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Wedding Checklist

Getting your boyfriend to propose might be the hardest part to getting married for most women. However, it’s not soon afterwards, when they are trying to turn their dreams into reality, that they realise the hardest part is still to come. With so much to do and so little time, it’s best to get a checklist and start planning your wedding as soon as you’ve got the engagement ring.

The first thing is to set a date for your wedding. Once you have a date, you have a goal. Then comprise a list of guests. This will give you an indication of what type of venues, and ceremony, you can organise. The next step is to set a financial range and budget, as well as work out who is going to pay for what.

Family and finances can sometimes get a bit tricky, so it’s best to find out if it’s just you and your fiancé paying, or if parents are going to contribute. If they are, then find out what and how much they are willing to do so. You don’t want finances to became a big downer on the occasion, and it’s best that you sort this part out as soon as possible.

Most women have dreamt about their wedding from a young age and chances are you probably know exactly what you want. However, you might have to compromise a few things for the budget, or because your fiancé has a few suggestions of his own. Write and formalise the type of wedding theme you want, so that everyone is on the same page.

Do research in venues and try to go to a wedding convention to get some ideas of what is out there. Now that you know your budget, number of people you are going to host and what you want, you can ask the venue’s owner the right questions as to whether he or she can accommodate you or not.

Although you might want to organise the whole wedding yourself, think about getting an event co-ordinator in, even if it just for the actual day. The last thing you want is to be concerned about little things on your wedding day.

Consider whether you want children or not at the wedding, as this will have an influence on your guest list. This might also influence the time of wedding, as children might get tired and restless if the wedding goes on till late in the evening.

The first part of planning is mostly to do with doing research into everything from quotations on flower decorations to finding a photographer. Six to nine months before the wedding, you can finally start booking and arranging everything.

By now, you should know what type of dress you want and start with fitting sessions if you are getting it made. You can start discussing menus with your caterer and choose flowers with your florist.

At four months, you can start sending invitations out and start your wedding gift …

Three Reasons Why Natural Beauty Is the Best Consideration for Women

Women spend much time and money on trying to beautify themselves. Not to mention, they put themselves through unnecessary amounts of pain to achieve a certain type of appearance. Several women will even take this course to not only impress themselves, but they’ll do it to please others. Rather than take this course, it would be beneficial to learn why natural beauty is the best consideration.

1. Should you take the course of natural beauty, you’ll not find yourself spending immense amounts of time and money on beauty products. Also, you won’t be putting yourself through pain just to have a beautiful appearance.

2. Pursuing natural beauty will enable you to love yourself for who you are. You’ll not need to paint your face with layers of makeup to feel worthy. And, when you have this confidence in yourself, others around you will respect you. When this happens, not only will you love yourself, they’ll respect and love you. People have been able to wear dingy clothing and earn the same respect that one with expensive garb would wear. NO, it was not their appearance that one those around them, it was the confidence and respect they had for themselves. They were fine with the simple things and felt no need to pursue vanity.

3. Natural beauty also allows for simplicity. This is because you can go about your day without having to carry around that bulky makeup bag or that cumbersome purse. Not to mention, you’ll have so much less to worry about.

Pursuing the course of natural beauty is one that you’ll never regret. Why not begin now and take your life back and free yourself from the control of the fashion industry.…

The Benefits Of Using A Reusable Shopping Bag

The perfect way to show your love for colors that bring out the beauty of nature is by buying reusable shopping bags. All you have to do is logging in on the internet to pick that lovely bag that will give you all the confidence you need to walk in public.

The best way to go to a shopping mall is by walking with a reusable bag that will make it easy for you to do shopping in style. Depending on the color, you can choose from gold, bright leaf green, vibrant orange and many more.

You will get more zeal to go everywhere with your reusable bag if you browse through these websites which demonstrate the various styles of the bags.

Nowadays, the main objective of companies is to gather many customers in order for them to maximize profits. For this goal to happen, they have decided to provide free packaging to their customers since you have a chance to choose what suits your needs.

The method of obtaining these bags has been made easy while the users have the freedom to opt for what they like without intervention. The environment has also benefited from this as many people have chosen to use reusable shopping bags.

The bags are long lasting and this durability enables them to hold any type of commodity with ease. This nice piece of classic beauty is made from fabric material and they can make your home outstanding if you choose the best.

Not only will you be saving the world but also many children will be gaining from the purchase you have made. After getting hold of them, you will be the center of attraction as people will be admiring the lovely design of the reusable bag that you possess.

To highlight more on the point of contributing to the African child support, many companies get 10% 0f their profits to make sure the suffering children in Africa live a good life.Thus; The only way they can do this is by promoting the education in Africa. …

Top Summer Fashions for Women

Beauty is the most important thing for women and they want to look fashionable all the time. However, as the season changes throughout the year, fashion trends also change. In case you are looking for a fashionable summer dress to wear for next year, here are some of the most popular fashion trends of this year's summer clothing.

Nude Colors

Summer clothes that come in nude colors are still trending today. If you want to wear clothes that have a nude setup then you should focus on choosing dresses that come with reduced boldness of color and concentrate on the neutral and nude tones. Clothes that come with nude colors create a superb blending. In fact, Fendi and Stella McCartney displayed these outfits in a popular fashion show.


Jumpsuits also known as Playsuits are another ideal type of summer clothes. This type of outfit is rapidly gaining fame, although they are still not comparable to the popularity of the usual summer catwalk dress. However, with the huge number of people who wear jumpsuits last summer, many expect that jumpsuit will be a big boom next year.

Bold Tribal

Bold tribal is the exact opposite of nude-colored dresses. Tribal dresses concentrate on bolder colors that come in tribal designs. Choosing tribal clothes will give you an escape from the traditional British designs, since these clothes are closely resembling the styles of the traditional dress of Africa and India. These clothes are very fashionable to wear, especially if you are going to the beach.

Trench Coats

Trench Coats are becoming popular again. Although this type of clothes has been silent for a while, trench coats become trending last summer. The reason for their popularity is its versatility. You can dress them up or down and it does not matter, since they look good in either way. If you are planning to wear trench coats this coming summer, it is advisable for you wear the ones that are in nude colors.

Hot Pants

They are pants and they are hot! As their name indicates hot pants became one of the most fashionable dresses to wear last summer. They are the shortest pants that you can have and they are not classified as pants, but it is more appropriate to call them short shorts. If you have nothing to be ashamed of your legs, then you can wear hot pants this coming summer. Pair it with kikois and you will look fab. They will make you look sexy throughout the season and enable you to grab the watchful eyes of men. However, if you decide to wear them, you should make sure that you wear matching underwear, since they are very short.


Since 2009, blazers have never been out of fashion. They are so versatile and are one of the most popular clothes worn every summer. They can act as a warm jacket during the cool night and serve as a fashionable accessory to your summer dress during the day. With the …

Italian Style and Decor

There's a tremendous amount of interest in Italian style, both in fashion and in home decor. When talking about decor, many automatically think "Tuscan Home decor." This is understandable with the popularity of Frances Mayes' books, and the many movies set in, and around Tuscany. But Italy, with its varied and beautiful cities and regions, has any number of variations on "Italian style."

Key factors to consider in home decor:

  • Respect for the past
  • Embrace of the present
  • Blending the interior with the exterior
  • Emphasis on quality, pride in craftsmanship
  • Attention to detail

With the country's magnificent history – it's easy to understand the Italians' respect for traditions and the past. Consider Italy's achievements in art, architecture and engineering – achievements that were returned thousands of years ago and continue to inspire awe and admiration today.

But in addition to spectacular past creations, Italy is a leader in modern achievement – modern design. After all, this is the land of Ferrari and Maserati. The land of sleek contemporary furniture that sets juxtaposed with beautiful, classic antiques; With the effect being nothing short of stunning. After all, with only antiques – you have the look of a museum – stuffy and after awhile – boring. But mix the two with a discerning eye – the room becomes vibrant and alive.

Blending the interior and exterior is a charming characteristic of Italian style – what you see on the outside is reflected in the interior. And or course, the beauty of the Italian landscape is breathtaking – whether the rich, vibrant green of the lake territories bordering Switzerland, Tuscany's rolling hills dotted with vineyards and cypress lined roads, the magical seven hills of Rome, or the hard, brilliant sun And Sparkling sea off the Amalfi coast. The light dictates the colors – think the warm, glowing hues of a Tuscan farmhouse wall, the rich effervescent shades of Venetian plaster, the sun-bleached patinas of ancient stone around Pompeii.

Besides the light, the surrounding countryside has dictated the interiors of the homes – the nearest forests provided the wood that made up the furniture, the nearest quarry provided the stone. And closer to home, right outside the doors actually – the gardens.

Italian gardens are famous throughout the world, and everyone has a garden: whether they're the exceptionally manicured gardens of the palazzos, the more casual gardens of farmhouses and villas, or Roman apartment balconies loaded with masses of geraniums. Life spills out of the homes into the gardens where "rooms" have indicated for centuries: dining rooms, lounging rooms, whatever the heart desires.

And water has always been a very important focus (the famous Roman Aqueduct) and focal point in the gardens (think of the magical gardens of the Villa d'Este in Tivoli.) Even the most modest gardens have water features wherever possible.

Then there is the pride in craftsmanship: Italy – the land of master craftsmen. Think handcrafted terra cotta tile roofs, intricate mosaic tile floors, carved marble countertops, exquisitely patterned ceramics, lavishly …

Tricky Ways to Embrace the Vogue Fashion Like a Lady With Beauty and Brains

Style and fashion, obeys no restriction of time or age. It is like an art where the artist gets to put in all their creativity and artistic ideas. Who does not want to look good? Well, everybody does. These tips will help any woman look glamorous and classy effortlessly. Do not worry, this Vogue Fashion won’t dig too big a hole in your pocket. Look good without having to spend much.

1. Go inventive with the Deconstruction Jeans

Earlier, a mere shred in our jeans meant a severe problem. We had to think ways of how to dispose it. But, now that same shed at our knees on the jeans is the most favorable fashion. Starting from celebrities to teenagers to women in their adult life, everybody seems to be in love with the ripped jeans and the distressed jeans.

The ripped jeans have carved its own niche in the era of fashionistas. These sets you in the right mood for some exceptional mileage at the weekdays as well as on the weekends. An oversized sweatshirt gives you a super cool look that you can never go wrong with. It bears the potential of making you look casual and trendy at the same time. In fact, oversized anything from shirts to sweaters, everything works on your distressed jeans.

Among many most asked questions of women, include ‘What shall I wear to my office today?’ Well, the distressed jeans can make unbelievable office-wear. One just needs to team it up with the perfect attire. All right, you also need to keep in mind the profession you are in. It is better to wear the distressed jeans if you are in a casual profession. In that case, you can put on a blazer with these jeans.

A structured blazer with the attractive hues like bright yellow will work wonders at the office. Use the correct accessories like a pair of earrings or a choker. It also depends on the top you are wearing. Ripped jeans need only basic or no accessories at all to highlight its beauty.

Some of the people are not really fond of the polychromatic color combination of clothes at the office. So, we have the monochromatic combination for anyone who loves solid colors. All black or the all-white look is just so classy! You can add a little bit of oomph with a change in the texture or fiber that you would be wearing. Vogue Fashion is all about confidence. So, make sure you have it with you all the time.

2. Make the best use of your Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress is a must- have in any women’s wardrobe. You can never go wrong with this dress. It suits every occasion with utmost precision. You can choose the specific cut according to your body shape. Put on your tights or colorful stockings to add visual impact on your Little Black Dress. It is, probably, the best way to welcome the chilly winter nights.

Jackets …

Jewelry Repair

One of the many ways to express ourselves is through jewelry – it is often luxurious, elegant and give an air of comfort and sophistication. It indicate our fashion sense, our flair for beauty and elegance. But, jewelry receives wear and tear like almost any other items that we possess. Oftentimes, a stone is lost from our earrings, chains of our bracelets get broken, or they get tarnished. Luckily, all is not lost and jewelry can be repaired.

Jewelry repair is a profession just like other technical professions and equipment and training is needed to do the work well. You may wish to entrust this work to someone else – the expense can be well worth the peace of mind.

Here are some tips to restore your old jewelry:

1. Precious metal jewelry tarnishes and bends easily. To remove tarnish, use a liquid jewelry cleaner with a dipping tray or a spray bottle. Wear gloves to protect yourselves from the strong chemicals and take care of any odor produced from the chemical reaction. Use the cleaners in a well-ventilated area. After rinsing the jewelry in warm water, dry it with a towel, then with a polishing cloth.

2. To mend a broken clasp, go to a jewelry supply store or a craft department and purchase a replacement clasp, "jump" rings, and fastening tools. These may also be purchased online in jewelry repair kits.

3. To flatten a chain, lay the piece down on a desk and roll a round pen or pencil over the area until it becomes smooth.

4. To prevent the posts on earrings from bending easily, do not apply a lot of pressure to them when putting them in your ears. You can try different styles of earrings such as a lever-back, French wire, or the newer "threader" earrings.

5. Soldering with gold solders is used to make repairs on broken chains. The loops or jump rings that hold clasps to chains are also soldered in better quality work. Soldering requires not only the equipment but a place to do it and training on torch work. This is not recommended at home – trust a professional.

6. Jewelry repair requires not only soldering equipment but also buffing machines, hand motor tools, acid pots, many assorted hand tools and a good bench set-up. This requires professional help.

7. Some equipment may be useful -you need a strong fingernail or two when dealing with jewelry but tools such as a chain nose (needle nose jeweler's plier) or other pliers may be helpful. When the repair requires you to attach a clasp, a jump ring (loop of gold) may be used to hold parts together. The pliers allow opening and closing the loop. Open a jump ring by moving one side toward you and the other away from you. Twist open then simply twist back the same way to close.

8. In repairing broken strings, the difficulty lies in the fact that the chain is made up of fine wires. …

Beauty – Is It Really Only Skin Deep?

We are in the age of cosmetology, plastic surgery, implants and a constant barrage from TV and magazines that want to sell us beauty and weight loss products. It is an enormously profitable industry that keeps us spellbound for the next new thing that will take away our wrinkles or firm our skin or help us lose weight.

Unfortunately society all over the world from the deepest, most remote areas of the planet to modern society will judge you by how you look. It is true! We all do it, some more than others. When you are walking through a mall or standing in line somewhere you are assessing people around you. When we are looking for a job we dress to impress. When we go out for an evening we dress to impress. Women usually pay more attention to detail then men.

But there is more to beauty then cosmetics and clothes. If you are very healthy looking then you are more likely to give a good impression. If you are a good listener, helpful or witty and cheerful, people are more likely to want to be around you. Cosmetics and clothing can definitely help but I suggest starting from the inside out.

1) Get plenty of sleep. This is a must. You cannot function properly when you are tired and it will show on your face. If you have a problem with getting enough sleep then you need to investigate the cause and handle it accordingly.

2) Drink plenty of water. Most people are semi dehydrated and don’t get enough water daily.

3) Eat healthy food. Give up the junk and sugar foods. Your metabolism will be working better if you eat regular healthy meals.

4) You may want to consider taking supplements to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

5) Exercise. Our bodies need to move. We have become somewhat of a couch potato society. Have you noticed that when you are lazy you are less likely to want to get up and do anything? Exercising 30 minutes three times a week should help you lose weight and keep healthy.

6) Manicures and pedicures and keeping your body clean will keep you healthy and will be appreciated by others.

7) Keep up with the times on fashion. You don’t want the outdated look.

8) Dress for your age. At 12 you don’t need to look 20, or if your 50, you don’t need to look 18. Be well dressed for your age.

9) If you need help with hair and makeup, find an expert to help you with that.

10) And finally, smile. No one really cares to be near Mr. or Mrs. Grumpy.

Some people naturally do all or most of these things, but if you aren’t one of them then look at what would motivate you to do this. Do you have a spouse you want to look good for? Are you single and want to attract someone? Do you have children or …

Longines La Grande Classique – A Tribute to the Timeless Fashion

Longines designs the pieces of art rather than watches, which add sophistication to the personality of the wearers. Every collection comes up with a certain level of elegance that is magnificently portrayed through the awesome craftsmanship. The watches from the La Grande Classique take the wearers back in the history of the watchmaking and elevate the personality with the ageless appeal of the watches. The collection turns a glorious page of brand’s journey out of many milestones, which essays the success of designing the first winged hourglass logo. This aesthetic tradition gets a brilliant way of expressing its glow through the La Grande Classique collection. The content explores the artistic beauty of these timepieces.

The Silver and Black gives your Personality an Outstanding Look:

The timepiece L4. expresses the elegance of craftsmanship through its 24mm black dial sparkled with the diamond hour markers. It comes up with a minimalistic design that adores the beauty of the watch. The black dial is a night sky where the diamonds are dazzling like stars. The lettering of Longines and its famous winged hourglass logo are the two elements that lure the hearts of wearers. The complete look of the watch is rejuvenated with the stainless steel strap.

The Timepiece is more than just a watch:

When the elegance and the boldness mingle, it creates a breathtaking architecture. This watch L4.766.1.91.2 offers such a craftsmanship that it makes people spellbound. The 37mm white dial reveals an aura of superior design with its black roman numerals and hands. The logo of the brand praises the complete look of the dial. The black leather strap adds a fusion touch to the design of the watch. While the look is traditional, the black strap brings out the essence of the modern trend. Men’s can flaunt their unique fashion with this watch.

The L4.766.4.17.6 appreciates your classy personality:

This timepiece expresses a lot of things about your personality. Without any exaggeration, this timepiece opens up the brand’s classic appearance with the 37mm white dial watch. An aesthetic touch is further dazzled with the diamond hour markers and the sleek black hands. There is no other brand that depicts the classic appeal of the watchmaking as delicately as the Longines. The dial is circled with a silver bezel that makes the design even more prominent. The stainless steel strap elevates the look of the architecture. Designed for men’s classy personality, this timepiece has a formal essence that accompanies you to your office meeting.

Glorious Gold Makes your Personality Standout:

The timepiece has an array of things to tell to its wearers. It represents the story of an elegant architecture of the brand. The 33mm golden dial enchanted with the black roman numerals and sleek hands. The lettering of the brand and the winged hourglass logo glorify the complete architecture of the brand. The wavy pattern on the dial gives the design an individuality that strikes a note of perfection. While the dial reflects the captive look of watchmaking, the …

How to Increase ROI With Promotional Items

In the current climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses and large corporations to get ahead of the competition. With tight budgets and the pressure to develop new and fresh marketing ideas to promote the company, it can be difficult and confusing on where to start.

Enter the corporate gift. Not only are they proven to last and remain in the clients mind long after the original meeting, they are also fantastic value for money. Think about it. What other form of advertising remains with the client after you leave? What other marketing material will your client keep, all year round, and not through away?

Of course, the other benefit with using corporate gifts is this – you never know where they’ll end up. Just because you deliver a bunch of mouse mats to a client doesn’t mean they stay there, the client may pass them around the office and share them with friends. Thats the beauty of using branded gifts, not only are they branded with your logo and spreading your message and slogan, they are also practical and being used by your clients and friends day in, day out.

As with many promo items, the old ideas are still being used today – mugs, pens and notebooks have stood the test of time, and are still the most popular, despite the advent of new technology dominating the market.

And that’s no surprise, at the end of the day, whats more practical than a mug you can drink from, and a pen you can make notes with? Any business looking to increase ROI should strongly consider these client gifts – its that simple!

So, what’s next?…

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