater and vertical lines or small prints.

Blue, red and green are the colors for this season, can be used for every skin tone, try combining them with more neutral tones like gray to step back from the conventional. Seersucker and linen are popular fabrics for summer, ideal for warm weather. To add more personality and individuality to your look, no matter to what occasion, Converse All Star sneakers break the barriers for a formal affair; this type of shoe with a short sleeve black shirt, black pants and a formal tie will always make you look fashionable. You can also wear them with funky printed shirts for a more juvenile style.

Another odd piece for the summer but very demanding for this summer in particular is the cardigan; This button down type of sweater comes in solid colors and with designs, perfect to wear over a polo shirt or t-shirt, men should not be afraid to play around with the numerous styles that can be born with cardigans. For a more casual look after work, just change your blazer to a more casual cardigan or v-neck sweater and roll up your sleeves.

The safari look is another characteristic for this summer; khakis, army green, and leather accessories like belts, bracelets and even necklaces will complete this look.

Men should always be adventurous and make untraditional combinations and fashion experiments because in contrast that they find the magic of fashion. The typical blazer and tie can be replaced with a button down shirt with a v-neck sweater. …

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Jewelry Tips

Women love to purchase jewelry and today there is a wide variety of jewelry to choose from. This includes everything from modern to traditional jewelry with your choice of metal. With all of these choices available to you, there are definitely some things that you must consider before you make your purchase. These things include:

1. Do you want to purchase just 1 piece of jewelry or an entire set? You need to know what you want to buy before you ever enter the jewelry store.

2. What is your budget like? The cost of an item will depend upon its weight, size and the materials that it is made out of as well as any taxes.

3. Will this piece of jewelry complete the look that you are trying to achieve? You may find several pieces of jewelry that would work which is why you will want to try the jewelry on in a mirror before making your final decision.

4. Do you want to purchase a piece of jewelry that has stones in it? If so, then make sure that the jeweler weighs the gold without the stones so that you are paying the appropriate price for the piece that you are purchasing.

5. What is its true quality like? This is very important, especially since you are considering purchasing something as precious as gold or a diamond. For this reason, you should be knowledgeable about these things before purchasing any jewelry.

6. Is the design really attractive and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends? Consider whether you want a contemporary or a traditional design. This way you will not be tempted to buy something that you are not going to be happy with in the end.

If you are able to keep these tips in mind the next time that you purchase a piece of jewelry, you will be able to get a really beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself. …

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1940’s Women’s Fashion Inventions

1940’s Women’s fashion was a time of great restrictions on design, fabric, and trim materials. The war forced clothing designs to be simple yet it also forced manufactures to be creative with what they could use and invent new materials. The 1940’s brought about new women’s fashion inventions many of which are still around today.

  1. The girdle. Prior to the 1940’s a women’s shape was made by metal boned corsets. In the 1940’s the girdle was invented as a form of tummy tuck underwear. It shaped just the middle down to the hips and created the smooth hourglass silhouette associated with vintage fashions. The girdle was uncomfortable and was eventually replaced by nylons or no shaping undergarment at all. Today the girdle returns with body shapers, control top stockings, control top underwear and other suck and smooth foundation garments. They name may have changed but these garments are just updated girdles in disguise.
  2. Wedge shoes. Leather and wood was needed for the war so shoe designs had to get creative. The solution was cork. A cork sole was used for shoe heels and then wrapped in a pretty fabric, mesh or even reptile skin. It was economical and allowed a taller heel then what was considered a safe heeled pump. Today wedgies come in and out of fashion, particularly in summer, when wedge sandals hit the beaches.
  3. Rayon. If you didn’t know, Rayon is a synthetic fabric. It was invented and became very popular in the 1940’s. Up till then wool, silk, and cotton was what clothing was made of. Silk and cotton were needed for the war so Rayon was used instead. It could be lightweight like silk or heavy like wool. Today rayon is still used in fine fabrics, especially in summer.
  4. Nylons. Prior to the 40’s women’s stockings were made of silk. They were very delicate and needed frequent mending and hand washing. Dupont then invented nylon and thus “Nylons” became a brand name for stockings. Today nylon is still used to make all kinds of hosiery and fabrics.
  5. The Zipper. Thanks to new inventions of the 1940’s women can zip up clothing instead of using buttons, snaps or lacing.
  6. Plastic. Although various forms of plastic had been around since the 1920’s it wasn’t until the 1940’s that they really took center stage in the fashion world. Jewelry was made of Bakelite plastic in big colorful designs. Handbags, makeup case, and household items were being made of Lucite. You may not recognize these plastic names but I am sure you are aware that plastic is everywhere in fashion- from cute barrettes to zippers to purse handles.
  7. Shoulder pads. You may think that the 1980’s were the first decade to use shoulder bags. They actually go back much farther than the 1940’s but as a regular fashion accessory for women the 1940’s were the first. They used shoulder pads in dresses, jackets, and blouses in order to square off the shoulder for a boxy military feel.
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3 Common Factors To Consider With Wholesale Gifts

Wholesale gifts will always be popular since it has been known to be cheaper and a lot more affordable than items you buy per piece. The popularity of this practice has spiked over the years because of the internet. The internet allowed people to transact with different manufacturers thanks to the internet. However, before considering purchasing wholesale items as presents for the fiscal year, a lot of things should be considered. These things should always be crucial in order for anyone to get the best purchase.

Here are some of the things that you may want to consider if you are purchasing bulk presents for your loved ones or for business purpose.

1. Cost

It is common knowledge that more items you buy could end up a lot cheaper. However, since retail today is not really doing well, do not be surprised if some sellers are forced to drop their prices just a bit higher than the wholesale price. And because of this formula, retail today can offer you with good prices even if you are not buying in bulk. Therefore, buying one type of item in great volume could be an impractical move. In fact, you may overshoot and even get to pay more than what you should be paying if you go for bulk items.

2. Technology

If you are buying an item that changes a lot in price through the months, you may not be doing the right move to invest on bulk items. For instance, giving a phone as a gift may not be a good move since you get annual updates of these types of electronic gadgets. Therefore, buying a phone that would become obsoleste in the next months will not be a good present at all.

Technology items are all ready to be pegged with a lot of discounts throughout the months especially during Black Friday Sales. These instances, you could even get as much as 50% off. However, you have to understand that you may have to fight for it on your way to the store since more and more people are anticipating of these occasions.

3. Logistics Cost

There are logistics cost that you will need to worry when you purchase the wholesale items. If you are living in a place with strict rules on their tax legislation; You may even pay a hefty amount that would have already offset the discount. In these situations, you want to first know the basics of importing items especially from manufacturers and dealers abroad.

If you are also automating sending candidates to your loved ones, it is important to know how much these things could incur. You also need to make sure that in case that there are some taxes that need to be covered, the one receiving the gift should be willing to shoulder such.

These things should all considered given the fact that bulk items cost a lot of money. If you are really considering to purchase items online for wholesale gifts, it …

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Style Statements Offered by Rado Coupole Watches

Rado is known for its craftsmanship that makes the brand the preferred name among the watch lovers. Quality and functionality have built a wide network for the brand that suppresses across the world. Rado comes up with watches that meet every occasion, be it a formal meeting or a casual get together. Every watch brings out the passion of the brand when it comes to designing watches. Each part has been taken care so that it radiates the glamour of the brand at its best. It is also obvious that Rado watch prices are expensive due to the use of high-stand functions to make them not only advanced but also aesthetically beautiful. Every collection comes with a different notion of style statement while admiring the essence of the brand as the finest watchmaker of the Swiss luxury world. Rado Coupole watches have been a part of the brand’s glorious journey since their introduction. Bringing forth a calm and sober look, they provide wearers with the utmost comfort for ages.

These watches, following a similar fashion statement, bring out the trend in different colours and appeals. Upholding a simplified look but in a captivating style, they brilliantly represent the style of the brand. The content mentions some of the pieces of Coupole collection that remain timeless due to having the finest touch of the brand.

R22854023 – Carry your confident fashion:

The look of the watch tells everything about the person who wears it on her wrist. It is a women’s watch that comes with a strong confident value reflected through the sharp cut of the designs. It has a 27mm dial made of stainless steel case that proudly houses the charming look with minimalism. The silver dial maintains a bold glance with the golden hands and indexes. Without disturbing the calm look of the dial, the brand name positioned below 12 o’clock reflects its own glamour. The thin and dynamic watch presents women’s confident attitude smartly. Finished with a two-tone strap, it stays on the wrist of women glamorously. Pair this watch with your formal look and celebrate your achievements glamorously.

R22854023 – Let your darling look elegantly

This Coupole watch has the grace of women to delight your wrist. The detailing is as admiring as your personality that always stays ahead with an undisturbed position in the society. Glamour is amazingly reflected through the 27mm mother of pearl dial illuminated with the diamond hour markers and the rose gold hands. Every addition follows the parameter of the brand to reveal a fine cut and a delicate design. The appeal of the watch is such that it soothes your eyes with an ultimate satisfaction. The elegant look is extended with the rose-gold bezel and the two-tone strap that magnificently circles the wrist of women. What makes the watch a timeless object is its cutting-edge appeal.

R22852713 – Be simple but sophisticated:

Allow your inner simplicity to set your own fashion statement. Your love for a minimalism convinces the brand to …

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The Pros and Cons of Offering Discounts and Incentives in a Tough Economy

Salespeople are faced with the daily choice of short-term pain versus long-term gain. Rather than relying on confidence in their ability to effectively communicate the full value of their products and services, inexperienced salespeople will begin to offer discounts, price concessions and incentives in order to entice their prospects into a closed sale. If they succeed, they have created a customer with expectations. Every time they approach the customer for repeat business, the customer will demand a new perk, a new gift, a new instance of “something for nothing.” Unless the salesperson locks in the second sale in the same moment as the first (such as time-limiting a discount of 30 days against a long-term agreement in which the cost reverts to full price), they are playing a game that they will never win.

There are times in which these tactics are appropriate, and there are others that add up to a simple admission by the salesperson that they lack the skill or mental stamina to guide their prospect through the sales cycle.

The acquisition and ongoing nurturing of customers requires a series of skills that are usually learned by trial and error. The professional salesperson must possess a deep, almost fanatical interest in human psychology and what “makes people tick,” also known as “why they buy.” Every sales encounter is a lesson. Each lesson, accumulated over time, is like the single drops of water that form a rock. One lesson, one drop at a time, extended over years, results in a salesperson on the road to mastering their craft.

Just as you learn to ride a bike or a horse by getting on, falling off, getting up, brushing yourself off, and getting right back on again, you learn the appropriate and inappropriate use of discounts and incentives in the sales process by making money or losing money.

A nation-wide fast food restaurant chain recently offered a bold promotion. They mailed a full-color flyer to residents with over $25 worth of coupons for their food. Half of the coupons offered as much as a 50% discount for a meal, while others were of the “two for one” variety. In addition to the discounts, they announced a date on which customers could come to the restaurant for a free meal: two pieces of chicken with two tortillas and salsa.

On the day of the promotion, the parking lot at my local restaurant was full at opening time, with drivers circling the lot hoping for a space. The line for ordering extended to the door. Some customers simply took advantage of the free food and ordered no additional items. Others used coupons from the flyer and purchased food as well.

Was this promotion successful? A percentage of people showed up for the free food and will not return unless a similar offer is made in the future. A second group consisted of regular or semi-regular customers who might have made an extra, unplanned trip to take advantage of the free food. The …

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What Is Your Personal Style?

Style does not happen by accident.

It can not be clipped from the pages of a fashion magazine. It can not be purchased at a designer boutique. Style does not follow trends. It can not be copied, and it is never swayed by others.

Style does not worry about status. Style does not diminish with age. Style is not wonderful. Style is authentic, unique and expansive.

Style is powerful.

When you define your style, you define your life.

Have you ever left the house feeling confident about your look, only to find yourself standing in front of the mirror the next day confused how to recreate that fabulous vibe?

Do you ever feel burdened by a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Style is not created randomly – it is an acquired skill, cultured through careful attention to details and nuances. Without an understanding of the psychology of color, line and design and a working knowledge of the part that they play in harmonizing apparel with appearance and expression, you may be unable to express why some clothes satisfy and others disappoint.

Your style is a unique collection of distinguishing characteristics, creating awareness around what flatters you directs focus to the best of you – you immediately feel better, stand straighter and think clearer. As your focus expands, so do all the positives you choose to focus on. Your unique profile is the how-to of taking your essence to self expression.

Most people look to celebrities, clothing designers and store mannequins for style guidance. While these can certainly offer inspiration, they can not replace your own internal style expert. True style works from the inside out, but in a clamorous world of contradictory information and countless choices; It is difficult to discern what your individual tastes really are.

In a huge field of choices and information – how do you edit?

What is the right hair cut for my face, how does make-up work for me, is this really my style?

A criterion is an essential guidepost to finding satisfaction in a culture currently pushing trend conformity and celebrity tour de force.

Defining yourself and making selections that ground your image feet appropriate because it reflects you and not the next turn of the rapidly changing trend wheel.

Style is a sensitivity waiting to be tapped. It is about the private pleasure you take in knowing who you are. Once you learn the underpinnings of proportion and design, your style naturally evolves.

Dressing well is an acquired skill. Ultimately it is a private process and is at its best when it springs from the human qualities of intelligence, passion and sense of humor. It creates a mindful state where you and others see where you want to go; It joins what you need to get there.

Style is a skill. It is a conscious process of self-discovery.

Image consultants provide you with the tools to express yourself authentically, distinctively and successfully. They help you to elevate the confusion …

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