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Jewelry Repair

One of the many ways to express ourselves is through jewelry – it is often luxurious, elegant and give an air of comfort and sophistication. It indicate our fashion sense, our flair for beauty and elegance. But, jewelry receives wear and tear like almost any other items that we possess. Oftentimes, a stone is lost from our earrings, chains of our bracelets get broken, or they get tarnished. Luckily, all is not lost and jewelry can be repaired.

Jewelry repair is a profession just like other technical professions and equipment and training is needed to do the work well. You may wish to entrust this work to someone else – the expense can be well worth the peace of mind.

Here are some tips to restore your old jewelry:

1. Precious metal jewelry tarnishes and bends easily. To remove tarnish, use a liquid jewelry cleaner with a dipping tray or a spray bottle. Wear gloves to protect yourselves from the strong chemicals and take care of any odor produced from the chemical reaction. Use the cleaners in a well-ventilated area. After rinsing the jewelry in warm water, dry it with a towel, then with a polishing cloth.

2. To mend a broken clasp, go to a jewelry supply store or a craft department and purchase a replacement clasp, "jump" rings, and fastening tools. These may also be purchased online in jewelry repair kits.

3. To flatten a chain, lay the piece down on a desk and roll a round pen or pencil over the area until it becomes smooth.

4. To prevent the posts on earrings from bending easily, do not apply a lot of pressure to them when putting them in your ears. You can try different styles of earrings such as a lever-back, French wire, or the newer "threader" earrings.

5. Soldering with gold solders is used to make repairs on broken chains. The loops or jump rings that hold clasps to chains are also soldered in better quality work. Soldering requires not only the equipment but a place to do it and training on torch work. This is not recommended at home – trust a professional.

6. Jewelry repair requires not only soldering equipment but also buffing machines, hand motor tools, acid pots, many assorted hand tools and a good bench set-up. This requires professional help.

7. Some equipment may be useful -you need a strong fingernail or two when dealing with jewelry but tools such as a chain nose (needle nose jeweler's plier) or other pliers may be helpful. When the repair requires you to attach a clasp, a jump ring (loop of gold) may be used to hold parts together. The pliers allow opening and closing the loop. Open a jump ring by moving one side toward you and the other away from you. Twist open then simply twist back the same way to close.

8. In repairing broken strings, the difficulty lies in the fact that the chain is made up of fine wires. …

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Fashion Jewelry and the Secrets You Should Know

For most ladies, wearing Fashion Jewelry is a simple approach to attempt new looks or to liven into your current closet. Keeping your adornments looking great will keep you look awesome as well. Fashion jewelry, otherwise called costume jewelry is usually produced using less costly materials and enhanced with glass, plastic or engineered stones. Not at all like beautiful gems that can be revamped to like new condition, a thing of fashion adornments that falls into a state of deterioration can’t be reestablished.

How to keep it clean and sustainable?

Investing significant time once per month to look after your fashion embellishments will keep it in excellent condition. Permanently wipe with a delicate cotton fabric to evacuate any surface tidy. Utilize a new sensitive toothbrush to leave any clean or flotsam and jetsam that may cover up in the fissure or fastens, keep in mind to check between dabs if your thing has them. At that point, utilize the material to clean the surfaces. This might be all you have to do to keep your frill fit as a fiddle.

Things to know about it

You can likewise build the lifespan of your fashion gems closet by recognizing what to stay away from. Maintain a strategic distance from alkali, vinegar, corrosive and liquor as these will erode your adornments rapidly to a non-repairable condition. Some more common substances to avoid your gems are scent, hairspray, and salve as they can without much of a stretch adjust the complete of your fashion gems. A decent general guideline is to put on your adornments after you prepare yourself in the morning and after that evacuate it when you return home. If you rehearse this you can without much of a stretch keep presentation to substances, for example, these to a base.

To keep fashion rings in excellent condition dependably expel them before washing your hands or potentially applying hand cream. Bear in mind that dampness can bring about rust or pits to the frame on your gems so recollect never to wear fashion adornments amid a shower or shower or while swimming.

Untold facts about it

If your thing is all the more severely dirtied, utilize mellow dish cleanser and a delicate wipe or material to clean it tenderly. Attempt to abstain from submerging your gems entirely. Dampness can bring about rust or pits to shape so the less dampness your adornments is presented to the better. Abstain from utilizing ultrasonic cleaners with your fashion gems as they are excessively unforgiving. Make certain to dry well with a delicate fabric and touch up your piece by tenderly cleaning with sensitive material.

There are additionally adornments cleaners accessible for ensemble gems. If you utilize these, make certain that they mainly express that they are for use on fashion gems. Fashion adornments can’t withstand a portion of the chemicals used to clean fine gems so ensure you recognize what your cleaner is made of before utilize. For whatever length of time that you take …

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Antique Vintage Jewelry – Why is it Most Sought After Pieces?

Antique vintage jewelry has exploded upon the jewelry market. These little known gems have become some of the most sought after pieces. Many people have found that wearing certain types of jewelry does in fact make a statement. The construction of many of these older pieces are exquisite, and the materials are second to none. There are many styles and types of antique vintage jewelry that spans many years.

Other than considering their fashion statement, these pieces are strong, dependable, and unique. These pieces have been around for many years and have certainly stood the test of time. People have stood up and taken notice of this largely little known phenomenon. There are many places that a person would be able to search for these sought after pieces, from web sites to auctions to estate sales. These pieces of jewelry, whether it be necklaces, earrings, finger rings, bracelets, or brooches, are highly desired, wanted, and in some cases needed. There are many different types and styles of this type of jewelry, therefore, lets explore some of these types and how they have made their names and marks in the jewelry field.

When it comes to stones in these highly sought after pieces, majority of the pieces will not have precious stones. They will, however, have rhinestones, both large and small, as well as, many other types of non precious stones. Although, these types of stones many not be the most valuable types, they are distinct and unique. This is what makes this type of jewelry so desired. It’s the differences in the standard types of jewelry that make them wanted.

Lets consider the Victorian style. This include Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. This is the pre-nineteen thirties and includes many different types. These can include Mourning pins, Cameo broaches and necklaces, collar pins, and such. They do not have, for the most part, precious stones, however, they are beautiful stones and many of these pieces are hand painted. Especially the brooches. These are bright and vibrant, and can portray anything. Although, most portray flowers and the like.

One thing to certainly consider when exploring these types of, basically, costume jewelry, is that it is largely unsigned. This does not mean that it is not collectible. On the contrary, these unsigned pieces can and are still collected. Many, although they are unsigned, are still highly valuable. Many believe that the reason many of these were unsigned, is because they were created for wholesale and thus, a designer did not consider it as their best works.…

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Jewelry Making Metals – Information and Techniques

Jewelry making metals are an important part of the jewelry artist studio. The most commonly used metals are probably silver and gold, however there is a variety of jewelry making metals that give the jewelry artist flexibility when they are designing and creating their pieces.

With today’s scientific and technological advances you can integrate many other alloys into your work.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Metals You Want to Work With

  • Cost is probably the number one factor.
  • What style of jewelry you design. If you are mostly attracted to silver, you will gravitate towards incorporating silver in your work. There is also the possibility of mixing metals to give definition and texture to a piece of jewelry. Using bi-metals were a layer of gold is fused into sterling silver, can also save money and accomplish the quality you are looking for.
  • Different metals required the use of alternative equipment. You will need to factor in the amount of money you have to invest in tools and equipments to accomplish the type of jewelry designs you want to create

Metals have a variety of alloys that when added together provide the unique properties of each one.

Silver Alloys: Silver, has the highest thermal conductivity.

• Fine-Silver is about 99.9% pure. In this form it is a lustrous and soft.

• Sterling-Silver is an alloy containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other components, usually copper.

• Argentium Silver is a tarnish resistant silver and firescale free. It is perfectly malleable once annealed, and is almost twice as hard as traditional sterling silver.

Most high quality silver items are stamped with a “fineness” or “quality” mark. This mark designates the content of the jewelry, and under federal law, must be accompanied by a maker’s mark or registered trademark. The most important thing is that silver is more affordable than gold and makes wonderful jewelry!

Pure Gold: is 24 Karats, which is the reason for the high price on jewelry made with 24K.

The solution to making gold consumer-friendly is to mix it with another material, creating an alloy that results in a stronger and frequently less-expensive piece.

Carats (also written as karats and abbreviated as kt) are the measure of the ratio of gold to other metals contained within the alloy. The more gold an alloy contains, the higher the caratage is.

Gold alloys typically span a range from 8 to 18 carats. An 8 carat alloy means that the gold content is 1/3 and an 18 carat piece is 75% gold. Other common caratages of gold jewelry alloys are 10 kt and 14 kt.

• Gold Overlay or Bi-Metal: Gold overlay is an application of gold on a base metal piece. This technique gives an item the expensive look of gold for a fraction of the price. A piece of gold overlay jewelry is always stamped indicating the process and the gold’s karat quality.

• Gold Plate: This technique chemically bonds a layer of gold …

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Jewelry – A Cultural Perspective

Jewelry is one of the many adornments that have evolved and changed over time. These changes, and even the use of jewelry, is not universal over different cultures. As a matter of fact, it seems to be completely opposite between different groups, times and even in different countries. Religions have also used jewelry or rejected jewelry as a personal adornment, often using the same text or scripture to reference why jewelry should or should not be worn.

In earliest recorded times in many different cultures jewelry was used as a sign of status and power. It is believed that that the Egyptians and Romans e were among the first to create and value jewelry as a fashion adornment, although other groups used jewelry for specific groups within the culture. This jewelry was typically gold and also large pieces, similar to the cuff bracelets and heavy pendants that are still very much in vogue today. The Greeks soon branched out into different forms of jewelry including beading, delicate gold earrings and chains and even the smaller, finer rings that featured gemstones such as garnets, amethysts, pearls and emeralds. This was all done before 1400 BC, meaning that these early Greek jewelers were already on the cutting edge of fashion.

At around 800 BC The Italians also created their own gold jewelry that included necklaces, bracelets and earrings. One of the unique and highly fashionable pieces of jewelry in that time period was a necklace with a hollow pendant that could have filled with a perfume of the wearer's choice, sometimes a necessity considering the conditions of the time. The Romans at this time were also using the same type of gold in their jewelry and coins as the Italians and this gold was all 18 to 24 carat, with various gems, including most of what are now considered precious gems within their jewelry creations.

In medieval times England and France passed what are known as Sumptuary Laws, which restricted the wearing of ornate jewelry by all but royalty. By the 17th century this tradition had completely reversed itself with everyone wearing as much jewelry as possible in these countries. Interestingly enough most of the daily jewelry was not even real, paste gems, fake pearls and even ornamental but artificial gemmed clasps to fasten clothing were all the rage, regardless of your position in society. Of course the wealthiest wore only the real thing for formal dress, however they still used faux jewelry for everyday.

From that point on jewelry became a significant part of Western culture. Everything from the cameo made famous by Napoleon to what is now known as Victorian jewelry from Queen Victoria's reign starting in 1837, jewelry has been in vogue as part of fashion and everyday dress.

Most cultures have used materials in jewelry making in two ways, easily available materials for daily wear and rare or valuable items in high end fashion pieces. Each culture has determined what is the style for the period, often resulting …

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Comfortable Wedding Shoes For Every Style

Every woman wants to look like a star on her wedding day, but let’s face it: it isn’t enough to look great, you also have to feel great. After all, how much fun will you really have if your feet are killing you from wearing a painful pair of shoes? These are some ideas for comfortable wedding shoes that will feel as good as they look.

This is a great season for comfortable stylish shoes. Pointy toes are less common, and rounded toes are back in style. Hooray for happy toes with room to move! Cute little flats are also very much in fashion, so if you choose a darling little pair of round toed flats for your wedding, you will be both incredibly comfortable and incredibly stylish. White flats are certainly available from bridal shoe designers, but there are so many fun designs available this season from non-bridal designers, that you might wish to consider branching out from white. A sparkly pair of silver flats would look fabulous on the bride who is wearing a silver embellished gown and crystal bridal jewelry.

If you just can’t picture yourself walking down the aisle without some kind of high heeled shoe, take advantage of this season’s platform trend. With a nod to the 1940s, the current crop of platforms are ladylike, not exaggerated, and have tall but sturdy heels. There are some gorgeous styles available in luxe wedding-worthy fabrics, such as satin platform heels with ankle straps and a twisted knot detail at the toe. A T-strap platform sandal with a crystals or paillettes running up the strap would be stunning with a trumpet gown and some crystal bridal jewelry. Also look for platform heels with peep toe styling. Any of these shoes would be fantastic for dancing the night away at your reception.

For the bride who likes very delicate footwear, a pair of kitten heel shoes might be the answer. The heels are thin, but also low, which makes them more comfortable. Be sure that the shoes have a strap, rather than an open back mule style, which is too easy to step out of when backing up. Many of the kitten heel shoes are made in strappy sandal designs which are very feminine and pretty. Classic white or ivory would certainly work, but you may also want to think about a soft color or metallic. Ballet pink, silver, or bronze would all be gorgeous choices with a bridal gown, and will be more useful after the wedding. This same shoe in metallic or black works great for bridesmaids.

Brides who feel like they simply must have tall thin heels for their bridal shoes should shop wisely to get the most comfortable pair possible. Shop later in the day when your feet are at their largest, because your feet will definitely swell a little from standing up for most of your wedding day. It is always better to err on the side of shoes being a little large, because …

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Make Jewelry

Learning to make jewelry can just be a fun hobby or if you get really serious about it; it can become a lucrative business. The skills needed to make jewelry and processes required go back to ancient times and in many societies jewelry artisans have held a high place.

The nice thing about this type of craft is that with a few essential tools, some basic materials, and simple drawings; a person can learn to make jewelry that is both elegant and complimentary to the wearer. It does take practice, just like any other craft, to acquire the artistry and skills which will bring dependably good results. So the true master will be the one that practices the processes of jewelry making over and over again.

One of the keys to making fine jewelry is coming up with unique and original designs for your pieces. If you spend time going through the various magazines and websites on fashion you can trigger your own imagination to come up with original jewelry that will stand out in a crowd.

If you will look at basic designs and then consider ways to combine these designs in various ways you can easily come up with new and unique designs. The transition from basic jewelry making projects that are designed for beginners to your own personal designs can be accomplished by taking time to experiment with different units of material that vary in size, shape and texture until you come up with a good workable design. Then you can decide on the sequence of steps to create the piece and write a working plan.

Even a beginner can build up a broad range of knowledge of the jewelry making craft by taking this approach while learning. This will, in turn inspire him or her to refine his ideas and make finer jewelry and tackle more complex projects.

Whether it is consciously or unconsciously, all good jewelry designers are influenced by the designs of those who have gone before, as well as the practices and art forms of contemporaries. A designer, that is truly creative, not only studies the objects made from the metals and materials in which he normally works, but he also studies other types of art and designs made from other materials and in other mediums to come up with jewelry designs that are unusual and unique.

Nature can also be a great source of inspiration as it has been to artists and craftspeople for thousands of years. Fashions do change throughout the years and so do styles in jewelry. But there will always be a place for a beautifully designed and well crafted piece of jewelry. Sure, it may be set aside for a time in favor of newer, trendy pieces, but eventually it will be worn again and treasured, as one might wear a Grandmother’s charms and lockets with pleasure and pride.

So, whether you learn to make jewelry for a business or for pleasure, one thing is for sure. If …

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Elegant Jewelry and Fashion Accessories For Women

At the present time, fashionable outfits, fashion ornaments and finally the fashion accessories make the women’s wardrobe collection comprehensive for grace, fashion, and elegance. Clothing like a vow Clothing! adds to lift up the excitement of women’s accessories. Up to the present time, women’s fashion accessories have gone through a sea change. More importantly, for the women performing many roles: grace, fashion and elegance are the must have’ accessories of their wardrobes. So, ladies, let’s talk about you all time favorite accessories for a minute.

Let’s talk girl talk:

Talking about the women’s clothing today, In place of classic and intense styles, women prefer to carry simple and sophisticated smartness in their accessories. Moreover, they pay preference to the timeless and stylish clothing. No doubt, you, reading this article must be women who know to flatter and boost lifting eye yourselves with clothing, but there’s always a lot more to learn. And frankly, when it comes to fashion, I don’t think women can resist learning. So, are you keen to find out more to add to your closet? Well, you are at the right place.

Being a lady, you must be very much interested in looking young, cool and sexy at the same time. More to this, elegance and power dressing is what every young lady desire to have. Keeping the women’s aspirations in mind, we intend to make sure the attires we offer are youthful, cool and sexy. It seems to me that, clothing, frames the entire personality of the individual. Since your clothes are powerful enough to give you the look of a matured otherwise a sweet sixteen look. Additionally, here’s the solution for the growing needs of the women of style, fashion, and elegance. Aligned with the fashion, clothing, accessories and other stylish jewels are the essential parts of the women’s wardrobe and complete dressing.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion has to do with ideas of putting on jewels and other accessories to get the eyes on you. There’s this saying, women can wear the new dress every day and look new every day. And if you are a solid supporter of this adage, then you also think every new dress needs some accessories to make your look stand out. So to find the relative accessories, let’s talk about precious bags first, that each of you craves for.

Ladies are you looking to shop for a perfect bag according to the occasion. Here’s that wonderful collection of relatively new handbags on the board with the fashion expert’s advice.

Check out this chic bag:

Are you looking for a smaller bag to carry with you during night outs in the town? Then, this cool chic bag is without any doubt the fashion accessory of the moment! This cross body is going to be the perfect choice for the night out.

Try this Backpack:

If you are looking for something to carry all your stuff, then this backpack is the right choice for you. …

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Tips to Price Custom Jewelry Orders

Rule of thumb; never give a quote up front. Tell the client that once the custom handmade jewelry design has been approved you will get back to them within a week with the actual cost of fabricating the piece and the work contract. This is n important will give you an opportunity to price the work correctly. The client may want a rough estimate, stay firm and tell them you will give them the correct quote within a week. Make sure to send a written quote along with the contract within the specified time.

Remember to add you time to the final quote. Many times we think that if we charge too much they won’t hire us to complete the piece. Specify that you design time is also included in the final cost. Keep track of the cost of any gemstone and materials that you will be using to complete the order. Don’t forget to include the cost of shipping, particularly when you may be ordering specific part to complete the order. Always calculate the extra time that may take to complete a piece that requires some extra work because of the complexity of the design. Don’t be shy to charge for you work, people know that a custom handmade jewelry piece tends to be more expensive and they are prepared to pay for it.

Preparing a Custom Jewelry Work Agreement

Never work without a contract – A well written contract agreement will save you many headaches and problems when selling your jewelry. This contract has to be well defined and drafted clearly. The contract needs to be detailed enough to save you going into court and dispute and issue.

The contract needs to include the following information:

• You name, company name and information

• Client’s name and date when the order was placed

• Detail information of the jewelry piece you will be completing

• I also attach a copy of the final sketch and a photograph of the stone that will be used

• The contract should also include the amount of materials and their cost

• Include your hourly rate and an estimated amount of time it will take you complete the work. Include your design time and the time spent with the client.

• Always include a return policy in the contract; Custom work that is created as a special order is not returnable. My guarantee is that the piece will match the final design you approved including the dimensions, type of stone(s) and metals (gold or silver). Note that all handmade jewelry will differ slightly due to the nature of the craft and may include minor variations in the overall size of the piece(s) and/or minor

• The specific delivery date:

o Be realistic when setting the completion date. Take into consideration how long it will take for you supplies to arrive, as well as the actual shipping time to send the piece. As you know the unexpected can always happen. If there is …

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Choosing the Best Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids

Choosing the right jewelry for your bridesmaids may seem like something you can rush through, but as with every other detail of your wedding, it's important to take some time with this. The jewelry your bridesmaids wear is definitely not as high-profile as your diamond engagement ring. However, it's important to remember that every element of your wedding should conform to the look and theme you've chosen, and that includes your bridesmaid jewelry.

Match Jewelry to the Neckline

When choosing bridesmaid jewelry, one of the most important concepts is selecting jewelry that is appropriate for the neckline of the dresses your bridesmaids will be wearing. For example, only choker-style necklaces should be worn with a dress featuring a very high neckline, while a scoop neck or sweetheart neckline will look great with almost any style of necklace. In general, the higher the neckline, the shorter the necklaces you choose should be. With a lower neckline, you can typically choose necklaces of any length as long as they do not extend so far as to touch the fabric of the dress. If you've chosen bridesmaid dresses with a halter-style neckline, it's usually best to forgo necklaces completely, as there is no necklace style that will sit properly around the neck when wearing a dress with this type of neckline.

Earrings, Bracelets and More

Earrings should be chosen with similar considerations in mind as when choosing necklaces. Drop earrings are usually better suited to lower necklines, for example, while studs and smaller earrings will look best with higher necklines. Bracelets can be worn with dresses of almost any style. The only exception is in the case of dresses with sleeves that extend past the elbow. In such cases, bracelets may not suit the style of the dresses.

There are also some lovely options for hair accessories, which will look great with a wide variety of hair styles, and with all colors. There are three main styles to choose from-tiara-style headpieces, hair jewels on long pins that are best for longer hair, and jewels with shorter corkscrew-style pins that are ideal for short hairstyles.

Diamond Jewelry for Bridesmaids

If you have the budget and would love to give your bridesmaids a very special gift of jewelry, diamonds are considered appropriate. Giving diamond bridesmaid jewelry can be a great way of combining two wedding tasks-choosing gifts for your bridesmaids and choosing the jewelry they'll wear at the wedding.

If you decide to go this route, choosing smaller diamonds is best, both to keep your expenses low and to ensure that as the bride, you are wearing the most elegant and eye-catching jewelry. Diamond stud earrings are a better choice than diamond rings, for example, even if the ring contains only a small stone. Whichever pieces you decide on for your bridesmaids, do be sure to choose conflict free diamonds that are mined under ethical and safe working conditions.

Choosing Styles and Colors

The colors you select for bridesmaid jewelry will of course depend on …

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