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The Importance of Shoes

Shoes have become an important part of our everyday lives. Shoes were originally designed to protect our feet from cold weather, sharp objects, and uncomfortable surfaces. The early version of the shoe is thought to be a sandal of some form. As man’s knowledge of tools and the working of leather grew, so did the sophistication and quality of the average shoe. Shoes are shaped by the physical and economic environment of their surroundings. For example, the ancient Egyptians wore flip-flops woven from straw while the Dutch wore shoes carved from wood to protect their feet from damp marshy land they worked in.

With the passing of time shoes have become an integral part of daily lives. Shoes have passed on from being an item of luxury to an item of necessity. Fashion also played a role in the evolution of the shoe. The human psyche craves for an individual and unique identity. The nobility and upper classes saw shoes as an opportunity to fulfill this desire. The shoes got more and more extravagant. Cloth, velvet and tapestries began to be used. This was the birth of the shoe industry as we know it today. Today shoes are classified according to their use. They are casual and dress, work, sport and corrective.

All shoes fall in the casual category due to their characteristics. The differentiating factor is the purpose of the shoe. Casual shoes are designed and intended to convey an attitude of relaxation and informality. Casual shoe design has evolved with the passing time. Today’s casual shoes resemble formal dress shoes in many aspects. The distinguishing factor is the color of the shoe. Casual shoes range from flip-flops to sneakers and boots. The materials used in the manufacture range from leather, canvas and rubber to the modern petrochemical derivatives like plastics and xylenes.

Formal dress shoes are of two varieties – laced and lace less. Traditionally they are made from leather and tended to be expensive. The use of plastics and modern manufacture methods has brought down prices. The upper classes still prefer leather over what they consider cheap plastic. Women’s dress shoes may be a variant of pumps or sandals. The style of clothing decides the category of the shoe in case of women. Unisex shoes are a new product in the shoe market.

Sport shoes are specialized shoes designed and created to enable better performance in a particular sporting activity. Sport or athletic footwear is used in a number of sports like football, basketball, cricket, and track and field events. Climbing shoes are also a specialized type to footwear unsuitable to any other sport and even to walking due to its design. It is usually donned at the base of a climb. Basketball and tennis shoes have rubber soles to enable better grip on their respective courts. Sports like football, soccer, baseball and hockey use shoes with metal spikes on the under sole to give better grip for quick starts and stops. Hiking boots or trail boots …

What is Mod Style Clothing?

A Lots of you may wonder this as you search the internet for the cute, unique, trendy clothes that we all so please want. And then, I will now give you my take on mod clothes.

"Mod" was a 1960's subculture, or counterculture, just as "punk" style, or the "scene" style is nowdays. Short for modern, the term was usually used to refer to anything that was popular, fashionable or, you guessed it … modern !!! This is similar to how nowdays we refer to the terms "emo's" or "scene kids" for those unique fashionistas who mix the alternative style or japanese street style together to create their own unique style of clothing.

Typically, as in any other subculture, mods were rebellious and went against the grain. The mod style completely lost it's appeal when it became commercialized, derived, and fake; Just as trends usually go. The big clothing companies were now trying to make new mod style clothing, so the allure of individual was gone. (Mass produced "indie" clothing should ring a bell here …. a large company can not provide "indie" clothing as "indie" means "independent").

Females in the mod scene usually dressed somewhat andgrogynously, with tailored trousers or dress pants, flats, and cool makeup. Think twiggy; The light foundation and bold, stunning eyes. Who does not love dark liner and false lashes? The mod clothing style is usually made up of bold prints, geometric patterns, and bright colors. Teeny tiny miniskirts, mini shift dresses, aline skirts, and chunky patent leather boots are a must fashion mod. …

Three Reasons Why Natural Beauty Is the Best Consideration for Women

Women spend much time and money on trying to beautify themselves. Not to mention, they put themselves through unnecessary amounts of pain to achieve a certain type of appearance. Several women will even take this course to not only impress themselves, but they’ll do it to please others. Rather than take this course, it would be beneficial to learn why natural beauty is the best consideration.

1. Should you take the course of natural beauty, you’ll not find yourself spending immense amounts of time and money on beauty products. Also, you won’t be putting yourself through pain just to have a beautiful appearance.

2. Pursuing natural beauty will enable you to love yourself for who you are. You’ll not need to paint your face with layers of makeup to feel worthy. And, when you have this confidence in yourself, others around you will respect you. When this happens, not only will you love yourself, they’ll respect and love you. People have been able to wear dingy clothing and earn the same respect that one with expensive garb would wear. NO, it was not their appearance that one those around them, it was the confidence and respect they had for themselves. They were fine with the simple things and felt no need to pursue vanity.

3. Natural beauty also allows for simplicity. This is because you can go about your day without having to carry around that bulky makeup bag or that cumbersome purse. Not to mention, you’ll have so much less to worry about.

Pursuing the course of natural beauty is one that you’ll never regret. Why not begin now and take your life back and free yourself from the control of the fashion industry.…

Does Your Wardrobe Work As Hard As You Do?

Times have been tough financially lately. Many of us have been affected by redundancy or loss of overtime or just plain straight forward pay cuts. This means that when we do spend money on our wardrobe, it has to be a value for money.

It is important not to confuse value for money with "cheap". What is the difference you may ask? Let me explain. The average woman in the Uk wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time. She also spends a thousand pounds a year on clothes and only wears two hundred pounds worth, on a regular basis. I am sure you can refer to this. Lets think of your wardrobe. There are articles of clothes in there with the labels still on and never been worn. Maybe you have lots that you have worn once and avoid going back to, but not sure why? These items are very expensive buys for you. What you need to look at is the "true cost" or "cost per wear". This is worked out by taking the cost you paid for the article and dividing it by the times you wear it. So lets say buy a top in the sale at ten pounds and wear it once. The "cost per wear" is ten pounds. On the other hand if you buy a top at a hundred pounds and wear it once a week for a year, the "cost per wear" is two pounds. You. Also have to take into account that the top looks good, feels good and works as hard as you do.

It is very important that you buy the correct clothes in colors that suit and styles that flatter. The most common downfalls to avoid when buying clothes are: Do not buy because you are attracted by a sale, do not buy because you see someone else wearing it and do not let fashion dominate your purchase.

Go shopping alone when the shops are quiet, give yourself plenty of time. Most of all go shopping with a shopping list. Have a good look at your wardrobe and decide where the gaps are. There is no point in random buying, that will just add to the unused clutter you already have.

Happy shopping! …

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry continues to gain popularity as today's fashion conscious public finds it a great alternative to gold jewelry. Sterling silver is composed of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper, making it a better option to use for silver jewelry compared to fine silver. Fine silver is pure silver, which is rarely used for silver jewelry because it is too soft.

Sterling silver can be used to make all kinds of jewelry, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, or pendants. But one of the most popular uses of sterling silver is in the silver chain. Silver chains can be made in different styles such as the figaro, rope, box, snake, herringbone, curb, and cable. This can also be custom-designed and made in shapes like the diamond cut, double rope, figure eight, rolled anchor, and alternating short- and long-link. This silver chain makes a perfect backdrop for lockets and charm accessories.

How to clean your Sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry may be fashionable, but it can turn gold or even black when it comes in contact with the chemicals present in hot tubs or pools. Products like nail polish remover and bleach can also cause a displeasing effect on sterling silver jewelry. Luckily, this piece of jewelry can be cleaned easily by following simple steps.

First is to decide on the proper cleaning product to use. Products such as ammonia, alcohol, bleach, and acetone can damage sterling silver beyond repair so the cleanser should be free from these chemicals. A mild cleanser should be used and this should still be diluted in water.

After deciding on the cleanser, the next step is to choose a cleaning brush. Hard bristle brushes made of horsehair and abrasive-bristled brushes are not advisable. The best brush to use is a baby toothbrush, a soft bristle brush, or a mushroom brush.

Once the jewelry is brushed with the cleanser, this should be washed after using the proper cloth. The cloth should be 100 percent cotton in order to protect the sterling silver jewelry from scratches and other damages.

These are some of the steps in the proper cleaning of sterling silver jewelry. By following these simple steps, you can be assured that your jewelry will last for a long time. …

Top Summer Fashions for Women

Beauty is the most important thing for women and they want to look fashionable all the time. However, as the season changes throughout the year, fashion trends also change. In case you are looking for a fashionable summer dress to wear for next year, here are some of the most popular fashion trends of this year's summer clothing.

Nude Colors

Summer clothes that come in nude colors are still trending today. If you want to wear clothes that have a nude setup then you should focus on choosing dresses that come with reduced boldness of color and concentrate on the neutral and nude tones. Clothes that come with nude colors create a superb blending. In fact, Fendi and Stella McCartney displayed these outfits in a popular fashion show.


Jumpsuits also known as Playsuits are another ideal type of summer clothes. This type of outfit is rapidly gaining fame, although they are still not comparable to the popularity of the usual summer catwalk dress. However, with the huge number of people who wear jumpsuits last summer, many expect that jumpsuit will be a big boom next year.

Bold Tribal

Bold tribal is the exact opposite of nude-colored dresses. Tribal dresses concentrate on bolder colors that come in tribal designs. Choosing tribal clothes will give you an escape from the traditional British designs, since these clothes are closely resembling the styles of the traditional dress of Africa and India. These clothes are very fashionable to wear, especially if you are going to the beach.

Trench Coats

Trench Coats are becoming popular again. Although this type of clothes has been silent for a while, trench coats become trending last summer. The reason for their popularity is its versatility. You can dress them up or down and it does not matter, since they look good in either way. If you are planning to wear trench coats this coming summer, it is advisable for you wear the ones that are in nude colors.

Hot Pants

They are pants and they are hot! As their name indicates hot pants became one of the most fashionable dresses to wear last summer. They are the shortest pants that you can have and they are not classified as pants, but it is more appropriate to call them short shorts. If you have nothing to be ashamed of your legs, then you can wear hot pants this coming summer. Pair it with kikois and you will look fab. They will make you look sexy throughout the season and enable you to grab the watchful eyes of men. However, if you decide to wear them, you should make sure that you wear matching underwear, since they are very short.


Since 2009, blazers have never been out of fashion. They are so versatile and are one of the most popular clothes worn every summer. They can act as a warm jacket during the cool night and serve as a fashionable accessory to your summer dress during the day. With the …

Italian Style and Decor

There's a tremendous amount of interest in Italian style, both in fashion and in home decor. When talking about decor, many automatically think "Tuscan Home decor." This is understandable with the popularity of Frances Mayes' books, and the many movies set in, and around Tuscany. But Italy, with its varied and beautiful cities and regions, has any number of variations on "Italian style."

Key factors to consider in home decor:

  • Respect for the past
  • Embrace of the present
  • Blending the interior with the exterior
  • Emphasis on quality, pride in craftsmanship
  • Attention to detail

With the country's magnificent history – it's easy to understand the Italians' respect for traditions and the past. Consider Italy's achievements in art, architecture and engineering – achievements that were returned thousands of years ago and continue to inspire awe and admiration today.

But in addition to spectacular past creations, Italy is a leader in modern achievement – modern design. After all, this is the land of Ferrari and Maserati. The land of sleek contemporary furniture that sets juxtaposed with beautiful, classic antiques; With the effect being nothing short of stunning. After all, with only antiques – you have the look of a museum – stuffy and after awhile – boring. But mix the two with a discerning eye – the room becomes vibrant and alive.

Blending the interior and exterior is a charming characteristic of Italian style – what you see on the outside is reflected in the interior. And or course, the beauty of the Italian landscape is breathtaking – whether the rich, vibrant green of the lake territories bordering Switzerland, Tuscany's rolling hills dotted with vineyards and cypress lined roads, the magical seven hills of Rome, or the hard, brilliant sun And Sparkling sea off the Amalfi coast. The light dictates the colors – think the warm, glowing hues of a Tuscan farmhouse wall, the rich effervescent shades of Venetian plaster, the sun-bleached patinas of ancient stone around Pompeii.

Besides the light, the surrounding countryside has dictated the interiors of the homes – the nearest forests provided the wood that made up the furniture, the nearest quarry provided the stone. And closer to home, right outside the doors actually – the gardens.

Italian gardens are famous throughout the world, and everyone has a garden: whether they're the exceptionally manicured gardens of the palazzos, the more casual gardens of farmhouses and villas, or Roman apartment balconies loaded with masses of geraniums. Life spills out of the homes into the gardens where "rooms" have indicated for centuries: dining rooms, lounging rooms, whatever the heart desires.

And water has always been a very important focus (the famous Roman Aqueduct) and focal point in the gardens (think of the magical gardens of the Villa d'Este in Tivoli.) Even the most modest gardens have water features wherever possible.

Then there is the pride in craftsmanship: Italy – the land of master craftsmen. Think handcrafted terra cotta tile roofs, intricate mosaic tile floors, carved marble countertops, exquisitely patterned ceramics, lavishly …

How to Tailor Your Modeling Portfolio

A modeling portfolio members of collection of your modeling pictures and the required number of pictures varies with the modeling agency. But you should focus on the quality picture than on the number. There are several cases where an average looking girls having few but quality pictures got selected to be a part of this modeling world in one chance. So it could be said that modeling portfolio is a set of professional pictures that helps you in achieving the best assignments.

Now coming to the point as to how to tailor your modeling portfolio you have to understand the dos and don'ts in this process. Keep strong pictures of 9 by 12 inches. This size is considered as the standard size. Collect black and white photograph since it is the preferred choice of the industry. You will be required to buy 11 by 14 inches of book (portfolio) from your agency where you can keep your important snaps. To make your portfolio versatile you need to shoot for a casual head shot, styled head shot, body shot where you need to wear conservative swimsuit or lingerie, a fashion shot that should be hot and sexy, action shot, an editorial shot and even a Catalog shoot. And most importantly you should remember to replace the older pictures with newer one as you climb the steps of experience. To leave a lasting impression on the modeling agency you always keep your best picture at the end of your book. In a portfolio 10 pictures are required which is divided into 5 rolls in which one to two dresses are used each role and among them the 2 pictures are selected.

Next what you need to avoid is using 2 pictures of the same shoot or same look. Avoid wearing jewelry for those prints where your look and expression is important as it takes away the attention from you. Take special care of the undergarments as the wrong choice of undergarments will distract the viewer and may create doubt on your professional look.

A portfolio is a model's basic promotional tool displaying the best photos from tests and bookings. So it becomes essential that you get trained in the various techniques by going to an expert, or a skilled fashion photographer who could manage your potentiality well and will train you how to be comfortable with the camera and the shoot before you arrange for your portfolio. Therefore it is advisable that you get trained in the various techniques so that you can create a strong portfolio that will open the door to success. Your Portfolio will speak on behalf of you. So along your look, personality, talent and confidence, your portfolio that consist of your best photos and strong resume is also important for you to get a chance to become a part of this glam world. …

An Introduction To Hats

Through history, humans have always covered their heads. In the beginning, people wore hats for only functional reasons. During bad weather, people would wear hats to protect themselves from the elements. During cold weather hats helped prevent the loss of body heat, especially when you consider that 85 percent of our body heat can be lost through the head. Hats were also worn as protection from injury. Later, hats became a status symbol, or a sign of authority worn with uniforms. In modern day times people wear hats more as a fashion accessory.

During the early twenty century, the wearing of hats was considered essential for the time of etiquette. During this time both men and women wore hats regardless of the occasion or activity. It was considered a disgrace to be seen in public without some form of headwear. It did not matter if a person was rich or poor, everyone felt obliged to wear a hat when going out in public.

During the start of World War II, proper etiquette and form began to lose importance among the people. The wearing of hats at all times became less important. Hats that were worn during this time were no longer the fashionable extravagant designs that they used to be. They became more practical. Most of the hats worn during this time were homemade knitted warm hats, berets, and hoods.

Even though the popularity of hats declined after the 1940s, it is unquestionably that concept of hats worn as an accessory will ever die. The fact that hats are small and easily mass produced makes them easy to afford by everyone. Companies are often use hats to advertise their logo. This is a less cost way for them to get their company name out into the public. People have noticed that hats often draw a significant amount of attention from onlookers; Fashion designers are aware of this and often exploit it. Regardless of the reason, hats have always been worn by people, and they will continue to do so in the future. …

Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry Reflect Your Style With Elegance

Since the demand for jewelry is an all-time high entity, there are numerous sorts of jewelry pieces flooding in the market. It doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or teenager, you have a keen desire to look stylish and create your own style statement. One can explore the vast collection of jewelry to attain the perfect look. Such jewelry pieces are made up of different materials like diamond, platinum, gold, silver, stainless steel and everything that you can even think of.

In the present era of fashion, people look for something that’s more stylish and elegant. Apart from traditional one, the demand for funky and affordable jewelry hits the market. Among all, the Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry stands first on the podium of offering a complete blend of style and affordability. Due to its myriad features, it becomes the hot accessory that goes well with all kinds of outfits.

Attain the myriad benefits

Just take a look at celebrities, fashion magazines, music video or people nearby you and chances are more that you’ll see someone sporting stainless steel. Some of its significant benefits are listed below:

1. Versatile

The jewelry pieces made with it are really versatile. The best part is it can be worn on all occasions, not like the precious gold and platinum ornaments that can be worn only on special occasions. Whether it’s the social gathering or commercial event, you can easily wear such ornament. You can use also use it as your daily-use ornament. Thus, it’s a multipurpose jewelry that meets all purpose and offers you desired contentment.

2. Need no or less maintenance

Unlike gold or silver jewelry, you need not polish it every year to get the glittering shine. Its maintenance cost is absolutely free. Throughout its life, it does not require any polishing and washing. There are several online stores offering the handpicked collection of Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry at low price ranges. You can purchase them at first instance since the entire collection is stunning and dazzling.

3. No wear & tear

Usually, people need to be very guarded of wearing the jewelry of gold, diamond or silver, as they need to conserve it for a longer duration. Well, it is not so in the case of steel as it’s durable with no wear and tear. Additionally, it also keeps shining like new for a longer duration.

4. Perfect example of affordability

Nothing beats the Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry in terms of affordability. That’s why it has become the one stop solution for the huge masses of people these days. Women are craving for the jewelry that offers style while men need durability at affordable costs. That’s why this jewelry is equally liked by both genders.

In context to it, steel is hypo-allergic and suits with all skin types. Since it is less reactive with the environment thus avert oxidation to take place. Those you are really longing to change their look from boring traditional to funky contemporary can go with …

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