At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Texas, you can enjoy tube slides, speed slides, whirlpools, rafting, and more. Located in Arlington, TX, this water park is located next to the Over Flags amusement park. If you have a season pass, you’ll have access to both. However, if you only pay for a regular Hurricane Harbor, you won’t be able to visit the amusement park. A season pass is the best choice overall, as you can get the most out of both parks this year.

There is plenty to do at this water park. It’s has some of the most exciting slides in the world. There are plenty of services available to make things easy and convenient for visitors. There are ATM machines, lockers, lost and found, inflatable tubes, cabanas, etc.

You can rent your own private space if you want to relax alone or with friends. There are three packages available: The Royal Caribbean, The Grand Bahamian, and the Bayview. Each of these comes with room, drinks, food, storage locker, and double tubes for two to four people. The prices range from $95 to $150.

When you’re not relaxing, you can find plenty of excitement and fun! There are many slides and rides for the entire family to enjoy at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Texas. They include Geronimo, Hydra Maniac, Shotgun Falls, Sea Wolf, Kamikazi, Caribbean Chaos, Niagara, Mega Wedgie, and more.

Mega Wedgie is a brand new attraction. It’s a waterslide standing at four stories high and over 80 feet wide. Guests are sent down one side of the wing to another at 23 miles per hour. Another fun slide is the Blue Raider. If you go down this slide, you’ll zoom down over 500 feet on inner tubes. These inner tubes are powered by 3,000 gallons water every single minute!

There are a lot of upcoming events over the next six months. With season passes, you’ll be able to attend all of them! These events include Memorial Day weekend celebration, July 4 activities, and Labor Day weekend. On August 19, there will be the very first “Home School Day” at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Texas, during which time private rides are offered to families on select attractions.

Needless to say, having a season pass can come in handy! They also come with neat extras, such as free tickets for families, access to exclusive events, and lots of coupons that can help you save on miscellaneous expenses. Within two visits you’ll have your season pass paid for, and will have hundreds of dollars worth of coupons in the process.