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How to Organize Coupons

You have finally jumped into the exciting world of coupons but now you do not know what to do with all of them. After clipping coupons from Sunday papers and printing coupons from the internet, a big pile of coupons will soon form. Putting all of them in a large envelope for safe keeping is a good way to put them away so they are not scattered everywhere, but you will find that it is too hard to find exactly what you are looking for. You will need a way to organize all your coupons so you can easily find them. You will also want to use something that will allow you to carry your coupons with you to the store. There are lots of different ways to do this but there is not a best way. One method of organizing may work for one person but not for another. Here are a few options to get you started.

1. Use a small expanding file folder that is sized for photos. You can organize your coupons by using broad categories such as baby, dairy, or pet. You can arrange these categories in alphabetical order or in the same order that you would pass each category in your grocery store. Many people find that they outgrow this method very quickly, especially if they get multiple Sunday coupon inserts each week.

2. Use an empty craft or fishing box. You can create your own dividers for categories out of index cards to organize your coupons. Using a box allows you to fit and carry more coupons.

3. Use a large binder with baseball card holders. For this method, you can buy binder dividers to separate your categories. This method is especially useful for people who get multiple inserts. Each coupon can have its own slot and all the multiple coupons can fit too.

Like I said before, each person will find that one method works better for them than others. A large binder is probably the easiest way to organize your coupons. You can put the binder in the seat of the cart and flip through the pages without having to fumble through a stack of coupons. However, this may not always be the best option. For example, people with babies probably will not be able to carry both their baby and a large binder / box into the store. In addition, the baby has to sit in the seat and there would not be room for a binder or box. For these people, a large expanding file folder that can fit into a purse would probably be more beneficial. Each person's situation and coupon experience will determine which method is best. Also remember, these are only a few options. There are many other ways you could organize your coupons, so get creative and find the best method for you. …

Process Coupons Online

Processing Coupons for extra income is new to the Internet market place. Many everyday people like you and I are looking to Process Coupons, Process Rebates, Process E-Mails, Type From Home or do simple Data Entry from the comfort of their home. We are looking for ways to create additional income for our family.

Why not? Who would not like to work from the comfort of their home, while enjoying a nice income? Get up when you want, stay in your pajamas, go out when you want and enjoy making your dreams come true.

You can see the searches made on a daily basis for processing Coupons on the Internet. You see searches for phrases like process Coupons, Rebate Processors, E-Mail Processing, at home jobs just to mention a few.

The number of people working from home each day grows as many people are seeking alternative income sources. Once successful, you can create more income, time to do the things you enjoy most and perhaps even replace your day job. There are many types of work at home programs to choose from. It is important and easy to find one to match your skill sets, available time, comfort zone and income objectives.

I decided to do some research after receiving an e-mail about coupon processing. I did indeed find programs that offer this service. One example is a program that pays $20 for every coupon processed. I found some reviews of this particular program and one of those reviews written by someone who uses the program is as follows:

“It works every time, I process coupons every day and earn $20 for each. It takes about 10 minutes to process a coupon; you then repeat the process several times a day to earn a great income. Companies are issuing more and more coupons these days to get people to buy their products. More and more companies are hiring coupon processors to process the coupons for them. It means more money for these companies and less work. So they are very happy to have you working for them. Once you join our business you will be shown hundreds of companies who will hire you, they don’t reject anyone either. There is never a shortage of work, you will always be in business.”

This type of program is fairly new so I will watch it carefully and monitor feedback from current users. Many of these types of programs fall within our comfort zone. Most of us feel comfortable processing coupons, rebates, or e-mails. These are task we can all easily relate to.

As I mentioned earlier we will monitor this program very closely, because you really have to be careful with these types of programs as there are so many scam artists lurking out there looking to relieve you of your hard earned money. Make sure you do some research before jumping into anything like this.

My suggestion is that you use a website similar to mine, but it does not have …

Find Las Vegas 2 For 1 Coupons – Eat in Vegas Cheap

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas it is important to understand there are many great deals you can find. Maybe you are looking for a two-for-one restaurant coupon and there are many ways you can find one of these. First before your trip you want to search online to see if any of the hotels are offering one of these specials. Right now Las Vegas is going through a tough time so you won’t be surprised to know that there are many deals to be had out there. There are a lot of coupon websites that are available for you to search for great deals such as a two-for-one meal coupon at a Las Vegas hotel restaurant.

Make sure that when you check into your hotel in Vegas you ask at the counter if they haven’t coupons for the hotel. In most cases they will give you a packet that has coupons along with your room card. When you are on the strip you also want to be aware of people handing out coupons because you can save a lot of money with these. There are also hotels that offer a late-night meals for a low-cost and you should be aware that you can save a lot of money when you go during these times.

Remember that saving money in Vegas is easy but you have to keep your eyes open and find the deals that are available to you. In many cases you can search online and find 2-for-1 deal deals at many of the top hotels. Also when you check and make sure that you talk with the hotel and asked them where the best places you can find coupons for restaurants…

Work From Home Business: Coupon Publishing

Are you looking for a way to use your skills as a salesperson or as a desktop publisher to start-up a new business? I might have one idea here that is worth a closer look.

Somehow, about every six weeks, a neat, orderly booklet with coupons to the local auto shop, the pizza place, the veterinarian, the beauty shop, the local florist and a home cleaning service show up on my front door. I use the $5 pizza coupons and maybe the $5 off an oil change and lube without ever thinking about how this booklet came to be. So I found out!

Well, someone in my town is an entrepreneur, sells the ads, creates graphic designs for the ads, has the local printer involved and uses retired seniors to walk around the neighborhood passing out the 20 to 30 coupon booklet.

What this person does is she sells ad space in the booklet for literally pennies per coupon making sure to never have two of the same business types in print at the same time. I see many of these coupons again and again which tells me they must be working!

This lady guarantees a certain number of booklets will be distributed and charges her customers by the 1,000 coupons. Part of the distribution is door-to-door but I see some of them in a small rack at the local grocery store too.

I did some research and found that there is a lot of information on the Internet about going into the coupon business. Most of what I read was positive. There is advice on color combinations for the coupons that are less expensive than other color combinations (I didn’t know that) and that printers are very competitive when it comes to bidding on this type of work.

Now the question remains can you sell the ads? Most business owners are going to be receptive to your sales call. Hand to them a color sample of a coupon. It is likely they have purchased a similar coupon ad in the past. The business owner will want a written assurance that you will distribute the number you promise so make that guarantee a strong selling point.

Your advertising fees are collected upfront so there is very little business capitalization required. Make sure the printer is paid and set aside some funds for those door-to-door seniors.

You can even purchase a mailing list or addresses by zip code and get into the bulk mailing business. Those business owners you approach would, if asked, likely say that you are doing them a favor since they do not have the time or expertise to do this on their own.

The online experts agree that the most difficult part is selling space for the very first issue. Make sure to include in your advertising contract the specific number of hand delivered or mailed booklets, that no two similar business will be in the same booklet and that each coupon will be in a classy …

Gift Cards – How to Spend Your Holiday Gift Cards Best

Gift cards are fun to give and even more fun to spend. But are you spending it best? Are you getting the most out of the card you got for the holiday? There are a few tips you can follow to make sure you are getting the most bang for the buck.

Tip # 1 – Do not hang on to your card. Gift cards are meant to be spent – so spend them. Sometimes people hang on to their holiday gift cards or leave them in the greeting card they came in, and never use them. You are doing yourself a serious disservice if you do this. Did you know that some cards decrease in value the longer you hang on to them? If you lose it and find it a year or two later, it may be worth significantly less. Instead of leaving your card in a box or envelope and running the risk of losing it, put it in your wallet so you can spend it right away. This is an especially great tip around the holiday season. As soon as Christmas is over, prices are slashed up to 85%. For the same amount of money, you could get more items during the week after Christmas than you could during the week before. So go ahead and go shopping. Have yourself an "after Christmas shopping spree" and spend it before the new year arrives.

Tip # 2 – Think of your holiday gift card as a "coupon" to the store. Open your thoughts to bigger ticket items as you shop around. Do not limit your shopping experience to items that are priced under the card limit. Allow yourself to be a little more flexible. You can cash in on great deals this way. In other words, if your card is for $ 25, do not limit yourself to only looking at items that are $ 25 or less. By doing this you may be blinding yourself to items that you really like that would only cost a few dollars more. For example, say you have a holiday gift card with a $ 25 limit and you go out shopping after Christmas. You see a great sweater that was originally $ 100 that is now marked down to $ 34.99. If you can afford to put an extra $ 9.99 to it, get the sweater and use your card as a "coupon for $ 25 off". Now you will have a $ 100 sweater that you love, and you only paid $ 9.99 for it. That is a really great deal and you have your gift giver to thank for it.

Tip # 3 – Gift cards are not just for "brick-and-mortar" stores. Sometimes people do not realize that gift cards can be redeemed online as well as in stores. Most big retailers including clothing, toys, electronics, home furnishings, food, and even pet shops have online stores. Many times when things are sold out in the retail stores, …

Deals, Offers and Discount Coupons – Best Way to Increase Online Sales!

Nowadays, business merchants believe that product sales increase when they sell their products through group deals online – several merchants have reported that their online sales have shot up by over 50% as a result of these deals. Internet marketers and e-commerce website owners have started thinking about different ways of increasing their online sales. When a users comes in searching for a product, they look for a website that offers them the cheapest price or at discounted rates without compromising on quality.

A lot of different techniques are available for increasing your online sales. But one surefire method of increasing your sales is creating lot of deals, offering products for discount prices, etc and spreading them across the internet. Here are the processes to generate deals, offers, etc. and promote the same online.

Competing with businesses that target a different segment or user base can often backfire. As a marketer, it is important to understand your target audience and the segment your product falls under. Understanding your niche plays the major role in competing online. A successful internet marketer should have understood his / her niche better than anyone else in the business.

Offering flat discounts on all products will only erode your margins and have a net negative effect on your bottom line in the long term. Pick a few products that you feel are hot or will gain more user interest on the internet. Do some basic research on what products are being searched more often online and identify the best set of products you sell for which you can offer discounts or any other deals.

One basic tenet in Internet Marketing is to research your competitors as well as you possibly can. Do not just blindly pick 15 or 20 competitors and do what they are doing as it might backfire. Instead, understand the position of your website presence online and identify which are other websites are competing against you. Try to analyze the sales techniques they use for their online sales like the prices they offer and promotional techniques they follow to increase their online sales.

It is not possible to give 50% off on all products or sell your products for free. Identify the best price for which you can offer your products and at the same time ensure that your pricing is competitive when compared with your competitors. Make buyers believe that they gain something which your competitors are not giving. Generate deals, coupons and other methods where a user can avail their discounts on the products you are promoting. Make people wait for the next of deals you offer in future.

After you generate a list of offers for the hot products, you need to promote those offers on websites that give you maximum visibility. There are lots of deals and coupon websites are available in the internet. Identify the best deal and coupon sites and add your offers …

Coupons that Work

Turn a coupon into a business card (or vice versa).

Coupons are seen everywhere; you clip them from the newspaper to save on groceries, you get them in the mail to save on brand name items, you even get packages in the form of booklets delivered to your door. Almost everyone believes in doing coupons. I always look to see if a restaurant I love is having a promotion and if my favorite ice cream is on sale at the grocery store, and I imagine that most people are the same. I am driven to using the coupons because I regularly purchase the item whether on sale or not. Restaurants use coupons to bring new people into the establishment. Some people even have a filing system for coupons and make a hobby of collecting coupons and making money in the process. I am not suggesting you go that far, but you can use a business card for a coupon.

If you want a customer to purchase your product for the first time and you happen to know that they are already interested, offer them a coupon on their first purchase. Retailers that want new customers for their credit cards do the same thing. Once they have the card in their hands, it is more likely that they will spend at the store. The same is true for any business that wants new customers and also wants to form new business relationships. Hand them a discount coupon for either your products or services, or you can make arrangements with a local restaurant to purchase coupons for a free meal.

Coupons are an excellent additional way to keep a business relationship alive. When I worked in a marketing department, my favorite thing was when our suppliers gave us tickets or coupons for special events. …

Coupons: How To Get Serious About Couponing!

One of the most common things I hear others say about coupons is that they clip them but never remember to bring them to the grocery store. Others tell me about their desire to use coupons but wonder if it is really worth the time and effort to clip them. The short answer to that last belief is always the same – Yes! However, moving ourselves from forgetting to remembering and no desire to cultivating a desire to regularly invest time in clipping coupons, requires a more organized approach to the whole idea of couponing.

So how does a person wanting to get serious about couponing go from clipping to using? How can you break the endless cycle of coupon forgetfulness and neglect? Try these suggestions:

  1. Choose the right organizer for you. There are many options here from the accordion file, large binders with plastic dividers, or a smaller purse size organizer with pre-printed sections. Some organizers are just for grocery coupons. Others have compartments for grocery coupons, rebates, household services, restaurants, sections for coupons that are expiring, etc. and are more of a system than just a simple organizer. Choose the best option for you because if you’re excited about your organizer, you’ll be excited about using it to file your coupons.
  2. Change the way you think about coupons. Stop thinking of coupons as a temporary survival technique for the current economy. Money needs to be saved regardless of the state of the economy. View your coupons as money saving companions and you will spend the time necessary to clip and organize them and will rarely leave home without them.
  3. Add coupon clipping to your Sunday to-do list as a regular task. Include enough time to review, clip, sort, and file the coupons. If you use printable coupons, add extra time to review your favorite site and have them printed and ready to clip along with the coupons from the Sunday paper. Get your kids involved and make it a game to sort and organize the coupons you plan to use.
  4. Keep your coupon organizer handy as you’re clipping and file them away immediately. That way there is no chance of leaving them on the counter at your next shopping trip. Having the organizer close will also make it easier to sort and toss expired coupons so there are no surprises during your shopping trip.
  5. After filing the coupons, take an extra minute and put the organizer in your car or if you are using a smaller organizer, go ahead and put it in your purse. That way, when you’re at the grocery store and realize you have forgotten your coupons, the parking lot is as far as you have to go for savings.

Couponing does take time but it is well worth the effort. Try the above five suggestions to change your approach to handling your coupons and see if it makes the process easier to manage. Once you start tracking your savings after each shopping trip, you …

The Importance of Using Electronic Coupons to Market Your Products

Everybody loves coupons. You are missing out if you are not including coupons in your marketing strategy. You’ll be surprise how your competitors are capitalizing on this strategy without you knowing (which is to their benefits). Go to any search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and type in the keyword coupons, the first page is swamped with coupons information website.

Traditionally, brick and mortar stores and large chain restaurants have been using physical coupons for a long time. To drive sales in this tough economy, it is even more important to use coupons to boost sales and to meet target. This is the same with online business, in fact, it’s even more important since buying on the internet and doing price research is ultra convenient. Statistics have shown that online traffic to coupon sites have drastically increased by a shocking 30-plus percent per year. When consumer think of buying a commodity, their most important factor is price and coupons helps reduce the price of the product they wish to buy.

It is also a psychological thing where the consumer feels they have gotten a really good deal and it gives them the feeling of being treated as special. The consumer would be thinking if I hadn’t used this coupon, I would have to pay 10% more than I would be paying now. Now I have saved 10% of whatever the sale is and I could use that to buy something else.

If your e-commerce shopping cart/system isn’t already supporting coupons functionality, you might want to consider switching to one that does have this function or talk with your software developer to find out the possibility of implementing it. You can couple your coupons strategy with your email newsletter strategy. It will help boost the email open rate and certainly increase traffic and sales.…

How to Get IKEA Coupons and Discounts

There are not a lot of IKEA coupons circulating but with a little research you will probably find what you are looking for.

By joining the email list at the Ikea website you will be sent up-to-date coupons for local sales and events. Be the first to know whats happening at Ikea. Sign up to get special notice of everything going on in the Ikea nearest you. They also offer text messages and information for small business owners in a newsletter.

You can also request a catalog at their website that has coupon inserts in the back.

Ikea frequently offers a 20% discount to college students on any purchase with a student ID.

Sometimes there are Ikea coupons in the USPS change of address catalog for people that are moving. They are available at your local post office to pick one up. It is usually $50 off a $350 purchase.

You should also check your city’s weekly free newspaper. Ikea often puts coupon inserts in those. For example $20.00 off a $150.00 purchase and $15 off a $15 purchase when you spend $15 in the Ikea cafeteria.

The AS-IS room in IKEA is incredible. It is a room with lots of returns, discounted items, displays, and so forth for pennies on the dollar! There are more things being added to the AS-IS room everyday. If the price of the item in the AS-IS room does not seem low enough to you, perhaps it has a scratch or dent, you can ask a sales associate if they will mark it down further.

Here are some examples of the great finds in the IKEA AS-IS room:

* 12″ Rationell drawer boxes for Akurum kitchen cabinets – $10/ea

* 2 tall Billy Bookcases in beech — $10/ea

* Solid wood rolling office chair — $30

* 24″ x 24″ Pronomen countertop — $5

* 2 sets of white tab top curtains, floor length — $2 each set

* Wood blinds — $10/set

I always try to find a coupon before each shopping trip. A 10% off or 20% Off coupon goes a long way on big purchases. It really is free money back in your pocket.

Be sure to look inside the store for the weekly circular ad that often contains a coupon.

Have fun shopping and good luck finding coupons!…

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