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How to Make Coupon-ing Work For You

I wanted to discuss with you the impact that clipping coupons can have on your weekly grocery shopping bill. If you know how to do it correctly and know what to look for, your savings can be substantial.

First, if most of your grocery shopping is done through one particular grocer, they should be sending you so-called "customer appreciation" coupons in the mail. These are besides the generic ones that come with the Sunday paper. If they are not, stop by their customer service department and ask if there is a program or a mailing list you can sign up for.

With regards to clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper and out of all the flyers that you get in the mail-if you say you do not have the time to do it; It is like saying that you do not have time to save money. If the items that you buy the most are items that they have coupons for, then your savings will be that much greater. An extra 5 minutes out of each day to go through the flyers you get in the mail, and then on Sundays an extra 30 minutes or so going through the paper should be well worth the savings that you can find. Look at it this way-this works out to be approximately one hour a week. If you can save around $ 15 per week, then it is probably worth your time, because more than probably this $ 15 that you just saved (oh, and it's also money you do not pay taxes on), is more than you make at your Job.

I would definitely try it for a week and see what you can find. Maybe even involve the kids-make a game out of it. Tell them to try to find all of the foods that are eaten in your family in the newspaper and see how many coupons they can find.

The following are some other tips and pointers to make your "couponing" more successful:

1) If the coupon says "on the purchase of two" you can usually get by with only purchasing one.
2) If the coupon is for example "Kraft Cheddar" you can usually use it on "Kraft" anything. The brand should be correct but generally the product does not matter
3) Find a store that "doubles" your coupons and shop there!
4) Take advantage of the "buy one get one free" items plus your coupons.
5) Try to only buy things when they are on sale. Most stores run their sales in rotation so to speak-if it's not on sale this week, it is likely to be next week.
6) If you find that the Sunday paper is a real gold mine of coupons for you, run out and get a second paper and double your savings!

The only trap that I would try not to fall in is buying something just because you have a coupon for it. After all, that's the main goal …

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How To Save Money On Groceries With Coupons – Tips to Be More Efficient

If you’re like me, your cheap. You like to save money at every turn, especially when it comes to everyday necessary items. You know that you can save money on groceries with coupons, it’s not like this is unheard of. The purpose of this article is to show you how to be more efficient at clipping them, and how to really spot a deal when you see one. Unless you like to spend your Sunday afternoons scouring the newspaper to find a good deal, read on for some more tips on how to save money on groceries with coupons, the efficient way.

One great way is to take a record of where the coupons you most often clip are in your newspaper. Every Sunday newspaper is absolutely filled with coupon books from a variety of retailers, but they generally always put there coupons in the same inserts. Make a note of which insert in your Sunday paper so you can quickly refer to it every Sunday.

Another great way to save money at your local grocery store is to pick up a coupon insert directly from the store. This may be obvious to some, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t do this. Also, keep in mind that just because something has a coupon or is on sale, does not mean its going to be cheap. Be sure to compare prices of other products you see in the store to see if you’re really getting a value.

Click here to Receive More Money Saving Tips on my Online E-guide.…

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An Insider's Guide to Saving With Dell Coupon Codes In 2010

If you're in the market for a new home computer or looking to buy some kit for your office, give this article two minutes to learn the latest tricks about using Dell coupon codes andDell deals to save even 50% of a new Dell Vostro or Inspiron.

Dell had some glorious years right after the dotcom crisis – there was a renewed demand for cheap computers built to specs, and they were able to deliver good value for the money and without too much fuss. Yet nobody stays a leader forever, and the competition talked on, managed to lower the cost even more, and started beating Dell at their own game.

Under these circumstances, the company started a self-reinvention process in 2006. Michael Dell returned specifically to helm, and they started cutting and trimming their own excesses. Unfortunately for us, the potential buyers, in the run for positive margin Dell stopped aggressive aggressive campaigns and Dell coupon codes starting losing their appeal – smaller savings, higher thresholds, lower redemptions – all looked as if Dell had worked hard to prime its website visitors Into opportunity buyers and now they were backing off.

The main reason for this stems from the demise of the direct model and Dell's decision in 2006 to embrace ODM (Original Design Manufacturers) to create and build their computers, rather than assembling them in a Dell-branded factory. This meant two things:

  • Dell could no longer control the acquisition price the same way it did with individual PC components suppliers
  • Dell logistics started to manage large stocks of ready-made computers, a risky business where legacy configurations could easily turn to loss once the computer technology moves to the next thing like a new processor or operating system; These forces them to have a refresh of configurations every quarter, to make sure they are not left outside the current market demand – and below I will show you how to use this to your advantage.

With fixed systems and lack of configuration options, Dell coupon codes starting losing their weight and appeal – a Dell Vostro coupon or Dell Inspiron coupon (the most popular lines with Business and respectably home users) can now save you only petty amounts like 5% 10% over high starting prices. Not the Dell transactions customers were used to, of 100-200 dollars off / unit.

How can one still save 50% of the price of a new Dell Vostro or Inspiron laptop, then?

The answer is timing and understanding of the new Dell model – you must synchronize your purchase cycle with Dell's refresh of fixed configurations (generally the beginning of the Dell fiscal quarter) and have a reliable website that shows you ALL valid coupon codes for a region at A given time. This does not mean websites like RetailMeNot or MyVoucherCodesUK are no longer effective – they work, but you might miss the most exclusive coupons, like those offered over Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or as Dell Outlet vouchers.

When the new quarter is …

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Use Coupons, Giveaways, Competitions and Gift Certificates to Market Your Pet Sitting Business

Marketing your pet sitting business doesn’t have to be confined to online and offline advertising and directory listings. You can also use coupons, giveaways, competitions and gift certificates to make sure that your pet sitting business comes out on top.

I. Coupons

Hardly anyone can resist a deal and that’s exactly what you should bet on when using coupons. Coupons can mean more pet sitting business and higher ad conversions even if it seems like you’re losing money on the surface. To run a successful coupon campaign, consider offering between a 20-25% discount on the initial pet sitting visits that are booked by your customers. Any lower than that percentage, and responses will likely be lackluster. Any higher and potential pet sitting customers may perceive that your pet sitting service has little value or that you don’t offer a reliable quality service.

Offer coupons after the finalization of a sale or in advertisements or marketing materials. You may also get a little creative by offering them on the back of your pet sitting business card, on your website or in your customer newsletters.

II. Giveaways

A great way to increase pet sitting business is to simply give your service away for free. Although it may sound backwards, the reality is that giveaways can give your pet sitting business a lot of exposure and good publicity. You may decide to randomly offer free services to someone who you’ve identified as a fence-sitter, or someone who hasn’t yet decided whether or not they want to try your services. If your customer is satisfied, it’s likely that they’ll spread the word about your pet sitting business. At the very least, the possibility of getting more free services may increase interest in your business. Your giveaways don’t have to be full services, either. You may just offer to walk a dog or check in on an animal during an owner’s lunch break to prove that your services are valuable and worth the investment.

III. Competitions

People like competing for items that they perceive to be valuable. Starting a competition for one of your “deluxe” services or packages may generate interest in people who would otherwise not be interested in your “general” pet sitting services. Requiring entrants to provide personal information to participate in the contest can also result in invaluable target market information that can help you deliver newsletters and marketing materials to people who have already shown interest in your pet sitting business.

III. Gift certificates

Making gift certificates available on your pet sitting website is a sure way to increase your chances of winning new clients. Gift certificates allow satisfied customers to share their positive experience of the service with their friends, family or associates by purchasing a voucher that can be redeemed for the same experience. While blank gift certificates can be purchased at office supply stores, it’s best to splurge on custom gift certificates, since they reduce the risk of forgery and give potential clients the impression that your business …

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A Window Cleaning Business Can Benefit From Marketing With Coupons

86% of Americans used coupons in 2006, and saved over $ 2.6 billion. That is a lot of money. And we have are as shoppers enthusiastic participants in using coupons. We love to search for them, clip them, and redeem them. Many times customers will try a new company or service because of a coupon. Just the thought of saving money is too strong a pull to resist. Coupons are so popular with consumers that they make a powerful marketing tool. That is why you should make a serious effort to include coupons in your marketing mix.

There are pros and cons with using coupons in your window cleaning business. My experience has shown me that coupons have more pros than cons for a window cleaning business. And I learned that coupons work very well for reasons I go over later in this article. Some of the cons are that customers will become use to getting coupons. They will wait for the next coupon before purchasing. So, the argument against coupons is that your condition your customers to shop only with coupons.

I use to believe in the arguments against coupons, and avoided using them. I thought that my customers were to sophisticated to use coupons. I thought coupons would only attract bargain shoppers, and cheapskates. I would be forced to cut prices and that would lower profits. However I changed my mind after using Val-Pak. At the time Val-Pak really encouraged all their advertisers to use coupons in their mailings. So, I went against my beliefs and put in coupons on my ads. Much to my surprise I found out that everyone likes to use coupons. Some of the customers that called to get their windows cleaned perfectly with a profile of what I considered ideal customers. Another bonus was that over the years they became very loyal customers.

I did find out there is a right way and a wrong way to use coupons for maximum results. First you need to keep the coupon simple. Do not get too complicated with the wording of the coupon. A lot of small print is not good. Just keep your offers simple … like free screen cleaning with every window cleaning appointment. Leave off stuff like we will only honor this coupon on the sixth Tuesday of the third month after a harvest moon. You will only aggravate any potential customers. I also found way to make your current customers angry to put out a new customers only coupon. Do you really think it's a good idea to punish your loyal customers? If you decide to give a $ 17 dollar off coupon why would not you let your past customers take advantage of it? They are reading the same publications your potential customers are reading. So, make your coupons all inclusive.

Another quick tip for coupons: If you are giving a dollar off on your coupons make it an odd number. Avoid giving $ 10, 20 or 25 off. You …

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Walmart Eye Exam Coupons – Reasonable Cost & Free Deals For Eye Exams

Many internal and external organs of human body show defects as the process of aging lasts. The eye is an important part of the body. It maintains vision to see all objects present around you. Many amongst you may feel some sort of discomfort while reading books, watching movies and seeing distant objects. If you feel so, better go to your nearest specialist or vision care center as soon as possible.

What can be more wonderful than if you get a free eye exam coupon from an experienced surgeon? Eyes are one of the most precious gifts to human body and need periodic care. Cost of an initial test often matters for many visitors at any medical care center. Free eye examinations are great one of the great reasons to purchase Walmart Eye Exam Coupons.

A suitable treatment plan taken at the right time is a guarantee for retaining a healthy vision for years. It is a big myth among people that price of a basic sight test may overweight an individual's pocket. Nowadays many surgeons are providing reasonable cost treatment deals. They even provide you with cost free checkup. All types of modern eye care instruments are available at their surgery centers.

Lens Crafters is one such place that conducts free as well as price effective eye tests. Lens Crafters eye exam costs are not so expensive. They can prove to be the greatest help to detect eye disorders and choose a suitable surgery plan. A timely and detailed checkup test can detect complications and disorders before it's too late. …

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Earn Money Processing Rebates, E-Mails Or Coupons

It's clear by searches being made on the major search engines that processing rebates, e-mails or coupons has taken over as the most popular area in the Work at Home and Home Based Business arena.

Daily searches are being made for rebate processors, at home rebate processor jobs, process rebates, e-mail processor, process e-mails for money, process coupons and coupon processing just to mention a few. It's amazing how popular this has become.

I think the reason it is so popular because it falls within most peoples comfort zone as to things that feel comfortable doing from home. They can refer to the task required. Many people have not worked at home using their computer before so there is some understandable fear involved. They, like most of us, have heard of the success stories and they have heard of people getting scammed. They just do not want to stick their neck out to far until it has been proven to them that they can earn a real income.

I have done research both recently and in the past looking for work at home programs to match the search criteria. I had found rebate processors and e-mail processor companies before, but the coupon processing is new to the arena. Only time will tell what type of money can be made and how popular this program type will be. It sure seems to be popular right now.

All of these programs seem quite similar to me as far as the task required goes. If you have a computer, access to the Internet and some free time, you are ready to start with any of these programs.

I always recommend two things when starting a work at home career. The first is to do your research on any company you look to join. I would either use a website like mine, but not necessarily mine, that has done some research for you or be prepared to do it yourself. The second is to match any type of work at home program with your available time, skill sets, comfort zone and income objectives. If you do these things your chances for success will go up in my opinion.

These are not get rich quick schemes so you will have to do some work from home to get paid. Nothing is free in life, but if successful you should be able to earn a nice income and free up some time to do the things in life you enjoy. Do not be afraid to try. It will not happen overnight and you will have to exercise patience until you build your income up.

I always suggest joining 2 – 3 compatible programs, read the step-by-step guidance provided, work hard until you reach your income objective. Once you have done that you will have learned enough about each program to decide which ones you would like to focus on longer term. Please feel free to read both this article or one of my many others by …

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What Supermarkets Do not Want You to Know About Grocery Coupons

Grocery coupons work. Used wisely and doggedly, smart shoppers can create fabulous savings each week on their food bills using grocery coupons. And who does not want to save money, especially in these tight economic times? If many of the claims made on leading coupon websites and on shoppers' blogs are to be believed, people not only pay less for many of the things their families use each week, many are able to actually combine store coupons, manufacturer coupons and in- Store sales to get some groceries for nothing.

How can supermarkets continue to stay in business if they give away groceries for free? Profit margins for most supermarkets are slim enough. Would not you think the last thing that would want is a bunch of people spending less money in their stores? And yet they encourage it! Many of the grocery coupon flyers that stuff our mailboxes are printed by supermarkets, and more and more grocery store coupons can be found on-line at supermarket and other shopper-friendly web-sites.

So the obvious answer is that supermarkets like, and see a generous benefit in, grocery coupons that far outweighs any losses that rack up when shoppers use coupons. Here are a few things that know about us that we might not know about ourselves.

1. We're Not As Loyal As We Think – Overall we are a pretty faithful lot, we shoppers. With all the choices available to us every time we walk through a supermarket's sliding doors, chances are we going to put the same brand in our carts that we've been buying for years … unless we can get something just as good for less Money. "Coupons have always been an effective way to encourage trial and repeat purchase and are proving to be a bright spot in an otherwise dreary economic environment," according to Matthew Tilley, director of marketing of the Nielsen Company, the well-known survey company that Tracks supermarket sales patterns.

2. We're Not As Strong As We Think – Sure, we might be saving $ 2 off our breakfast Cereal and $ 1.50 off ground coffee this week, but we did not also pick that package of chips or cookies at full price. And what about those sale items we did not plan on buying, but picked up because they were placed at the end of each aisle where we could not miss them. Supermarkets know it's only human nature to buy on impulse. They know where to put those impuls items so we can not miss them as we go up and down the aisles.

3. They Are Smarter and Better Organized Than We Think – Grocery stores spend a lot of time and money figuring where to put their items to increase your chance of buying them. They also know we might be tired after a long day's work or in a hurry to get the shopping done and pick up Suzie at ballet. Even with our grocery coupons, we probably do not spend …

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Coupon Secrets For Saving Money on Food

Some might argue that saving money on food is an impractical approach. But what is impractical in reality is how lavishly people spend on food.

Dark chocolate, fizzy drinks, branded cereal, ice cream tubs, ready made meals, restaurant trips, home deliveries, indeed people spend a reasonable amount of money on food items and consider these expenses to institute as an important and necessary segment of expenses. While some might argue over how this results a routine of a spend thrift, the reality is that in the recent times of recession one has to cut down on extra expenses, if seeking to survive in the monthly pay. Prices of food and fuel are on the rise with absolutely no hope of stable prices, yet the salary packages remain the same. In fact, for most a job is a long lost illusion. During such dire circumstances, is there any hope to cut down on expenses and yet maintain the same lifestyle? The answer is a simple "yes". Reason being, that while prices have rocketed up, so have the discount packages, deals, offers as well as coupons. The key is basically "buying wisely", rather than spending notoriously. Below are outlined some of the shopping tactics that can help in cutting down the amount spent on food items.

Learning the trick of playing with coupons can result in being a highly beneficial habit. At first sight, it may appear a very tiresome and time consuming task, but quite the results pay off for all the time spent. A good practice is to scour through the newspapers, all the different copies and collect inserts. There are many coupons available in magazines published by various stores or magazines aimed at a particular interest, for example, at organic food. Therefore, there will be various coupons in these publications ready to be cut, stored and compiled for use at a suitable time.

Apart from inserts in Sunday papers and monthly magazines, there are online portals focused on providing coupons as well. Sites such as "coupon cravings" and "coupon geek" are great to check back frequently for any latest hip offerings. As with the ease of online searching, it is easy to browse through this website and look for specific deals, for example, coupons relating to junk food or organic food. A tip to be noted here is to actually read through the coupons and not just appreciate them at their face value.

However, even with coupons a person has to practice sensible shopping. There are different ways through which the value of a coupon can be doubled. For example, by using coupons on items already on sale a person can end up spending less and buying more. In fact, when the value of an item drops that is where the maximum usage of a coupon comes in to focus. Coupons in such cases can help very much in buying in bulk, the same item at a price even lower than that of the sale price that has been …

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Polynesian Cultural Center Promotional Code

Are you looking for a promotional code for the Polynesian cultural center? Well, unfortunately, there aren’t any that I have been able to find. The center just doesn’t do their discounts that way.

However, there are a few ways to get discounts at the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) without a promo code.

Here’s the ways to save I have found.

You can go to the website and get 5% off every ticket you buy for taking a survey.

Sometimes there is a timeshare presentation in Waikiki that can get you a free or discounted ticket, if you qualify and can stand to sit through the 3 or 4 hour presentation.

Sometimes hotels offer promotions to get you free tickets to the PCC if you stay with them.

Once you get to Hawaii, you can look in the free coupon books and tourist magazines that are all over the airport and the hotels and all the tourist attractions and sometimes there are coupons off for many Oahu attractions in there. I don’t know if there is currently one for the PCC but it’s worth a look.

The Best Way to Save Money There

The best way that I have ever found is the coupon that is in a big Hawaii coupon book. It is for buy one get one free for village only admission. So if you wanted village-only and there were two of you going, that could save you $45 or 50%. That’s a pretty darn good coupon, in my opinion.…

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