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Gift Ideas For College Students

Getting gift ideas for a college student can be a challenge. Most traditional college students have been away from home for a period of time so you are likely unsure how much their tastes have changed, if at all. Finding fun gifts is not impossible, however. Following are a few gift ideas that are sure to please.


Even though college students are often not the wealthiest people they still typically have interest in the newest gadget. If you can afford it, the newest iPod, the most recent iPhone or even an attractive and sleek laptop are great gift ideas. These gifts are all great for school as well. Students can download tutorial podcasts to their iPod to help them through any course, they can download a flash card app to their iPhone to help them quiz themselves for the big test or they can tote their laptop to every class to take notes and write papers.

If all of those are out of your reach, try a smart pen. Smart pens allow students to take notes in class the traditional way, however, when the student gets to their computer, they can download their notes and convert them to typed font. This allows students to get a head start on their papers when they have some down time between classes. It also creates a more legible set of notes which can aid studying. Gadgets are often the most valuable gift a college student can receive.

Care Packages

Even if it’s not a holiday or birthday, everyone who is away from home for the first time loves to receive well thought out care packages. Send baked goods or something from their favorite bakery back home. Add a piece of art from a younger sibling, niece or nephew, or other child the college student is close to. However, the gifts that are most fun to incorporate are those silly little things, you saw while shopping, that made you think of the recipient. Silly games, funny cards, bubble bath, anything you see that makes you think about this person for any reason are all great gift ideas. Whatever you send, it’s just nice for them to know you care.


When you’re a poor college student you begin to dread the next ramen noodle or cold pizza meal. This is why cold hard cash can be the best gift. While college students have the same basic needs as all of us, they often lack the time to work full time or are simply not used to budgeting their funds. While cash is a great gift, it’s obviously not a wise idea to send cash through the mail. Of course you can write a check but other options include money orders, wire transfers, pre-loaded bank debit cards or gift certificates.

Gift certificates can be particularly handy if you are concerned about how your gift is spent. If you determine that the student needs clothes then find out where they like to shop and get …

Choosing the Best Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids

Choosing the right jewelry for your bridesmaids may seem like something you can rush through, but as with every other detail of your wedding, it's important to take some time with this. The jewelry your bridesmaids wear is definitely not as high-profile as your diamond engagement ring. However, it's important to remember that every element of your wedding should conform to the look and theme you've chosen, and that includes your bridesmaid jewelry.

Match Jewelry to the Neckline

When choosing bridesmaid jewelry, one of the most important concepts is selecting jewelry that is appropriate for the neckline of the dresses your bridesmaids will be wearing. For example, only choker-style necklaces should be worn with a dress featuring a very high neckline, while a scoop neck or sweetheart neckline will look great with almost any style of necklace. In general, the higher the neckline, the shorter the necklaces you choose should be. With a lower neckline, you can typically choose necklaces of any length as long as they do not extend so far as to touch the fabric of the dress. If you've chosen bridesmaid dresses with a halter-style neckline, it's usually best to forgo necklaces completely, as there is no necklace style that will sit properly around the neck when wearing a dress with this type of neckline.

Earrings, Bracelets and More

Earrings should be chosen with similar considerations in mind as when choosing necklaces. Drop earrings are usually better suited to lower necklines, for example, while studs and smaller earrings will look best with higher necklines. Bracelets can be worn with dresses of almost any style. The only exception is in the case of dresses with sleeves that extend past the elbow. In such cases, bracelets may not suit the style of the dresses.

There are also some lovely options for hair accessories, which will look great with a wide variety of hair styles, and with all colors. There are three main styles to choose from-tiara-style headpieces, hair jewels on long pins that are best for longer hair, and jewels with shorter corkscrew-style pins that are ideal for short hairstyles.

Diamond Jewelry for Bridesmaids

If you have the budget and would love to give your bridesmaids a very special gift of jewelry, diamonds are considered appropriate. Giving diamond bridesmaid jewelry can be a great way of combining two wedding tasks-choosing gifts for your bridesmaids and choosing the jewelry they'll wear at the wedding.

If you decide to go this route, choosing smaller diamonds is best, both to keep your expenses low and to ensure that as the bride, you are wearing the most elegant and eye-catching jewelry. Diamond stud earrings are a better choice than diamond rings, for example, even if the ring contains only a small stone. Whichever pieces you decide on for your bridesmaids, do be sure to choose conflict free diamonds that are mined under ethical and safe working conditions.

Choosing Styles and Colors

The colors you select for bridesmaid jewelry will of course depend on …

How to Politely Reject a Christmas Gift

Contrary to many films of the festive nature, Santa usually sucks at gift-giving.

It happens to the best of us on Christmas. Somebody doesn’t do their research, buys a last minute gift and — what do you know? You don’t want it in your sight. In fact, you dislike the gift so much you un-friend them on MySpace.

Don’t fret! The solution is here.

We’ll help you open the doors to kindness and sharing this holiday season with a guide to politely rejecting those really bad gifts on Christmas – without the tension, domestic violence, and getting your car window smashed with a brick.

1. Be caring, patient and slow. Pretend like you’re speaking to a person who got held back in third grade a few times.

“I know you a long time, Your Friends Name, and I appreciate this gift very much. However, I’m only going to use this watch when I go swimming when there’ll be a lesser chance of me smashing it – you know how clumsy I am (laugh naturally) ” and give them a light hug.

2. Make eye-contact while saying “Thank you!” a lot followed by their first name

Another easy way to politely reject a Christmas gift is to say: “I love the thought you put into this, Your Friends Name. I’m going to put this into my safe – and treasure it every time I open it. Thank you.”

“Wow, a toaster is all I ever wanted for Christmas (Long pause). Will you please hold onto it for when I buy some bread? I really want that moment to be special. Thank you, Your Friends Name.”

“You’re so cute. It’s not even weird that you got me a bra for Christmas, dad. I’m going to wear it at my wedding, after I graduate from elementary school.”


* Use a softer-than-usual voice and smile a lot – don’t over do it though!

* Say “Christmas is so relaxing, and peaceful” often to remind them that it isn’t appropriate to choke a family member or friend.

* Cheering for others’ gift-unwrapping is an easy and pro tactic to avoid the need to reject a gift altogether! Try it out!

* Pro Tactic: Give them your gift immediately, while they are opening theirs, pass their gift to a trusted relative who will dispose of it with discretion (Skip Step #3 ONLY if you’re a pro)

3. Place the gift in clear view if it is small, showing you aren’t going to throw it away until after Christmas day.

This is important. If you skip this step, there’s a chance they’ll catch the scent of betrayal. Santas are very, very temperamental. Place the gift in the open to show how much you care about their feelings.

If you have been compromised, or called-out, just pretend you’re secretly in love with it… put it on if it’s clothing, and casually parade around until you see them notice this obvious display of satisfaction. Then …

Are Gift Cards the Best Gift?

January's retail sales strength is reflected in people redeeming their Christmas gift cards. The average adult received 3.2 gift cards this holiday season, up from 2.5 gift cards last year. Gift cards are more popular and this also moves spending into January. Consumers are also interested in receiving gift cards at other times that just at Christmas.

A survey by Deloitte & Touche USA found:

  • 80% of adults received at least one gift card to an apparel or food store
  • 33% received at least one gift card to a restaurant
  • 14% received one gift card to a mall or shopping center
  • 10% received a gift card that could be used at a variety of stores (eg, an American Express gift card)
  • 5% received at least one for a personal service such as a manicure or massage
  • 5% received at least one gift card for an Internet site (eg, ebay, Amazon)

Price ranges for gift cards ranged from $ 78 for an American Express card, while the lowest was for a $ 32 restaurant card. Bank gift cards are more likely to be used in January. Nearly 74% of these gift cards have been redeemed or partially redeemed by the end of January.

People were more likely to buy full price retail items with their gift cards. Many analysts believe the "gift" aspect allows consumers to treat themselves to new full-priced merchandise.

Retailers also benefit when consumers redeem a gift card, nearly 62% spend more than the face value of the card. This is an opportunity for retailers to increase sales, as sales can not be reported until the gift card is redeemed.

Consumers also expressed an interest in receiving gift cards for other holidays. For example, a gift card for an "experience" is widely received as a result of people being time-pressed. Getting a gift card for a trip to a restaurant or massage or even a weekend getaway seems to be a trend people are enjoying.

Teens enjoy gift cards because they are more eager to shop with their friends and are more apt to redeem their cards quicker than adults. The survey showed teens redeemed 76% of their gift cards vs. 61% of adults.

Gift cards keep on giving, after the holidays, especially for retailers. Gift cards are here to stay. Consumers enjoy using them and retailers enjoy getting them. Gift cards are an appropriate gift for all occasions. …

Wedding Planning – Wedding Engagement Checklist

Congratulations! When you're able to pull your eyes away from the sparkly diamond on your finger, many decisions will need to be made, such as securing the wedding date and wedding locale, and developing the guest list. The following checklist will serve as a guideline of tasks to complete upon your wedding engagement.

  • Tell your parents the happy news, if they do not already know.
  • Arrange for the parents to meet if they have not already done so.
  • Call or write to your close friends and relatives to let them know of your engagement.
  • Have an engagement photo taken for your wedding announcements.
  • Make a wedding organizer. You should have an organized way to keep track of appointments, payments, etc., and a system for keeping track of invitations, gifts and thank you notes.
  • Find out the engagement announcement policies of the newspapers where you and your fiancĂ© grew up and where you now live. They may have specific guidelines about how far in advance of the wedding they will publish an announcement. Submit engagement announcements to the papers at the appropriate time.
  • Keep up with thank you notes as you receive gifts. The best time to write a thank you note is immediately after opening the gift. It should never take more than 6 weeks to send a thank you note. Or, if need be, send a gift acknowledgment to the givers upon receipt of the gift to let them know you have received their gifts and will send a personal note as soon as possible.
  • Plan an engagement party! This will be the first of several parties to celebrate your wedding. The engagement party is usually scheduled no later than three months after the big announcement. Traditionally, the bride's parents host the initial gathering, but the groom's parents can then throw their own party. Or, both sets can come together to host the celebration.

Use this wedding engagement checklist to serve as a guideline of initial tasks to complete in your wedding planning process. …

Gift Ideas For Boyfriend Who is a Metrosexual Guy

Style, class and manners are qualities that are important to some men. If your man exhibits these characteristics, then he is considered to be in the category of the modern Metrosexual. In days gone by, this type of man would have been called a gentleman. While some men scoff at this title, others embrace it. Many women admire a man that cares about the way he looks, smells and dresses.

A very famous Hollywood example of this type of man is the impeccable James Bond, who always manages to look dapper, order the best drinks, understands how to act at fancy dinner parties and treats his woman like gold – no matter what tricky situation he gets into.

Here are some gift suggestions:

A Guide to Manners – manners used to be a lot more common in society, but in our current times they are rarely taught anymore. Yet, your guy probably yearns to know what to say or do in certain social situations. Manners can make a real difference in how a man is perceived in his work and social life.

A Fashion Style Guide – What shirts must he have that go with any outfit? How should he tie a tie properly? How does he select a suit that fits properly? Many men can use some help with their personal style. He will appreciate getting tips on how to look great and make a good impression, whether he’s going to a party, an interview or hanging out with friends.

A Wine Guide – many men enjoy wine, but are clueless as to what wines are good with what food, and how to tell the difference between reds and whites. There are hundreds of different wine varieties, years and flavors. This type of guide can help him understand how to select the right wine for the right occasion, as well as, teach him about different varieties.

Body Grooming System – a well groomed man with smooth skin looks and feels great in his clothes. Many men (and women) like the complete clean-shaven look. This means shaving all hair from the chest, back and leg area. A body grooming system provides the tools to easily create this look, and be able to keep it up.

Designer Men’s Cologne – he wants to smell good and top designer colognes are a must for this well put together man. Some of the bigger names in cologne for men are: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Usher, Sean Jean, Versace, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbanna. Maybe he already has a favorite, but you can still get him something different that offers the same kind of scent sensation that he loves.

A Day at the Spa – spa treatments for men are becoming more and more popular as men discover their mental and physical benefits. If he’s never been to a spa before, this will be a real treat. He’ll be pampered like a king as he gets a facial, full body message and even a …

How to Buy Jewelry

It’s hard to find a woman who doesn’t love jewelry of some sort. Jewelry helps to create an image, a personal style, and the type of jewelry a woman wears says a lot about her personal taste. Some women prefer classic jewelry, gems, traditional styles. Others prefer more contemporary jewelry styles, perhaps ethnically influenced or created by a modern designer. Whatever she chooses, a woman knows that the jewelry she wears will accentuate her look and turn heads.

When buying jewelry, some of the terms used by the dealer can be confusing. Don’t let this deter you from your purchase. A simple lesson can help you read through the jargon.

Are you shopping for a ring? These jewelry settings are common when it comes to diamonds or other gemstones:

1. Baguette: rectangular-shaped

2. Barion cut: traditional step-cut

3. Bezel: the jewelry’s rim holds and completely surrounds the stone

4. Brilliant cut: reflect the most light from the stone; can be round, heart-shaped, oval, marquise, or pear-shaped

5. Cluster setting: this jewelry contains a large center stone surrounded by smaller stones

6. Emerald: rectangular- or square-shaped with cut corners

7. Marquise: double-pointed, boat-shaped stone

8. Pear: stones in the shape of a pear

9. Princess cut: square- or rectangular-shaped brilliant-cut stone

Jewelry comes in all shapes and also in sizes. When you are buying a gift of jewelry, it may help to take along an already-owned piece to compare sizes. For necklaces and bracelets, a jewelry dealer can give size or length suggestions depending on the style you choose.

One need not spend a whole lot of money on jewelry. Jewelry wholesalers offer quality items at lower cost. Even some costume jewelry is quite beautiful and far less expensive than “the real thing.” The important thing about jewelry is making sure it suits the wearer’s taste. Accessories don’t do much good if they just sit in the jewelry box.

Another thing to consider before buying jewelry for someone is whether she tends to wear more silver or gold-toned pieces. Some women combine the two; most prefer one or the other. Finally, think about her lifestyle. Would she prefer simple jewelry or more elegant, dangling pieces?

Regardless of what jewelry you choose, this is a gift she will never forget. After all, no woman can have enough jewelry.…

Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

Christmas gift exchanges are wonderful ways to spend time together during the holidays. Gift exchanges are a great way of bringing family members together.

The challenge comes with setting the theme or focus for your Christmas gift exchange. If you do the same thing each year, people will get bored and stop participating. Without changing things up every few years, the gift exchanges become gift card exchanges, which are not so fun, well in my opinion anyway. So one person must come up with the theme idea.

At my wife’s big family get together last year, we all brought a one-pound gift. The gifts were distributed. Then the story featuring Mr. Right who left the room and went right to bed (well, you get the idea) was read to the exchange of the gifts. People were laughing and joking as people attempted to remember which was their right and left hand as the gifts were passed in the circle. It worked wonderfully. It was really fun to see the creativity in the gift giving. One person gave a pound of pennies, while another gave a one pound piece of money. Another gave a bag of chips and salsa. Talk about variety. And not to forget, my special gift, which was one pound of spam. Of course, everyone secretly wished they had received that gift.

So to help your Christmas season be a season of joy and not stress, I have gathered some Christmas exchange ideas for you.

1. The One pound gift is a real favorite of mine

2. $3 funny card (you could set any dollar amount)

3. $5 dollar store or goodwill purchase

One year a person found a heated toilet seat in this themed exchange.

4. Dinner in a dish where the person brings a recipe with the majority of the ingredients to make the dish

5. Ornament exchange with a dollar amount

6. Entertainment theme – books, cds, movies

7. Set a letter of the alphabet that the gift has to start with (We have not done this exchange yet but I think it would be very fun.)

8. Charity exchange where each person would put in his or her favorite charity with the contact information. The person who drew the slip of paper would be expected to give a donation to the charity. Another version of the charity idea is something my wife’s family as done. Her sister died young due to colon cancer. The family started a scholarship fund in her sister’s memory. There is an envelope under the tree each year for family member to add to the scholarship fund.

So whether you decide to go with a more meaningful gift or more to the wacky and fun, have fun with your Christmas exchange this year. The real importance is to have fun with those that are important to you.…

7 Hot Christmas Gifts For A Man Who Has Everything

I write all about mens gifts, and one of the most common questions I get asked through my website is "what gift do I buy for my man. He has plenty of money and buys what he wants, so he already has everything he wants" .

This is of course pretty common. Lots of men just get out there and buy something if they want it, they do not drop hints near birthday time hoping that the hint will be picked up and acted on. Almost by definition, if he wants it he's already got it.

Not always of course, often it's a question of cost. There are men with a list of wants that they would like to fill, but just can not afford them. If your man is like that, and you can afford those gifts, then ask him and see what he'll say, he'll probably jump at the chance to tell you about those things he'd love the most but can not buy for himself.

But lets assume for a moment that your man can afford what he wants, and so you're a little stuck for ideas for unique and unusual birthday gifts or Christmas gifts that are going to get his juices going.

Here's 7 ideas for gifts for him. He may love all of them, he may love none of them, but I doubt it.

There'll be at least one gift for him there that he'll love. Some are extremely expensive and some are not.

1. Lingerie. Now it is not entirely a unique gift idea but it's one that is almost guaranteed to work. Men love lingerie. Worn by their women of course. I have seen lots of lists of favorite gifts for men and there is one common gift theme. Lingerie is always up there.

No matter how many pieces of beautiful lingerie a woman has, if she selects well and chooses the right piece I can just about guarantee her man will love it, provided of course she wears it for him.

It's almost a can not fail gift.

And there is wonderful lingerie available for women of any size, so girls it's no excuse to say that you're a little large. If your man loves you large he'll love you large and looking great in some sexy lingerie.

2. Adventure gifts. Most men love adventure and adrenalin. Not all, but most. And many women are not

aware that there are some excellent companies around that cater to this extremely well. It's possible to find all sorts of adventure gifts for men and women that you would never have thought existed.

And for all sorts of tastes. Would he love to do his first parachute jump? Try white water rafting?

Drive a tank or a supercar? Go zero-g just like the astranauts do in training? You can give him a gift of any of these things and thousands more, from the extreme adrenalin gift to the gentle and invigorating and pampering gift. …

How to Plan a Wedding – Step by Step Guide

Planning a wedding can be a daunting and very stressful task. We highly recommend you take six months to a year to plan your wedding and will outline for you an easy-to-follow schedule.

Twelve months before the Wedding

  • Get yourself a binder with paper and dividing tabs.
  • Discuss with your fiancé and his/her families, plus your own, to determine a budget.
  • Decide on your wedding theme e.g. Christmas, Fall, Snowflakes, Black and White, etc.
  • Select a wedding date with your fiancé and families.
  • Decide on your wedding attendants.
  • Book a ceremony and reception location(s).
  • Book your professional wedding photographer, florist, caterer, videographer, and DJ or wedding musicians.

Nine months before the Wedding

  • Make an appointment with your officiant. For most religious ceremonies, you may be required to attend pre-wedding counseling. For civil ceremonies, your officiant may require a meeting to discuss your wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding gown shopping and first fittings should be looked after at this time.
  • Shop for your wedding accessories, wedding veil or head piece, and wedding shoes.
  • Begin preparation of the guest list. Be sure to include both sides of the family as guest lists are often a contentious issue. It will take time to decide on long lost cousins, work friends, neighbors, etc.
  • Decide on gift registry locations and register.
  • Begin your search for your honeymoon location. If you are getting married during a peak holiday season such as Christmas, you may need to book your honeymoon up to nine months in advance.

Six months before the Wedding

  • You need to meet with the wedding professionals who will assist you on your special day. The menu should be mapped out with your catering company, a review of requested wedding photos with your photographer, a discussion with your videographer on the amount of footage and locations for videos, and your preference for music with your DJ or wedding musicians.
  • Limousines and/or other wedding transportation should be booked. Wedding carriages or winter horse drawn sleighs should be booked and pricing confirmed.
  • If you are ordering wedding invitations and/or save the date cards and wedding announcements, you need to decide on a provider. If you are making your own wedding invitations and other wedding stationery, you should choose a wedding invitation kit template package. Announcements should be sent out to those friends and family who you have not included in the ceremony.
  • Honeymoon trip should be booked and final budget plans for the honeymoon confirmed.
  • Bridesmaids and Flower Girl dresses should be decided upon and ordered.
  • Start shopping for wedding rings.

Three months before the Wedding

  • Guest list needs to be finalized by you and your fiancé and BOTH families. We can’t emphasize enough that you need to have the blessing of all concerned when it comes to the guest list.
  • Final decisions and ordering of wedding rings.
  • Visit hairstylist for a consultation and have your first wedding day hair run through.
  • Make wedding day appointment with hairstylist. Don’t forget to include your bridesmaids if they are having their
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