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Men's Style – Are You a Metro Man?

The metro look is one of the hottest around and it's not hard to emulate. If you want to be a metro man, you'll be well on your way if you follow these steps:

1. Grooming – Before you get to the clothes, you've got to start with grooming. Metro men have adjustable hair cuts and they wax or shave any unnecessary hair. Painful, yes, but the overall effect makes it worth it.

2. Textures -The texture of the clothing you wear is very important. You want to go with the most opulent fabrics you can find. Look for cashmere sweaters and tee shirts, or high quality cotton. Your shirts should be soft and well tailored.

3. Cut – Metro men are tailor and always look sharp. Look for classic suits that present a professional and polished impression. For regular clothes, look for tight tees and expensive designer jeans.

4. Style – Metro men wear the latest fashions. Subscribe to a few men's fashion magazines so you can stay on top of all the latest trends.

5. Cologne – No metro man is complete without a dash of expensive cologne. Try to find a scent that fits your particular personality. If you're going for sensual, an oriental or musky scent is right for you. More of an outdoorsy type? Look for cologne with a fresh and clean scent.

6. Accessories – You'll need lots of accessories to get started. First, a very nice expensive watch. Silver or gold are a good place to start, but a leather band always look nice too. Next, you'll need a fine chain for your neck in the color that suits your complexion the best. A tasteful ring is not out of the question either, or a few bracelets to complete the look.

7. Shoes – Never overlook this important part of your outfit. Shoes can be classic or trendy, but they have to look good. Keep them polished and clean at all times. No metro man would be sentenced dead in a pair of scuffed and ratty shoes.

8. Go Digital – Metro men typically have a variety of digital accessories, including a cell phone, Blackberry, Laptop and an iPod.

9. Leather Goods – You'll need a nice leather bag to keep all your stuff together. Look for a high quality bag that will withstand the rigors of every day use. Make sure it has a padded portion for your laptop and other essentials.

10. Maintenance – Once you've got your look folded together, you need to keep it up. Invest in some male facial cleansers, toners and moisturizers. Do not be afraid to get a manicure to keep your hands looking neat and clean.

Put all of these hints together and you can see just how easy it is to go "metro".

There is nothing wrong with a well-groomed, well-dressed man. Just remember to keep everything up and stay on top of all the latest fashion trends to make sure you do not …

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History of Gothic Clothing Fashion

Gothic clothing fashion is basically based on dark shades. During the Gothic clothing era of the middle ages people like sailors or those associated with churches and cathedrals wore this type of clothing. A Gothic dress is complete with a large hat and long coat, knee length breeches, knee high buckled shoes or bucket topped boots. Peasants used to wear common fabrics in the form of rough and tunic dresses and they were barefooted since they had to work in the fields or in muddy waters. The women folk also dressed in the same way as men and they too were barefooted. Of course they wore belts to prevent their long skirts from trailing on the ground.

As mentioned Gothic clothing uses dark shades instead of extravagant colors to go with the dark mood. These came in the form of dark velvets, dark fishnet, dark lace, dark gloves and scarlet shaded dark leather. During the early part of 1980 this fashion reappeared in England. However Gothic fashion flourished in its original form from 1200 AD and 1450 AD. Compared to the Gothic clothing during the Romanesque period the clothing line was simpler and more graceful. Styles kept on changing with the passage of time. As such during 15th century Gothic fabrics became distinguishable because of its stiffness. There were padded doublets, leg-o-mutton sleeves and tight belts.

One of the popular medieval costumes for women was the Gothic corset. The Gothic corset complimented the female body by giving it an hourglass shape. It was a common Victorian and medieval costume for women. Its prominence is till intact today. However the latest trend of Gothic corset is not like the ones worn during the Victorian and medieval period but is soft and convenient. There are different types of Gothic outfits like light natural fiber shirts with ruffles, the loose fit and frilly pirate shirt with drooping shoulders, dark trousers short in length and large dark hats etc that went with various accessories like black umbrellas, silver ornaments etc. latest trend of Gothic shirts and other dresses changes with the passage of time.

Though the Gothic history period lasted from 1200 AD to 1450 AD it can be divided into two periods namely the early period (1200-1350) and the late period (1350-1450) with each period having different styles. The early period outfits had simpler cuts and looked sophisticated and graceful. During the late period styles started changing rapidly.

With the passage of time the fabrics became stiffer instead of the flowing draperies that were common during the early period. During the late Gothic clothing era of the 15th century the important features of Gothic clothing showed in the form of crisp tight belts, padded doublets and leg-o-mutton sleeves etc.…

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Great Seasonal Birthday Gift Ideas

Make the task of choosing a gift for someone that little bit easier by taking the seasonal approach. Think about the weather and what’s traditionally associated with any given season.


Autumn is that transitional time of year when it can still be warm, but can also be terribly dreary. To avoid getting sulky and miserable in the run up to winter, give a gift that will remind the receiver of the wonderful time they had during the summer.

If you can get your hands on some of the person’s holiday photos, print some of them to either make a collage, a photo book, or a calendar for the following year. Such a personalised gesture will go down well with everyone.

Alternatively, give a practical, long lasting gift that will serve for many autumns to come. Welly boots, for example, will be loved by all. In this day and age you can get them in so many colours and patterns.


The winter months are a time when many of us enjoy a bit of a whine about the weather outside, and how terribly cold it is. Then there are those who love winter for snow sports or simply as a reason to stay tucked up in bed all day.

In any case a gift that brings warmth in some form or other will always be appreciated.

Gourmets are quite easy to please in winter. Either give them a fiery beverage of some sort, or spicy food stuffs like an Indian spice set, chilli-infused sauces or posh mustard to warm them up from the inside.

Outdoorsy folk will always appreciate mittens or any other woolens. Handmade is best but if you’re not much of a crafter, buy from someone in your local area who is. Find a specialist shop online.


Spring is when everyone sheds their thick winter clothing and starts bearing some skin. It’s a happy time of year often associated with animals waking up from hibernation, and giving birth to wee ones.

Reflect this joyous time of year by giving gifts such as vouchers to visit the local zoo, animal sanctuary or botanical gardens.

Alternatively, bring a bit of spring indoors by giving potted plants.


Most of the time during summer months people spend considerably more time outdoors.

Some prefer spending their time actively so a good gift for them would be a ball, an inflatable pool or something equally sporty.

For those who enjoy something a little more relaxed like picnicking, birthday hampers are a good choice. Full to the top with gourmet edibles, and often packed in picnic-appropriate baskets, they’re practical and provide a lot of joy. Hampers can be bespoke so you can base its contents on what the receiver likes most.…

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Style Of Boots – From Casual To Sexy

Boots are enduring fashion footwear that can be worn year round. These days you can pick styles in classic and the latest trends, composed of leather or artificial materials. Now, boots are made for more than just winter wear or foot protection. The sky's the limit for the type you prefer! Here's a guide to finding the perfect height for you. Introducing the ankle, mid calf, knee and above the knee boots!

Ankle boots are exceptionally comfortable and fashionable, and can be worn by anyone, making them the most flexible style. The trick to wearing them in the most fashionable way is to pair them with clothing that works with them. Most ankle boots look nicest when they are worn with pants that cover their top. If you do not like the height or the heel of a taller boot, you can opt for these. When wearing pants, very few people will not know they are short. You will infrequently see a celebrity or other fashion forward person pairing ankle boots with a short mini skirt or other retro clothing. While this is acceptable, you have to be self-assured and discriminating when trying this fashion move.

Mid calf boots are perfect for many people, but you should understand that they could make short legs appear even shorter. They are a flattering combination for that skirt that falls right below your knee. They will allow a little calf to show in between, but not enough to make you look out of style. Mid calf boots are relaxed yet stylish. You can find them in Western cuts to wear with that jean skirt and jersey. You can also find them in sophisticated black heel styles for your work attire. No matter what you do, make sure that you keep your skirt hem right beneath the knee when wearing them. You can also pair them with jeans or pants. Try tucking them in or pulling them out over your boots for different styles.

Knee boots were once considered so sexy that only exotic dancers wore them. These days, knee boots are hot and classy, ​​utilizing height to showcase your legs. They work best on long legs. Short legs can look extra short when wearing them, otherwise you are wearing a very short skirt. They can slim your legs and create an exotic look. We are also seeing them worn with skinny jeans tucked into them, which is very hot right now. You can wear knee boots with short dresses, skirts, or pants. Just make sure not to pair them with long dresses, unless the dress has a high slit in the skirt, in which case these boots are ideal!

Only the leggy can wear boots that come over the knee. Short people who deserve to wear boots above the knee will find that they will reach their waist before they get a good fit! These boots should be earmarked for going to the clubs or impressing a hot date. They should not typically …

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Shop ‘Til You Drop in Paris

No place on earth says fashion like Paris. Home to the world’s most exclusive trend-setting fashion designers, Paris has long been renowned for the excitement and glamour of its unparalleled fashion scene. A trip to Paris brings you to the heart of this fast-paced world of design and opens the doors to a shopping experience that can be found nowhere else.

Did you know that the term “haute couture” is regulated by law in France? Only members of the exclusive Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture, who present their fashion collections twice annually, can actually use the term. Each article of clothing is made from scratch and is tailored specifically for the customer. The giants of fashion, Pierre Cardin, Coco Chanel and Christian Dior are just some of the designers belonging to this elite group.

Incredibly expensive, haute couture clothing is beyond the means of most. It is estimated that a mere 2,000 women globally actually purchase couture clothing, most definitely an exclusive group!

If a price tag of $20,000 to over $100,000 is a little too steep for a custom haute couture gown, perhaps a trip to one of the many fashion-shopping districts in Paris is in order. Parisians love to shop and the city is host to some of the most fabulous shopping experiences in the world. The idea of concentrated shopping districts originated in France with the many shopping arcades and grand magasins, or department stores, around the city, some in existence for hundreds of years. Shopping in Paris Video.

Visiting Paris’ historic department stores brings magnificent architecture and trend-setting fashion together for a unique shopping experience. Whether you arrive for the brightly decorated holiday season or at the height of the summer tourist season, the magnificent Printemps, La bone Marche, La Samaritaine and Les Galleries Lafayette offer shoppers the ultimate in chic Parisian clothing, perfumes, jewelry, fine cosmetics and trendy accessories.

Printemps has been offering French fashion to the discriminating buyer for almost 150 years. Wander this magnificent store sampling the finest the fashion world has to offer. Department after department presents a wide range of women’s fashions, from beachwear to grand ball gowns. Would you like to sit, relax and have a Parisian makeup session? Let the cosmetic experts show you how to rival Parisian beauties with the secret of makeup.

Don’t miss the fashion shows presented here each week. Free for groups of 14 or more and only 10 Euros for individuals, you can see the latest fashions presented in an intimate setting of the store’s private lounge. For a change of pace, be sure to catch one of the workshops where you can learn all about the intricacies of design embellishments like embroidery and sequins.

Le Bon Marche, the first department store to open in Paris has been compared to a cathedral in its opulence and grandeur. You can literally shop ’til you drop in this fabulously elegant store. Focusing on the fine arts as well as the preeminent fashion designers of Paris, Le …

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Find Your Own Style

Style is not about fashion, as once famously said by Coco Chanel "fashion fades, style is eternal. Your style will not change form season to season. It is something that is unique to each person, it is something that says something about that person And who they are. When looking for your style you should think carefully about your personality, what you look and feel good in.

The real key to finding your own style is finding clothes and accessories that make you look and feel great. If you feel great you will exhibit a confidence that says you are extremely stylish. A truly stylish person dresses for themselves, they know who they are and are happy with it.

In your quest to find your own style, you should search high and low to find clothes and accessories that really say something about who you are. Look for clothes that really suit your body shape and coloring then accessorise to suit your personality but remember not too play it too safe. Try lots of different options and combinations, have fun and see what you like best. If you have always played safe with your clothing and never allowed your real personality to show through then start small, sometimes some different jewelery that shows your love of the unusual or a fun handbag that shows your sense of humor.

When it comes to style, the rules are that there are no rules. You should wear what ever suits you and makes you feel great. There is no need to follow the latest trends however you can always pick and choose items from them that suit your style if you like. Style is not about how much money you spend on clothes. Some of the most stylish people you see around will not be wearing expensive designer clothes and some of those wearing expensive designer clothes do not look at all stylish. When trying to find your own style, always opt for clothes that fit beautifully as these are the clothes that will look beautiful and very stylish no matter what your style is.

Miuccia Prada was right when she said "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language." So find the style that really represents how you want the world to see you be Yummy Mummy, business woman or artist bohemian. …

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Jewelry – Think Unique Christmas Gifts For Mom

It's Mom's About-face for Bling Fashion.

Moms are consistently adolescent at affection and their congenital adulation for fun and appearance has never dimmed with the years. But a bound domiciliary additional avidity has larboard her to daydream about the aces – things she wants for herself.

This Christmas it's her about-face to attending just as fabulous. For her, accomplish this year a different Christmas. Ability for mom can be added awe-inspiring after breaking your bank. Specialty shops are abundant with abundant items you do not usually purchase in a lot of stores. You can acquire actuality a abundance access of different Christmas ability for mom anytime but bustle stocks are gobbled up by adeptness shoppers.

What are up for grabs before the Christmas rush? Wearable art such as handcrafted freshwater fair necklaces and azure earrings with the indigenous blow are a few examples of the agitative items you can find. These brands of adornment will absolutely about-face active and your mom will ad every detail of the chaplet or armlet you will accept for her.

Jewelry with Character

Women adulation jewelry, but adornment with ability and appearance accord the acid bend anytime. You will not go amiss with jewelry, abnormally indigenous adornment and appropriate wearable art application semi-precious stones that will not go out of style. Precious stones and chaplet are still top favorites but if you wish something unique, Christmas ability for mom can go up a notch.

Ethnic adornment is alone for its characteristic appearance and the use of folk art and civil assets such as wood. The use of copse and semi-precious stones and metals is fast acceptable a adornment appearance favorite.

Your mom will angle out in a army of moms if she sports a admirable brace of triangular aphotic sono copse earrings absolute with admirable tendrils from artist Nyoman Rena, a capable sculptor with an eye for details. Adornment crafted Nyoman Rena are a part of the a lot of approved pieces as they are the best of the different Christmas ability for mom and for all those mom stones during a year.

Perhaps mom's appearance will clothing the Brazilian gold and approach armlet from Claudio Bravo. Amethyst amethyst chunks alloyed into the accustomed buriti approach as well adorned with attachment chaplet actualize active textures never ever begin in acceptable jewelry. The completed section is alluringly all-powerful you will covet one for your own collection.

Get Out of the Ordinary

Silvery moonstones (feldspar), abysmal amethyst amethysts, red-wine garnets, and ablaze rice chaplet are akin with adored metals, palm, and copse for a beauteous effect. True, these are not in the alliance of precious stones but these are as admirable if crafted by aesthetic hands. These are alloyed or added to the abject to swirl, cascade, and ripple for that characteristic attending in non-traditional adornment fashion.

As aboriginal as now, alpha planning for those different Christmas ability for mom. Do not accord her addition toaster or teapot. Your mom describes a break from the accepted ability …

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The Importance of Shoes

Shoes have become an important part of our everyday lives. Shoes were originally designed to protect our feet from cold weather, sharp objects, and uncomfortable surfaces. The early version of the shoe is thought to be a sandal of some form. As man’s knowledge of tools and the working of leather grew, so did the sophistication and quality of the average shoe. Shoes are shaped by the physical and economic environment of their surroundings. For example, the ancient Egyptians wore flip-flops woven from straw while the Dutch wore shoes carved from wood to protect their feet from damp marshy land they worked in.

With the passing of time shoes have become an integral part of daily lives. Shoes have passed on from being an item of luxury to an item of necessity. Fashion also played a role in the evolution of the shoe. The human psyche craves for an individual and unique identity. The nobility and upper classes saw shoes as an opportunity to fulfill this desire. The shoes got more and more extravagant. Cloth, velvet and tapestries began to be used. This was the birth of the shoe industry as we know it today. Today shoes are classified according to their use. They are casual and dress, work, sport and corrective.

All shoes fall in the casual category due to their characteristics. The differentiating factor is the purpose of the shoe. Casual shoes are designed and intended to convey an attitude of relaxation and informality. Casual shoe design has evolved with the passing time. Today’s casual shoes resemble formal dress shoes in many aspects. The distinguishing factor is the color of the shoe. Casual shoes range from flip-flops to sneakers and boots. The materials used in the manufacture range from leather, canvas and rubber to the modern petrochemical derivatives like plastics and xylenes.

Formal dress shoes are of two varieties – laced and lace less. Traditionally they are made from leather and tended to be expensive. The use of plastics and modern manufacture methods has brought down prices. The upper classes still prefer leather over what they consider cheap plastic. Women’s dress shoes may be a variant of pumps or sandals. The style of clothing decides the category of the shoe in case of women. Unisex shoes are a new product in the shoe market.

Sport shoes are specialized shoes designed and created to enable better performance in a particular sporting activity. Sport or athletic footwear is used in a number of sports like football, basketball, cricket, and track and field events. Climbing shoes are also a specialized type to footwear unsuitable to any other sport and even to walking due to its design. It is usually donned at the base of a climb. Basketball and tennis shoes have rubber soles to enable better grip on their respective courts. Sports like football, soccer, baseball and hockey use shoes with metal spikes on the under sole to give better grip for quick starts and stops. Hiking boots or trail boots …

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What is Mod Style Clothing?

A Lots of you may wonder this as you search the internet for the cute, unique, trendy clothes that we all so please want. And then, I will now give you my take on mod clothes.

"Mod" was a 1960's subculture, or counterculture, just as "punk" style, or the "scene" style is nowdays. Short for modern, the term was usually used to refer to anything that was popular, fashionable or, you guessed it … modern !!! This is similar to how nowdays we refer to the terms "emo's" or "scene kids" for those unique fashionistas who mix the alternative style or japanese street style together to create their own unique style of clothing.

Typically, as in any other subculture, mods were rebellious and went against the grain. The mod style completely lost it's appeal when it became commercialized, derived, and fake; Just as trends usually go. The big clothing companies were now trying to make new mod style clothing, so the allure of individual was gone. (Mass produced "indie" clothing should ring a bell here …. a large company can not provide "indie" clothing as "indie" means "independent").

Females in the mod scene usually dressed somewhat andgrogynously, with tailored trousers or dress pants, flats, and cool makeup. Think twiggy; The light foundation and bold, stunning eyes. Who does not love dark liner and false lashes? The mod clothing style is usually made up of bold prints, geometric patterns, and bright colors. Teeny tiny miniskirts, mini shift dresses, aline skirts, and chunky patent leather boots are a must fashion mod. …

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Three Reasons Why Natural Beauty Is the Best Consideration for Women

Women spend much time and money on trying to beautify themselves. Not to mention, they put themselves through unnecessary amounts of pain to achieve a certain type of appearance. Several women will even take this course to not only impress themselves, but they’ll do it to please others. Rather than take this course, it would be beneficial to learn why natural beauty is the best consideration.

1. Should you take the course of natural beauty, you’ll not find yourself spending immense amounts of time and money on beauty products. Also, you won’t be putting yourself through pain just to have a beautiful appearance.

2. Pursuing natural beauty will enable you to love yourself for who you are. You’ll not need to paint your face with layers of makeup to feel worthy. And, when you have this confidence in yourself, others around you will respect you. When this happens, not only will you love yourself, they’ll respect and love you. People have been able to wear dingy clothing and earn the same respect that one with expensive garb would wear. NO, it was not their appearance that one those around them, it was the confidence and respect they had for themselves. They were fine with the simple things and felt no need to pursue vanity.

3. Natural beauty also allows for simplicity. This is because you can go about your day without having to carry around that bulky makeup bag or that cumbersome purse. Not to mention, you’ll have so much less to worry about.

Pursuing the course of natural beauty is one that you’ll never regret. Why not begin now and take your life back and free yourself from the control of the fashion industry.…

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