Discount Tire Coupons

Tire Coupons are a common promotional strategy adopted by many tire companies. Most stores which have a nationwide presence offer these coupons to customers in return for purchases made at their outlets. Discount Coupons are being doled by almost all companies engaged in retail, and Discount Tire companies have also joined that marketing fray.

These coupons, many of which are available online, can be redeemed in other outlets for tires or other items. This form of trading is quite popular in Canada, where there are even clubs consisting of people who collect such coupons. Often, coupons are issued for purchases either in stores or online. For online purchases, the customer is asked to click on a link which displays a page containing the coupon. He can then take a printout of the same and use it as a valid coupon for redemption. It's easy.

The deal works for both the customer and the tire company. The customer gets a feeling that he is being rewarded for purchasing a product, and the company gets a satisfied loyal customer who may make his next purchase in the same store. Coupons can thus ensure more brand recall, more customer loyalty and enhanced sales. All these are the objectives behind the introduction of coupons. Sometimes, tire companies issue coupons which cover costs like mounting, or the coupon may be valid for free shipping when the customer makes his next purchase. These coupons may also be valid for purchase of non-tire items available in other stores.